We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Calandria Dennis | Inspiring Braider

I want my legacy to be aspiring & inspiring to future generations . I would like to be remembered as a go getter, very hard working, dedicated , respected, humble person. Read more>>

Milad Desha | Photographer and Videographer and Journalist

I want my photographic work to be my legacy. and I want people the type of topics I chose for the success of my work , whether it was on the media level or on other levels. Read more>>

Ebony Scott | Boutique owner, aspiring nail technician social media manager, content creator, author

I want to be remembered as a women who fought to change her life around in didn’t allow my circumstances of my childhood to affect my adult life. That even if you did grow up in foster care you can be someone you don’t have to allow your life affect you you can be somebody you can own a business you can fight through your mental health it’s ok to cry it’s ok to be selfish in put yourself first in try hard to forgive in love and move on I want want people to remember that no matter what I went through in my life I pushed through in kept going with a smile on my face and my head held high Read more>>


Great question, my legacy would be someone who people never stopped not only pursuing his dreams, but accomplishing everything I set out to accomplish. A person who was committed to creating art that benefits not only hisself but his community. I want people to remember, That I enjoy every minute of life, I find joy in creating opportunities for those who have little to no opportunity. Lastly I want people to know that one of my purposes in this life is to proliferate this world with as much happiness and joy as possible. ALL WHILE MAKING DOPE FILMS and VISUALS. Read more>>

Kayla Galloway | Doula, Child Birth Educator and Entrepreneur

I want my legacy to be love, all encompassed love. I want to be remembered by that very love and passion that I put in all aspects of my life. Including business, every day interactions and most importantly my family. Read more>>