“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Daisha Bracey | Millennial Mogul

I believe my purpose is to help people in business, who look like me. It also allows me to tap into breaking a generational curse by creating generational wealth. I structure my life and businesses to allow that to come to fruition. In doing so my passion grows every day, work never seems like a chore and I can share the knowledge that I have with others instead of locking it away in my mind. Read more>>

Aden Little | Entrepreneur & Student Athlete

Helping others. I want to be able to inspire someone to do what they want to do. I want to give back to my community. I want to make my parents proud. Read more>>

McSxorpio | Songwriter | Artist | Producer |

Prioritizing your time while on earth is the principle that matters the most to me. I feel like people will make time for whatever they want to make time for in this lifetime. If you are making cheap excuses now, then excuse yourself for not being successful in the future too. That may sound harsh but think about it. A ton of us are sitting in the backseat and not taking action that could possibly get us closer to our dreams and benefit us as people. No magical being is going to appear in your life and tell you, “Okay, the time is now.” I have to remind myself of this same exact thing every day too. I just want people to realize that they are more than capable of achieving gr8ness but if you are not using your time wisely then are you really maximizing on your true potential? We are all talented in someway or fashion but if you let time go to waste then your chances to express your talent will also go to waste. There is plenty of room for all of us to exist and succeed. I truly believe there is a crowd for all of us in this world. Read more>>

Jen Drinkard | Spiritual Transformational Guide

Surrender matters most. I cannot make anything happen when I’m out of alignment with what is coming in for me. The only way I can align with what’s flowing through my life, what’s leaving, what’s wanting to grow, what’s wanting to shed, and what’s wanting to come in and bless me with abundance is by surrendering to exactly whatever it is that is happening in the now. This is what life asks of us, to surrender to it in every moment. To stop fighting, to stop being the boulder in the river shouting “STOP” as the water does what it naturally does, as it flows and wonders with curiosity about us and our need to change the natural flow of our very existence. The more we fight, the less time we have to wonder, to grow, to receive, to love, to change, to experience. Read more>>

Dianisha Mitchell | Entrepreneur

Never give up! I stand by this important principle in my life because no matter what obstacles come my way, I refuse to give up due to desiring to become the best version of myself and reach a level of success that’ll positively impact the generations after me. Read more>>

Chelsi Lester | Entrepreneur

Being truly authentic is a key value of mine. Part of being authentic is also being patient with myself – acknowledging the reality of my process, accepting where I am, and making strides to fully develop into who I am ultimately purposed to become in life. Though I enjoy being inspired by many people around me – younger and older – I aim to remain authentic in who Chelsi is. I have lived and learned what it’s like trying to embody the popular habits of other people, neglecting the person who God created me to be; needless to say, it didn’t propel me further into my purpose. Bringing authenticity into my career is what I know will truly set me apart – not only materialistically, but being true from within my heart. Read more>>

Andrew Vilar | Music Producer and Actor

My most important principle would be the “message” of what I put out into the world. I really care about the lasting effect of what the message could be! I see my creativity as an outlet to communicate with others globally so anything I create I’d like to know that it’s influencing or changing the world around me in a positive way. Read more>>

Lisa Bradley | Artist and Owner of Savannah’s Clay Spot

The values and principles that matter most when running my business is pretty much the same way as I ran my life, with a lot of heart and soul. I use my heart as a moral compass to give me direction and with decision making. I believe with all my heart in the “Golden Rule” and use it as my driving force with working with others. Being kind and helpful allows me to connect with others which develops meaningful relationships. My business involves creating a community of people who all share a common interest. As the leader of this group, my attitude and approach set the tone. Creating a welcoming and all-inclusive environment nurtures a positive experience. Kindness is truly contagious. Running your own business takes commitment and a lot of hard work. This is where the soul comes in. Doing what you truly love and what is are passionate about fuels great energy which keeps you motivated and going. Read more>>

Anusmita Sur | The Tradition-Oitijhyo Boutique

Fashions fade, style is eternal. Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion. And that is the value The Tradition-Oitijhyo is trying to carry. I just didn’t want to make clothes, I wanted to make fashion. Style is always about being yourself and that’s what clients like about my boutique. I always tries to share the joy of dressing as an art with my clients. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak and that’s the most important principle of my boutique. Clients love The Tradition-Oitijhyo style, the principle and most importantly the unique collection in reasonable price. Read more>>

Shelley Williams | Tour Owner & Travel Specialist

Being an ethical business owner, is an important business practice. Our company does not put profit over people. We have a duty to provide our clients with superb, personalized services, understanding our client’s needs and exceeding their expectations. Practicing ethical standards also involves, hiring individuals who are passionate about providing these essential services to our clients is very important as well. This requires us to provide our associates a clean, friendly, and comfortable environment conducive to giving professional trusting service. Lastly, but not less is to contribute positively to the communities and environment. We are an active and vocal member of the community and provide continual re-investment through participation in community activities and financial contributions. We have not always gotten it right, but when this happens it is important to acknowledge, understand the issues, implement corrective actions and restart. Read more>>

Hope Limyansky-Smith | Art Educator & Ceramicist

As someone in a creative field, I have always had to tell myself that you can never give up. When you choose to pursue a career in the arts, the odds are stacked against you. There are so many people in the world who use the same tools as you, use the same type of clay as you, and have the same ideas as you. You have to find your own way to stand out and to be different, which can be a challenge. To find my personal voice as an artist I had to fail. A lot. I also had to get back up and try again. Some of your failures may be small, like a piece cracking in the kiln or carving through a vase. Some of your failures may feel large, like not getting into the show you thought you would get into or having a rough critique of your work. If I gave up I would never make progress. I would never get better. You have to learn how to take each failure and turn it into an opportunity to learn and to grow. Read more>>