We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Joi Fisher | Educator, Adoption Advocate, Speaker

My three girls have learned lessons I intentionally taught them and unintentionally taught them. But I’d have to say the most important thing I’ve done that impacted them by far was leaving an unhealthy relationship, working on my relationship with God, working on me, and eventually modeling and demonstrating by my actions my faith, my healing process, and a healthy relationship. I thought I could teach them by just saying “Don’t do as I do. Do as I say.” But the reality of it was that they were watching everything. So, their poor choices in relationships and accepting certain behaviors from people pursuing them, I know has been a direct result of my poor example and I own that. When I would size up some of the young men that pursued them, I would cringe but on the flip side, that guy presented himself slightly better than my relationship so how could I expect them to make a different choice. Read more>>

Keith Davis | Film Director and Producer

I am a parent to two wonderful and inspiring children. Honestly the important thing I’ve done to impact my children is, I learned to listen to them. They have their own life experiences and understanding of the world. They have their own dreams, which may change, but for today they are theirs to have. I work hard to not invalidate those feelings and their insight to life. By my listening to them, they are learning to listen to themselves and make choices. Also, they have never seen me quit, but the have seen me bend, re-evaluate, and make another path to my goal. They’re getting pretty good at that. Read more>>

Liz Pope | Watercolor Artist

As a mother of two, young, energetic boys, I’m learning how important it is for them (and all of us, really) to feel “seen”. I’ve started to take intentional time just for each of them and I’m working on slowing my pace down to be present in these precious moments. Celebrating who they are, quirks and all, has already started to shape a sense of confidence & adventure in both of them. Read more>>

Wendy Guarisco | Fmr. CNN Sr. Producer Now National Publicist/Media Strategist/TV Booker

I think/hope I’ve set the example for my daughter that you can do anything you really want to do, and you can also do anything you really have to do. I truly loved the 12 years I worked at CNN. It was a great job to have as a single person, a good job to have as a married person, and an almost impossible job to have with a young child and elderly parents. I was fortunate that my husband was still working when I left CNN and started my business, and incredibly blessed to have gotten it completely up and running by the time he became disabled and had to stop working. It was never my intention to be the sole breadwinner, but I’m grateful I’ve been able to step into that role. When my daughter was little, I used to give her my label maker to play with to keep her occupied when I had to be on the phone with a client or media. She would make me little love notes with it, but one day she made a label that said “mom pls stop working 4ever.” Read more>>

Elaine Burge | Artist, Wife & Mother

I believe that the most powerful thing you can do for your children is to cultivate happiness for yourself. Fill your cup so that you can fill theirs. Creating art makes me happy, so I choose to do that for half of every week day and then fill my afternoons with family time. I also believe it is important to teach them that the world is bigger than they are. I work hard to contribute a percentage of my profits every month to an orphanage in Uganda where 39 orphans are cared for by Racheal and Dominic Muggaga. It seems a little selfish to say that the most important thing I have done for Lucy and Bonnie is seeking my happiness, but I feel it is the best way to serve them. Read more>>

Sagi Songbird (Katerenia) Turner | Author, Singer, Song Writer, Minister, Mother, Nurturer

I think the most important thing I have done as a parent of impacting my kids way of thinking, is writing a book, and showing them we can all be creators! We can all use our gifts to formulate the world in which we desire to live! I have shown them that the very voices they hear on media and radio can be their own. In singing, because I am too an artist. I have a multitude of positive upbeat songs, which they Love to listen to,, if I may add. I have taught them that the best way to make an imprint on the world , should be in a positive way and in what they love to do most. Read more>>