Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Elizabeth Schmitt | Founder & CEO, ATL Boards

Candy and my 5 year old daughter, Penelope. I create some magical things with candy, but she is the greatest thing I have ever created. She makes me laugh (and sometimes cry – wink wink) and smile bigger than anyone else. Watching her grow and experience the world is magical. Candy is also such a happy thing. It’s nostalgic. One bite can transport you in time to the sweetest memory. I work to sweeten the world one candy board at a time! Read more>>

Jordan W. Carter | Record Label Co-Founder & Musician

What really makes me happy is being able to bless others with my music! I love to communicate through percussion, hip-hop, and jazz to make bold claims for the future as well as to inspire the next generation of black artists. It brings me joy knowing each day presents yet another opportunity to create something new and I am committed to helping young people find what truly brings joy to their own lives. Read more>>

Afreen Khundmiri | Artist

For me, art brings happiness into my life. Art is how I communicate my feelings; connect with my faith and with others. My best works are often those that take weeks and months to create as lots of different emotions go into the design and creation. My signature style is plaster of Paris on Canvas. I have this urge to fill in voids and make straight lines, so its personally gratifying when I create pieces with plaster as It adds dimension and character. For me, plaster brings the artwork to life. Read more>>

Jessica Faulkner | Influencer & Content Creator

What makes me happy the most is being with my husband, of almost 13 years. He always knows when to make me laugh, give me advice or just give me some alone time to create content. Also, being surrounded by any and everything PINK!! LOL I feel so girly, and happy when I get to go shopping for new pink things, or even just being in my pink beauty room doing my makeup and sipping champagne. Read more>>