“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Trish Ahjel Roberts | Self-Actualization Coach & Happiness Expert

My business is built on the vision of a self-actualized world. It’s a lofty goal, but it offers structure. It’s like when the U.S. was determined to put a man on the moon. Nobody knew if it would really happen, but everyone understood the vision. If our society doesn’t change, we will have generation after generation of lost potential. Many of our most vulnerable citizens are completely thrown away and forgotten. Some of us just feel lost. I used to be one of those people. The crazy thing is you can be viewed as successful and still suffer from imposter syndrome, low self-esteem or lack of passion and fulfillment. I work from the heart and use my voice and my power to empower other people, but especially Black women like me. Read more>>

Aubrey – Simone Williams | Theatre Owner and Television Producer

Loyalty. Loyalty is key to me because I have had abandonment issues throughout my life. I find comfort in knowing that certain people won’t betray or abandon me – or at least have not shown the potential to. Read more>>

Makeda Iroquois | Singer/Songwriter/Artis

One of the values/principles that matter most to me n my work and in my life is truth telling. When asked “what is it that you want to say with your art?” I always mention that what I want to say may vary from day to day as my emotions and desire to express varies from day to day, but the principle that remains the same is: whatever I say MUST be the truth. Read more>>

Araka Walker | Wedding Photographer

Compassion and respect are key in my life. In friendships, yes, and especially in business. The golden rule is treating others how you would be treated, right? As a wedding photographer, I think back to my own wedding and how that process was. I felt lost in the planning and overwhelmed in the execution, unsure of how to get the results I had dreamed up on my pinterest board translated into real life. When I put myself back in those shoes, it’s clear to me how I want to my clients to feel. Cherished. Heard. Supported. I am their cheerleader for their love story. A sounding board on wedding ideas. A guide to other wedding vendors when needed. 2020 required much compassion from everyone. If ever there was a time to practice compassion and respect, it was this past year. Read more>>

kareem Tyler | Fitness Trainer

Believing in yourself and going hard for yourself is key to yourself success. I feel GOD gave me this height and size to stand out. I stand out on the corner and hold my own personal training sign and I got 90% of my clients from doing it. I believe in hustling hard for yourself. Read more>>