One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Jordan Moore | Filmmaker & Entrepreneur

I’m inspired by humanity and the lack of it. That’s why I got into filmmaking, to tell stories and highlight those beautiful elements that make us human. Often, at least for me, I have made observations where I see a lot of societal pressure on looking a certain way, making money, or this pressure to live a certain lifestyle because it’s popular. Those that express themselves are chastised or called crazy and I think thats insane. People judge people for their decisions but don’t know what it’s like to be in that persons shoes or what they have been through. There is no one way to live and I think that is beautiful. I want to change the perspectives; or, at least start conversations. I want people to know it is okay to be different; I want people to know its okay to disagree and have a a different opinion. I want to empower people to believe in themselves and believe in what they want. Read more>>

Isuan Oyakhire | Servant & Photographer

I am inspired by simplicity. After being in the photography field for almost 3 years now one thing I appreciate is finally finding my own style. You know how it is when you start your first page for your business, you go on a following spree to try and find inspiration from other people. While I think this is a great start, at one point it began to get overwhelming because I didn’t feel like my work was anything like the others that I was constantly seeing on my feed. I got into the habit of comparison and it made me question whether or not I should even continue doing what I love simply because I didn’t think it was worthy enough. I learned that the amount of likes you get on a post doesn’t add to it’s value. Overtime, I realized that the work I was comparing myself to was good in theory, but not something I ever saw myself doing. It’s like admiring a cute outfit that’s not necessarily your style, you appreciate it on someone else but are still content with what you own. Read more>>

Martina Yvette | Youth Advocate & Food Journalist

I am inspired by my community, it’s amazing to see the landscape of Savannah, GA change over time especially when it comes to food. Food is now a lifestyle and it creates conversations and tells a beautiful story about the rich history of my city. I’m really excited about the ability to speak about the various food dishes within my city and to introduce people to local eateries that are not on the beaten path. I love my job as a food journalist. Read more>>

Dandi-Lione Howell | Artist, Actress, & Model

As I pursue being and actress and model, I am inspired by animals because of how they look and hunt. There are two particular animals that carry the most influence, the wolf and the lion. The lion’s leadership and dominance stands out because it helps me as I pursue my dreams by attacking them without fear. The wolf’s characteristics of bravery and loyalty are important to me because I know I have to be strong and willing to take chances but I cannot do it alone and I am fortunate to have parents and a sister that support me completely. I am also inspired by art because of the many different forms that can be used to create a finished product. I believe through this inspiration it helps me to stay focused as I pursue my dream of being an actress and model because of all of the different types of people and personalities that can be used to create a final product. Read more>>

Tyler Pepper-Green | Culture Influencer

I’m inspired by becoming a better person than I was yesterday. Learning from lessons and experiences to become wiser and to spread the knowledge on to others. Read more>>

Porsha Rasberry | Personal Chef

Coming from a small town of poverty I must definitely say my struggle completely inspired my success. Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to be in life. I knew what I liked and what I thought was somewhat interesting, but never what I specifically wanted to be. What I did know was that I wanted to be successful, not just rich or famous but genuinely successful. Where I’m from you saw of course people “with money” and a few rich people, but none really successful as far as giving back and doing huge things for the community. No one is establishing things, like acting theaters, cooking schools, community pools, etcs. There’s not really a face for the town, you know how Beyoncé is to Houston, Meek to Philly, Baby to Atlanta! They use their success and power for the actual greater good of the bad that they come from. I want that for my city, someone to give them hope. Something we didn’t have a lot of growing up. Read more>>

Sulondia “Sue-Ham” Hammond | Writer, Producer, Speaker, Real Estate Investor

I am inspired by others’ success. My children and grandson inspire me to BE more, DO more, and HAVE more. I love pushing the limits, accomplishing more than initially anticipated. My team inspires me. I love trying to reach my fullest potential before transitioning from this life. My community inspires me to go harder to ensure we receive the things we need. I am inspired by my parents, family, and my ancestors who have endured much worse than me, but yet, in still found a way to have joy, laughter, rich lives, and great experiences!. Read more>>

Jessica Surovchak | Photographer

When it comes to my business, I’m inspired by my fellow entrepreneurs. I know some incredible people who are in the process of building their own businesses. Seeing and hearing about them put in that work and that hustle and watching them succeed – that excites me. In several cases, that is what has helped me push through a rut or a plateau. I am especially inspired by my fellow photographers. For the longest time, I felt like I needed to be intimidated by people who had been in this industry longer than I have, and I caught myself comparing my work to theirs constantly. However, over the past few years I’ve felt more inspired by them….Not just by their work, but by the personal journeys that they share. Read more>>

Jackie STAMPS | Evangelist Lady Jackie Stamps, Associate Pastor of Total Life Christian Ministries

God!. Read more>>

Maggie Fike | Barre & Yoga Teacher | Artist

Right now my biggest inspiration comes from different forms of art, specifically- rugs and the artist in the rug making community. During the lockdown due to the pandemic I discovered a form of art called “Tufting”. Its a way to hand hake rugs, and I fell in love! Because I didn’t have the tools yet for tufting I started with punch needling and moved from there. I am really inspired by artists such as Caroline Kaufman @CarolineKaufman, Shelby Hi @Shelby_hi, Caroline Gayle @Caroline_Gayle. Some of my favorite artist accounts on instagram are @comfortablefiels @nikicarr @slimyoddity and @evanmcohen Inspiration for me comes from pretty much every source. Art Deco vases and glass is something I find very pleasing to the eye. I love home furnishing and decor from the eighties and feel the shapes and different materials used give off this structured yet playful vibe while still being chic. Read more>>

Keshea Way | Visionary Business Strategist

I am inspired by the dreams of others. I love to listen to their dreams and goals then assist them with seeing the full picture of what they have inside of them. Read more>>

Ashley Millon | Multimedia Personality, Radio & Promotions Veteran & MC/Host

I’m inspired by strength and perseverance in finding your purpose. My grandmother was one of my inspirations when it came to persevering with finding my purpose in my career. She would always say, “You have that gift my angel now pray and ask God to lead you to it, work hard for what you want!” My grandmother worked as a maid cleaning up after whites and during segregation in the 1940s just so she can put herself through nursing school. She knew that she had a purpose for helping people and being a nurse. Through her perseverance, she never gave up with finding her purpose and became a Registered Nurse for 38 years until her retirement. That’s what has inspired me to continue to persevere to find my purpose in my career and what God has called me to do. I have found purpose in never giving up on my dreams to work as hard and never let anything come in my way of reaching that goal. When you have purpose, its an indescribable feeling that you just have to show! Finding your purpose has inspired me to one day leave a lasting legacy and inspire others to do the same in life. Read more>>

Bibia Redd | Lecturer & Life Coach

Hope, faith and love. Read more>>

Sheena Craig | Baker|Lover of Love

Love inspires me. It’s so fulfilling to pour your heart into your craft & share it with others. “There is only one happiness in life- to love & be loved.” So, if I can attribute to even just a tiny bit of love that another person feels- then I’ve done my job. Read more>>

Leon Prieto | Management Professor

I tend to draw inspiration from individuals who are successful in their respective disciplines despite the trials and tribulations that they have faced along the way. Through the years I have met and read about regular people who have faced debilitating losses, tragedies and challenges and have somehow found the strength to persevere and find hope in a sometimes hopeless situation. When I started teaching 11 years ago, I had a student who unfortunately lost a parent due to suicide halfway into the semester, and yet the student managed to earn an “A” in the course in spite of the grief. I can’t even imagine what it was like for that student and how incredibly hard it was. I was inspired by that young man and learned that we cannot let the challenges that we sometimes face derail us from our purpose. Read more>>