We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Emily Cash | Photographer

I am inspired by making my dreams come true, sharing my gifts with the world, and learning from everyone I meet. I love how unique everyone is and capturing their different personalities through my lens. Read more>>

Tee Jacks | The Detroit Alchemist

I am inspired by people are unapologetically themselves, people who are the same exact person in every room that they step in. There’s this amazing energy you feel when you’re around someone who does not care what anyone else thinks of them. It’s motivating to see a person do things their way even if accomplishing the goal takes longer. Read more>>

Soumaya Khalifa | Executive Director and Founder – Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta

I am inspired by everyone around me. I am especially inspired by the young people especially in the Muslim community. When I hear of situations they are facing in schools, I know that the work of the ISB is more needed than ever. Read more>>

Jennifer Barbosa | Founder/CEO Queen Supplier””

I am inspired and motivated by my 3 children. They are the reasons behind everything I do with the business and in my personal life. I strive to support their personal dreams and give them a life I only imagined and more. Read more>>

Joshua Hillmon | Entrepreneur, certified hydration specialists, & event planner

My biggest inspiration is building a team that’s gone have me and my business partner’s best interests in becoming a successful company. My kids and my nieces also inspire me to lead by example because I know they look up to me and my brothers Read more>>

Billy Clifton-Strawn | Visual Artist

I am inspired by the creativity and dedication of the artist I have meet along the way. I also get a huge charge of inspiration when experiencing the arts. Read more>>

Tami Reed | Influencer/Journalist/Tv Producer

I’m inspired by so many things I see around me but mainly my own family Read more>>

K J | Entrepreneur

My family inspires me. I want more for us in life, to do things that my parents weren’t able to do. I also want to set an example for my son. To go after his goals and dreams. Read more>>

Gina M. White | Gym Owner & Coach

I am inspired by growth and progress. Seeing the process of ideas slowly becoming a reality really excites me and encourages me to keep going. Keep growing, keep creating! Read more>>

Janet Hyun | Prophetic Artist & Painter

I call my art style, “prophetic art”, since I use spiritual symbolism to relay messages and the heart of God, our Creator. I have always been inspired by the profound ideas that can be found in the spiritual identity of certain animals and parts of nature. Read more>>

LeaTheWriter | Writer, Author, Clothing Designer, Business Owner

Change, the opportunity to make something different than it is currently. I’m inspired by the ability to create change. Read more>>

Julie Rudziensky | Designer, Maker, and Curator

I am most inspired by other creative business women. Justina Blakeney, Nikki Reed, Madison Rae Holler, Ruth Adler Schnee, Ray Eames, Avery Williamson… Women who not only have immense creative talent, but also a strong business sense. Read more>>