We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ciera Young | Mental Health Coach & Creative Hustler

The most important factor behind my brand and my success is showing up for myself. Many times in my past I had the desire to want things and want success but my action did not deserve my deserves. I want dreaming but didn’t want to put in the work. After getting out of my own way, I understood that every day I have to go hard for myself and show up, and as long as I do that, the results and things I desire will come. Read more>>

Cleo Ravariere | Founder & CEO of Mia Lueur | Organic Skin Support

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my passion and personal skin care testimony. Starting my skin care line was a tangible way for me to share my healing with those who lost hope in having clear glowing skin. When customers hear my story and see my passion they see hope and an opportunity to get on their journey to higher self confidence and glowing skin. The products then speaks for itself through results, and customers then go on to tell more potential customers. These are the things that have contributed to the success of my skin care line; Mia Lueur. Read more>>

Jessica Kallenbach | Head Photographer , Make up Artist /Hair Stylist and Artistic Director

I truly believe the most important factor behind the success of Beauty Unveiled Studios is the personal relationships that we have been able to make and maintain with our clients. The clients who connect with us for our services end up quickly becoming friends. We truly value making personal and authentic connections with people as opposed to thinking of clients merely as a business transactional relationship. Read more>>

BlkBrewBabes Ally & Shonna | Craft Beer Influencers

The most important factor behind our success and the success of our brand is relationships. Building relationships gives us the opportunity to make more of an intimate impact while simultaneously growing our network organically because it’s all genuine. Read more>>

Makatelyn Shepherd | Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success would have to be my faith in God. I say this because faith has a lot to do with not just believing in what is unseen, but believing in everything that he gives in order to achieve success on another level. Faith has carried me before I even knew what the word meant. It is a solid foundation, like confidence that has grounded me in and through life. They are also synonyms of one another, This also adds to the success of my brand. Closet confidence started as a vision, a name that was written down with no idea of what it would turn into, just faith. Many years later the same name and idea, or what I like to call vision, came back again. Through the realization of this, I understand that faith in God, vision, prayer and confidence all work together. With those coupled together, success is not just success, its victory in all things. Read more>>

Ashley Montaque | Hair Stylist

GREAT customer service! This has to be top tier when having a small, black-owned business. Being that my company thrives off of referrals, it is imperative that I set the tone for whoever takes a seat in my chair, because my next potential client could very well be connected to them. Thankfully, I have been told from numerous clients, both old and new, that my customer service is what keeps them coming back, in addition to having a great experience while booking, asking questions prior to, or phsycially getting their hair done. Read more>>

Ashley Walls | Country Singer/Songwriter

Faith. Faith in myself, my dream, and most importantly God has helped me become successful and keep me on this turbulent journey that is the music industry… without faith why dream at all. Read more>>

Natalie Gallagher | Communications Trainer and Coach

When I was teaching I noticed the most successful students were not the smartest or even the hardest working; the most successful students had a problem-solving mindset. As in, no matter what problem or challenge they were faced with, they were focused on finding a solution. As a business owner, this mindset has been transformative because it means I’m always working on creative solutions instead of dwelling on the obstacles. I have a lovely friend who’s a trainer at Home Depot and she says, “We don’t pout, we pivot!” Pouting keeps you stuck on the problem and shuts down your success. Pivoting gets you to solutions and then success. Read more>>

Gio Yaquinto | The Mosaic Group COO & Outreach Co-Ordinator

The Mosaic Group has been built upon the idea of supporting businesses, artists, and brands by being the team that helps them support their vision. We treat every client with care and respect because our brand is about more than just giving good results, we care about building community and support around our network. That is the most important factor of our success: our interaction with our clients past simply what they hire us for. Being a multi- media group, the versatility our business offers is unparalleled. We can help people grow their music, small business, internet following, online presence, catalogue, or collection of photo and videos. With so much to offer, often our clients find themselves overwhelmed on where to begin. Thats where our care and guidance for their success comes in, helping to guide them to the vision they see for themselves through our resources. Read more>>

Dayna Noffke | Screenwriter & Director

Persistence and relationships. The film industry can be overwhelming and, at times, downright brutal. At every stage of your career, the no’s will vastly outstrip the yesses. You have to not only love what you do but believe in your ability to do it and be your own cheerleader. The flipside of that is the understanding that it is an industry formed on relationships. The thing that I love most about making movies is the collaborative nature of the art. Finding a community is essential, for both your career growth and your own mental health. I’m not a fan of the word networking, which for many people conjures images of finding people to befriend based only on what they can give you. I prefer to think of it as community-building, which is about finding people to share the journey with and developing relationships based on shared sensibilities or interests and mutual support. Read more>>

Tasha Bethea | TV Personality

The most important factor behind my success has to be remaining focused. There are so many distractions in the world and some times its far more entertaining than what I am doing, so its easy to get side tracked. We live in a world now where people want to see instant results! The best way to get the quickest results is by staying focused on one thing. You have to focus your brand on something that people will understand and continue to build from there. It is better to be a master of one than a jack of all trades. . For example, when I ran track in college, I competed in almost 4 or 5 events each meet. I loved that I was able to score points in multiple events. Until one day, my events were overlapping and I had no rest time in between each event. There is no way you can be in two places at once so you have to decide. This happened to me quite often. Eventually I chose to focus on one event and began excelling. It was my least favorite but it was something I was good at. Read more>>

James Holmes Jr. | Executive Producer of Operations at Hollywood South Atlanta

The most important factor behind my success is that I have been in the entertainment business for some years starting out in live music. We have a large Rolodex of entertainment industry contacts and there are various roles played before you see content on any screen. Building a brand you must have. Read more>>

Chynna Miley | Event Planner + Creative Designer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is consistency and perseverance. When building and creating you have to keep going in spite of all obstacles. By showing tenacity and persistence no matter how hard things are you must keep going. Another factor to my success are my grandparents. They always inspire me to keep going and strive for excellence. They are the epitome of hardworking, loving parents. Being married for 50 years, they have always showed me and informed how things are when they were raised (in the 1940’s) compared to how things are now in the world. Not only does it make me grateful for the opportunities and resources that I am provided with, but it makes me want to achieve more because I am able to create a better life for myself and my family based off of my creativity. Read more>>

Mary Kinzel Means | Artist

Passion, creativity and confidence! All are required but passion is THE key. Passion is the fuel for creativity and is what (I hope) connects people to my work. Confidence is essential and was probably the most challenging for me to fully embrace as an artist. Creating art is a personal, soul-exposing endeavor which, if you’re lacking confidence, can affect your art in such a way that you’ll start creating work to please others instead of what’s from your heart. Read more>>

Pervis Taylor | Award-Winning Celebrity Life Coach, Guest Lecturer, Speaker and Author of Surthrival Mode, a Book For Black Men’s Mental Health.

The most important factor behind my success is Jesus! Then after that, it was my belief in myself. Ive been working in this space of coaching people and black men for over ten years. I’ve been laughed at, made fun of and overlooked. However, I was reminded of my field of work is about the people. I had to tell myself, “Pervis you’ve been used to transformed the lives of many.” My success is based on the fact that my work isn’t about me. It’s about amplifying the greatness in people. It has to always be about that. The moment it becomes about me, then my business has failed. Read more>>

Jeanie Tomanek | Painter and Fine Artist

Because I make original narrative paintings, the most important factor is to create works that are unique with a voice and style that stands out and is recognizable as mine and only mine. The work must tell a story that speaks to the viewer in such a way that they want to make it a part of their life and their home. Read more>>

Ebonee Bailey | Founder, Writer, and Host

With The In Crowd ATL being dedicated to documenting the ever-growing success of upcoming Atlanta creatives, something that we always stay true to is making sure underground entrepreneurs, content creators, and artists (visual and musical artists alike) know that someone is rooting for your success, not matter how small your brand is. I started this business while attending college and knew that I had no entrepreneurial experience. However, I also knew that I love to write, I love to get to know new creatives and I love letting people know that their hard work never goes unnoticed. When you’re in the business of appreciating and taking care of your community, the same community will take care of you too. Read more>>

Auburn Ave Zay | Music, Fashion, Art, Education, DeFi

The most important factor behind my brands success is my uniqueness. I fully embrace myself and respect that difference and variety are what make art, fashion and technological innovation. Our society wants conformity the popular idea must be accepted. But the one who chooses ingenuity will open the the door of greater possibility. I haven chosen the later path as my own, I have found that as I have empowered myself with this self belief, it has given others the confidence to use there own unique talents for there causes. Mine is Art, Fashion, Education and Finance. How can I bridge all of these talents and create a stand out brand is the question I ask myself often? As a result of trusting the uniqueness of my ideas, it has led me to push myself as a song writer, fashion designer and forward financial thinker. My next music project will be driven by decentralized crypto technologies. My music and fashion will be available only through Bitcoin and the cover art will be a NFT that will be used as a digital asset. Read more>>

Anthony “Fly Koolade” T. | Lead designer & Go to Guy

Staying true to the foundation of the brand. We have always operated outside of the trendiness of the industry. AYV stands for Accent Your Vibe… we have our own wave. We supply pieces so that the true outfit architects can create dope looks that are timeless and different than what the masses are rocking. We stay a step ahead of current trends. Read more>>

Derrick Mullen | Filmmaker & Cinematographer | Producer

Being my Authentic Self. In my line of business I feel it’s important to make sure that you are doing things because you want to. You could try to do what’s popular for the likes, shares and followers but if you take a look at the bigger picture, being trendy doesn’t pay bills. You must operate in purpose and with intentionality. Also, make sure you have all of your business affairs in order. Licenses, insurance etc. You want to make sure you are ready to take on bigger clients that are looking to make sure you have the right credentials in place. Read more>>