We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Stephanie Alston | CEO of Black Girl Group & Publicist

My number one dream is to ensure that I make everyone’s professional and personal dreams come true. Read more>>

Erica Alcox | Geechie Gurl, Educator and Advisor

The legacy I leave behind will be one where people know they can have access to the resources they need to take care of their households. So many suffer from anxiety, depression and self doubt because they may feel they can’t reach their idea of success. The conversations I’ve had have included they don’t know where to turn or who to trust. Also, the abundance of bad information or dishonest “experts” that rob them makes it difficult for them to even consider trying to find someone like myself. I respect learning curves and budgets. While I do not believe in excuses and crutches that breeds and feeds a victim mindset, I do believe in compassionate accommodations WITH accountability. My legacy is kindness and compassion with a heavy dose of audacity to help people be and do whatever they aspire to be and do regardless of their circumstances. Read more>>

Shay Speaks | Content Creator & Spiritualist

I want my legacy to be powerful yet encouraging, and long lasting yet relevant for ages to come. My legacy should serve as a beacon of light that shines brightly through the deep darkness. My legacy knows the depths of survival and it will not know any disheartening failure. I want people to remember me for the light that I’ve shared and shown while here on Earth. My purpose of existence is to serve as a dual entity that shows society you must have light and darkness to complete you in totality. People will remember my light hearted, and funny nature that softens the raw truth of life I speak to you. People will remember me by experiencing laughter, humor, and entertainment but most of all healing. Read more>>

M’mah Mary Sylla | Cannabis Retail

Legacy When most people speak of Legacy they often compare it to material value, and/or western traditions. When I think of my legacy, I want to be remembered for all the things monetary value could never buy. I want people to know that there is not one thing that I could not do. Everything that I do in the present time crafts the empire that I will leave behind. I am a very spiritual person, so I am constantly giving thanks to all of my ancestors that have left their legacy for me to continuously progress and uphold. I consider myself limitless, and the reason I do is because of those who came before me. I have the strength of thousands and thousands before me that give me the motivation to constantly move forward and grow. I come from a legacy of outspoken, black strong businessmen and women, and I want to be remembered as such. Not only do I want my legacy to be full of strength, and perseverance, but I also will leave behind business, vehicles, houses, stocks, and several other assets so that the legacy will live on forever. Read more>>

Tai Savage | Serial Entrepreneur

I want to be remembered as the woman who went after everything she wanted while inspiring others, creating opportunities, and giving bomb ass looks. The legacy I’m building is for the Savage family. Savage is defined as fierce and powerful with no regard for the opinion of others. That is the legacy I will leave for my family. Read more>>

Micaela Pamplin | Pharmacist and Pharmacy Owner

As a pharmacist and business owner, I want my customers and patients to remember me as someone who cared about them and their health. I value each person who walks through my doors, I remember their name, and I build a connection so that they can trust me. This type of legacy embodies what a true family pharmacy should feel like to a customer or patient. And as a bonus, I am typically known as the pharmacist who can save them money too. Read more>>

William Lassiter | Photographer & Videographer

I want my legacy to be the impact of my work. I want to be known more for the impression, feelings, moods i leave on people rather than the work itself. For my photos and videos to leave lasting impacts even long after i am gone from the earth.That’s my true definition of legacy and what i want mine to be. People always remember the way you make them feel whether its good or bad so that is always the goal…to be remembered. I want them to remember the exact day, time,place and how they felt when they see my work. Read more>>

Chef Phillipa K.M. “Philly” Jackson | Business Owner & Entrepreneur

I would Love for my Lioness Catering Legacy to be one that excites or inspires the next little brown boy or girl who has the same fire and passion that burns deep down inside of them for the catering world as I. I want them to take off with their dreams of one day owning their own catering company and allowing the world to know their name and taste wonderful creations… I want my Legacy to be one that if anything were to happen to me my business would still run smoothly as if I were there running the day to day operations. By that I mean providing the same GREAT customer service AWESOME food that’s still able to touch your soul from just one bite. I want to be remembered for the GREAT customer service AWESOME food and colorful fruit tables. The PASSION that was put into each and every dish the colorful array of my creations even down to the last drop of Punch. My love will flow into every bite as if I were feeding them myself long after I am gone that’s how I want Lioness Catering and myself to be remembered full of LOVE. Read more>>

YaGass Sey | Interviewer, Wardrobe Stylist, Host

I want my legacy to be that of someone who always pursued their passion to the fullest, whether it made me a million dollars or $3. I want people to remember me as happy, unique, and loving what I do; as long as those three things are aligned then my legacy is fulfilled. Read more>>

Jamila Tarisai | Artist, Writter, Publisher, Speaker, Editor

I want people to remember that I left this world empty & that means I have done everything that came to my mind to do. That all of my creative ideas came to fruition. That I’ve use every last one of my talents. I’ve written the books & published/edited Magazines I’m a hair and make up artist & I worked on commercial and movie sets. I want people that come behind me to know that every talent that you have whether it’s one or 20 to use them! It doesn’t mean that you will have longevity in every talent but it does mean that everything God has given you you got it out of you, and the earth knows your name. Read more>>

Tiffany Dyal | Writer

I want my legacy to be that I used my light so that others can find their path to healing. Using my experiences and those of the women who came before me to inspire and teach others to love themselves fully. I want to be remembered as a down to earth, fun loving, emotional safe place for those who are emotionally bruised. Read more>>

Nathaniel “Tony” Bryan | Personal Trainer & Business Owner

That I tried to help people to be the best themselves possible. I’ve always been a helper to/for people because I believe that I was put on this earth to do that. I want to help people to become better than themselves. I’ve always been a team-first type of guy. I never wanted to outshine the team but I wanted everyone on the team to shine together. In fitness, the trainer isn’t the star…the person putting in all of the work, eating clean, sacrificing, and most importantly changing their lifestyles are the stars. We as trainers give our clients the blueprint to change their bodies and minds but they have to do all of the work to remodel their temple. I want people to remember me as someone that cared, sacrificed, taught, and inspired them to be better than what they used to be. Read more>>