We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Pearl Bryant | Visual Artist

My ultimate happy place is simply being outside, whether I’m walking through the woods or floating in the ocean. Adjacent to this is my other happy place, finding unique discarded or lost objects out in the world. The hidden lives and stories attached to man-made objects and stuff fascinate me. Imagining new possibilities and giving fresh purpose to these objects in my art fulfills my endless need to explore and to challenge my creative mind. Read more>>

Attapon Mingklin | Content Creator

A lot of materialistic stuff gives me joy, but I wouldn’t say that’s what make me happy. I’m happy that my family are healthy. Things could be worse, but I’m super thankful for everything I have. Especially during this pandemic I was able to focus more on myself. Working swing shifts in the industry I was able to accomplish a lot of goals, to me even the small victories count. A big part of happiness was finding my passion, when craft doesn’t drain your energy, instead it feeds your spirit, this was it for me. Growing up in third world country I never had interest in anything specific, but to find a way to have stable income to support my family. I had a lot of hobbies, but nothing that allowed for me to grow into any career path. Growing up in small village of Sukhothai, Thailand we didn’t have much. It started when Motorola released a cellphone with a camera. It came with a horrible camera, which was good back in the day. That flip phone only had about 5 MB storage. I remember always taking photos of random things and I would run out of memory. Read more>>

Susan Onysko | Travel and Cosplay Photographer

As I prepare for a trip, everyone asks me if I am excited to be going. They are usually shocked when my answer is “not yet”. I am very fortunate to have a large family that includes lots of kids, lots of furry things, lots of feathered things, and uncountable gilled things. Traveling requires planning to the point of exhaustion. For me this means finally being packed at 4:00 am just in time for my 7:00 am flight! “When” am I happy about this entire process? When I get my first glimpse of the airport. It is then that the feeling of no turning back kicks in which allows the anticipation and exhilaration of the upcoming trip to come to the surface. There is a distinct sense of letting everything go that makes everything leading up to the trip seem unimportant probably because it is ultimately now out of my control. That moment marks the coming of all of the unknowns that I love so dearly. I love running through airports to catch flights and the international shuttle busses filled with passengers speaking languages that I do not understand. I love being armed only with a kind look, a warm smile, and body/sign language to communicate with. Read more>>

Cory Anderson | Actor & Baker

I think one of the best things in life is finding inexplicable joy in the little things- a new book, the first sip of tea, seeing a really twinkly star on an evening walk. But I’d have to say that the thing that makes me the happiest is finding ways to make other people happy. Whether its something really elaborate and festive for a birthday or a holiday (I have no chill whatsoever when it comes to celebrating things, I just can’t help myself and I get carried away every time) or something simple like a hug, a letter, a text or some fresh baked cookies just because, it makes my heart so warm and happy to see someone break into a smile. Now that I think on it, pretty much my entire life and career ties back to a love of seeing people smile and getting to celebrate the good and happy things in life. Read more>>