We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Jules Paymer | Songwriter, Artist

I am constantly inspired by the people around me. In writing music, I find that I must look for inspiration in everything around me; in conversations, in relationships, and in everyone and everything around me. I find that a lot of people actually talk in lyrics… they say pretty profound things that belong in music, and people just brush past those things in conversations. I constantly have my Notes app on my phone open to random phrases that people have said that I end up putting in to songs a lot of the time. I’m also very inspired by songwriters like Julia Michaels and Emily Weisband because they see the world like I do, like there’s something important in every conversation. I look to songwriters like them for inspiration everyday. Read more>>

Ravi Patel | Performance Physical Therapist

I’m inspired by my parents. My parents immigrated from India to the US for more opportunities and a better life for our family. They started their own business way before it was cool to be an entrepreneur. They didn’t let a language barrier, being the only Indian family in our hometown, or lack of financial resources limit them from achieving the life they wanted. They sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears; all so me and my brother could have the opportunities they didn’t. Read more>>

Elle LeDuc | Bridal and Balayage Hair Artist

Life! The gift of life; waking up everyday with appreciating the little blessings around us that are often unnoticed by others. My husband, my puppy, my family & friends, and most importantly, GOD. I’m inspired and so grateful for the opportunity to inspire others. I love hearing other peoples stories, tuning into their feelings, and am intrigued by all of our beautiful and unique differences that make us all so special. Read more>>