Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Kiemeisha Harris: Momager & Atlanta Metro Realtor

The most impactful, pertinent thing I have done as a parent is simply pour into my daughter; spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. As a single mother, it is no secret that I am the on-call physician, therapist, cheerleader, teacher, chef, technology expert, and so much more. The list is infinite. There are struggles, moments of praise, and even moments of sadness. For the duration of my daughter’s life, I have made it a point to never allow her to wake up daily without affirming her, sharing words of wisdom, and reminding her that she is worthy, strong, and enough. Even through the financial burdens and emotional turmoils we have faced, my goal has never been to fester in the problem, rather discover a solution and focus on correction. With that being said, my daughter Layla and I collectively decided to publish a book during the time in which the world was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Child author Layla has the answers that will help other girls like her recognize the best in themselves. Read more>>

Ted Jackson: School Counselor & Owner/Operator of G Spot Creations, LLC

I believe showing them the importance of family is the most important thing I have done as a parent. Even though I have shown them the value of hard work within your own business, they recognize that I place family above that as well. We are the Jackson 6 and each member support one another in any necessary manner. Hopefully, they will always exhibit the desire to develop family as they begin to have families of their own. Read more>>

Kiah Arnold: CEO, E11even Keez Media + Creative

The most important thing that I have done as a parent is to pursue entrepreneurship with my son in the passenger’s seat. This process has allowed him to see that he, too, can create monetary avenues for himself. Hopefully, him witnessing my hard work and determination will encourage him to put forth the same effort (or more) in his pursuits. He also gets to see the entire process from conceptualization to completion. In my opinion, this is vital because it will help him to be patient and not feed into instant gratification. Read more>>

Charmaine Turner: Charmaine Turner | Wellness & Accountability Coach

As a Wife, Mother of 4, Air Force Veteran, Wellness & Accountability Coach, and MS Warrior, I have experienced so many things in my life. My children have been on this rollercoaster ride of life with me and I pray that they have learned 3 things from me: God first always, live with intention, and never let your circumstances dictate your life. Read more>>

Shyretha and Michael Sheats: Founders of The Plate Sale

Exposure. We’ve made it a mission to involve Luna in our day to day happenings, trips, meetings- whatever it is, she’s usually there. Having her experience things that we didn’t as a child is important to us. Sharing our entrepreneurial journey with her will help mold her social and professional life. We hope that we are showing her that she can create the life that she wants and that she doesn’t have to believe in just one way. There is a whole spectrum to consider. We’re proud of how we allow Luna to express herself first and to figure things our when she’s challenged. We give her space to allow her intuition to guide her. There are boundaries obviously. She’s a really cool kid that’s going to do some amazing things because of her broad perspective and experiences. Read more>>

LaTeisha Clément: Influencer & Style Coach

I chose me. A lot of parents have told me, and culture as a whole, that when you have kids, it’s no longer about you. In fact, once I had my baby, well even before then during pregnancy, I was addressed by baby/belly first. “How’s it going? What do you think you’re going to have? What are you going to do for childcare? What are you going to name it? Do you have schools in mind?” and so on and so forth. Very rarely did I get a “How are you feeling about this pregnancy? What kind of mother do you want to be? How do you want to feel in this new season of your life?” But no, it was all about the baby, as if I no longer existed. Also, I’ve seen women lose themselves in their children tad nauseam, that it made parenting look whack. I didn’t want that for myself. So I chose to be the woman who happened to have a child. I never resonated with the word mother because it bread guilt, disgust for self, overworking, martyrdom and misery. Why would I want that? Instead, I’m Caleb’s Momma. I’m his person. Read more>>

Travis Cherry: 2 X Grammy Nominated Music Producer

The most important thing for me, as to be an example that she could look up to. She googles me, and keeps up with things I’m working on, while having her own acting and modeling career. Seeing her do her thing now, and appear on commercials, makes me feel more successful. Read more>>