We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Bettina Abbott | CEO & President, Author

Bettina Elizabeth Inc. family of companies was born out of a passion for seeing small businesses achieve their goals. It all started in 2012 with the creation of Osisis; a consulting and digital design firm that specialized in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners from underrepresented communities expand their business presence online. Something, that at the time, very few had access to. A lot has changed over the past 9 years, but many still are in need of professional design options for their business that are affordable. Read more>>

Talena Davis | Realtor and Real Estate Educator

I am in real estate and my business is “the World”. Housing is the one basic needs that every human being on the planet needs and I take it seriously. Not only does this one investment create a safe place for us it also creates wealth while we are in use of it. I say all the time “owing a home is the one investment that can generate you money while in use”. We hear all the time about the impact of being restricted from homeownership alone has negatively impacted our community. Wealth in real estate is very real and educating my community on this topic is a must. It is time to shift the narrative and create lasting generational wealth. Read more>>

Daniel Edwards | Health & Wellness Consultant / Masters Level Therapist

In my field (mental health) there are a lot of consumers that look like me but not very many providers who have that lived experience. My hope is that I am able to provide LGBTQ+ POC the supportive and affirming care they deserve. Read more>>

Tina Toney | Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer/Business Woman

I believe that both of my businesses impact the community positively my music business impacts the youth and females and even men to learn about love love is important a lot of our social anxiety stress and problems within our community and family happen due to lack of understanding on how to love and care for another person especially a person that you don’t even know. I am pushing love understanding communication trust family is very important to me my family is my support system we all struggle in this area I believe from one time to another some more than others I promise you that love is the answer open up your heart and try to understand what someone else is going through and take care in resolving the issue. Read more>>