We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

WALTER EASTERBROOK | Founder – Arte Agave

When launching Arte Agave I didn’t think about making money. I know that might sound counterintuitive, however I wanted to create something that was valuable to our brand partners, guests and the community that we were representing. Read more>>

Danielle Reid | Award-Winning Marketing Expert

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is understanding that business is business and to remove personal feelings from transactions. Read more>>

Shakale Lewis | Entrepreneur, CEO

Connection with God. And one’s connection with self. Self control is key along this journey. You’ll experience so many trials on different levels. Don’t lose yourself or your sole purpose from which you first started. Read more>>

Jay Montague, LCSW | Writer/Author/Director and Clinical Therapist

Reciprocation, hands down is the biggest factor behind my success. As a child, who grew to be a kid, who bloomed into a teen, jumped into early adulthood too soon, and slid into adulthood almost seamlessly, I found myself “taking” in every developmental stage just mentioned. Read more>>

Franchesca Cintron | Franchesca | Christian R&B Artist

I believe the most important factor behind the success of my brand and music is transparency & boldness. As a Christian creative it’s what has set me apart. Being able to share my past & present struggles. Read more>>

Versha’ Patrick | Caterer and Owner

The most important factor behind my success is perseverance. When Covid arrived I had to figure out a way to stay in business once the stay in order was lifted. Read more>>

JustDaMessenger | Artist

Early on, I realized the power of having a strong team behind me. The most important factor behind the success of JustDaMessenger is the community that surrounds the vision. Read more>>

Sydney & Sierra Sibert | Owners of Digital Elegance Imagery

The most important factor behind the success of our brand is simple. First, the word “success” has a powerful meaning behind it, if you ask us. Success is the path of accomplishments you choose to continuously follow as a trail to financial stability, trust within the partners of our company, and the elevation of not only our success but our employees’ success as well. Read more>>

ShaQuille Brown | Realtor & Songwriter

Being different and trying new things. Stepping outside the box and not being afraid to challenge myself. Read more>>

Robert Mills | Professional Firearms and Defense Instructor

I chose a career in Army Special Forces with no clear career plan beyond the service. I retired after 25 years with a very selective set of skills; tactics, shooting, unconventional warfare, threat assessment, intelligence analysis, etc. Read more>>

Katrese Kitty” Wellman | Mompreneur & Creative Designer behind Kitty’s Kreatives”

The factor contributing most to my success is my passion to serve. I come from a background in hospitality and customer service and I believe it shows in my interactions with my clients. Read more>>

Sophia Carr | Influencer, Creator, Paragon

There are many factors that make up the success of a thing. In my case, what keeps me successful is Prayer and Perseverance. Prayer keeps me going. It’s what ignites the fire to my creativity. Read more>>

Amirah Kane | Freelance Writer & Media Personnel

Due to the fact that what I do is for a much larger cause than myself, gaining success would greatly impact not just me but the whole world. As an artist and a promoter of authentic art, I strive to uplift good intentions through my brand. Read more>>

Stephen and Justice Smith | Owners and Operators of RZ Vizions LLC

There are so many factors that contribute heavily to our success, but since we have to choose one, we would have to say that it’s our drive. When we say drive we mean that ball of tenacity we possess; that fire within us that pushes us to go harder. Read more>>

Tylia L. Flores | Author Radio show personality and Disability Activist.

I strongly believe the most important factors behind my success would have to be the support of my family and the support of the cerebral palsy community they’re the ones that motivate me to be the voice for others. Read more>>

Zoe Mitchell | Screenwriter

Persistence. My father always said, no one in the world cares more about you than you. You have to push and fight for yourself all the time. I’ve never thought “Oh, I’ve pushed to hard for the last three opportunities, I deserve to be given the next opportunity.” Read more>>

Dr. Nathan Berner | Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Our success is based on taking care of patients the right way. There are no surprises, just a straightforward approach combined with our unique ability to correct difficult cases where others have failed. Read more>>

Kalil Sherrod | Sports Performance Coach

My willingness to go the extra mile for the athletes I train. Whether it be staying late coming in earlier, finding ways to build more “buy in” to the training; I’m willing to do. This stems from me just wanting to help others achieve things they thought weren’t possible for themselves. Read more>>

Weston Robins | Founder & President of Eternal Strength

Community, connection and relationships. The health and wellness of Eternal Strength is a direct result of the community support and connections we have built and maintained. Read more>>

Mike Caliber | American hip hop record producer, DJ, and music business entrepeneur

Hustle is the most important factor behind my success. Even with the things I’ve accomplished so far I don’t feel successful as some tell me I am. That’s the best approach in order to stay grounded and hungry. Read more>>

Tiffany Jackson | Women’s Footwear

The most important factor behind my success is putting God first. Christians are called to be brand ambassadors for Christ; and by doing so, we must operate our businesses in a way that is ethical and honest. Read more>>

Rakhee Shah | Tattoo Artist

Motivation and determination is what helps keep me going and drives me to be successful. If you can motivate yourself well, nothing can stop you. You have the power to choose a positive mental attitude no matter what you’re going through. Read more>>

Brittany Lippett | CEO

I believe my success is the result of a number of factors that have all tied together to play a part in my success. These factors include being disciplined, always putting my best work out, going the extra mile, being honest and sticking to my brand’s promise. Read more>>

Kati Grace Brown | Director & Producer

I really love the quotation from Laura Dern’s character when she guest starred on The West Wing, playing the U.S. Poet Laureate, “An artist’s job to captivate you for however long we’ve asked for your attention. Read more>>

Ashley Bhagwandat-Sanger | Esthetician

The most important factor behind my success is, first, God and second, integrity. Without the guidance of the Lord, I don’t think my business would be as successful as it is today. Read more>>

Alicia Rivera | CFO & Co-Founder of Feeding GA Families

The most important factor behind our success has been our attention to the individual and to the individual family units when providing services. We realize that all households are not the same and do not have the same needs. Read more>>

Obio Jones | LGBTQ advocate

Authenticity. I literally cannot do what I do if I’m not being my authentic self. And that’s authentic about each part of the journey, the unknown, the confusion, the joy, the discomfort, all of it. Read more>>

James Andoh | Mobile Detailer & Entrepreneur

I feel like the greatest thing behind my success and the success of my brand is the ability to take responsibility and accountability for everything that happens in my life and business. Read more>>

LaJe | Rising Musical Talent

The most important factor for me has been persistence regardless of outside circumstances. In the music industry, it can be pretty easy to get discouraged, especially when you aren’t seeing support from your peers and your city the way you’d like. Read more>>

Sylvia Gbaby Cohen Phillips | CEO, artist and motivational teacher

My brand Gbaby was create 20 years ago. It’s goal was to put beautiful black women on handbags and items we use everyday at an affordable price. Though three licensing deals, Gbaby art has graced over 35 products that has been sold around the world. Read more>>