Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Gregory Blackshear | Photographer/Videographer

The most important factor behind my success is my obsession with learning and being better than the day before. The key factor in growth is simply improving one day at a time and never being complacent with where you are, and that can be said with just about everything in life. Read more>>

Gina Tate | Performance Conservatory Owner & Interior/Exterior Decorator Designer

The most important factor behind my success is definitely “reliability” and “staying true to my work”. Read more>>

Lasaraha Bell | Owner/CEO/Business Mentor

The most important factor behind my success is that i don’t ever forget my WHY.. The reason why I started my business always remembering the foundation of Laviv Virgin Hair Bourique LLC Read more>>

James Healy Jr | Actor

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without my family and there support. I know that sounds cliche but the entertainment business is such a dog eat dog world that it takes a circle of support to keep your sanity. There are so many negatives in this world without adding in the fact that you are trying to follow a dream. I began acting at the age of 15. I was a theatre major in High School and College. It was my intent to go onto Broadway but I fell in love and married at the age of 21. I let my heart take me in a different direction even though I never stopped acting it was not what I did full time. Read more>>

La’Toya Manuel- Durham | Lash Artist & CEO of Vertueux Lash Studio

The most important factor behind my success/ the success of my brand is to live the rest of my life fulfilling the purpose that God created me to fullfil, and to help women see just how beautiful they are, by enhacing their natural beauty. Often times we live our lives without discovering what we were created to do. I lived years with a talent of artistry in beauty, unsure of what I was to do with it. I was living a life just beyond the surface of what I was capable of becoming. It wasn’t until I realized that there was so much more to me than just talent. There was a gift, a gift freely given to me that was meant not just for me, but to shared with a multitude of women just like me. Now I just needed to find out how I would share that gift. Read more>>

Levi Krevinghaus | Actor / Producer

Its something that sounds super obvious, but its so important. Never do bad business. Whether its as an actor or producer or whatever position we are filling for someone else and the creation of their vision, its very important to me to find a way to not just meet expectation but go far beyond it. Professionally and personally. A great attitude goes a long way on set. In this industry, every job your currently working can very well be an interview for the next one you have yet to book. Read more>>

Britt Dias | Actress, Mixologist, Violinist, Future Doula

Always choosing to be the light, no matter what. My purpose is to shine light on the dark areas in which people may have lost hope. I’m here to inspire, no matter who I run into… leaving people better than how I found them — that’s what makes my grand successful. Read more>>

Chè Monique | Mermaid & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind the success of Mermaid Chè Monique and the Society of Fat Mermaids is community. As much as I am a solopreneur, I would not have accomplished anything without a strong community behind me. There is my personal community and support network that bolster me and give me opportunities, and there is also the community that supports both Mermaid Chè Monique and Society of Fat Mermaids. Read more>>

LaKeyshia Lowe | CEO of JoeBoi Fashions

The most important factor behind my success is my MOM! She taught me to treat others with respect and to keep pushing no matter how hard things get! She was a hardworking single mom of three kids. As I get older I realize how I am a spitting image of her. We exemplify the same mannerisms and have the same drive! I also have to give her credit for my independency. My online business is named JoeBoi Fashions, in which “JoeBoi” was her childhood nickname. My mom passed away with dementia at a early age eight years ago. I wanted to keep her name and legacy going! I do this for her and that is why she is the most important factor behind my success and my brand! Read more>>

Shaimesha Madison | Public figure

Fear. The things I fear most are what drive me to keep going. I have a fear of failure so I keep going. I have a fear of not being taken seriously, so I put myself out there. It’s hard enough being a black women, but to be plus size on top of that makes it harder to get out there in the world and find where I fit in, within the industry. Fear is not to be avoided but to be embraced. Read more>>

Nicole Sebastian | Founder, The Virtual Umbrella

The most important factor behind my success was believing in myself. I had to have faith as woman, a mom, and a wife that I could turn around my life and be the most successful in what I wanted to do, and there was no failing. I changed my belief system to telling myself everyday that it is hard work but it is what you love to do. There wasn’t any room for failure! I asked myself what does it mean to be successful. The first thing was loving what you do, and the money will come. My brand was based on my personality, which was being a someone who always cared about people succeeding in life, and making them smile, solving problems, easing their day and giving back time to them so they can enjoy life again. That is why I am called The Virtual Umbrella, Covering all your needs no matter what the day brings. That is something I strongly stand behind. Read more>>