We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Jelani Jones | Female Rapper ,entrepreneur, Mother , Wife,

Being a teen mother made me the person I am today. I believe if I didn’t keep my kids at the age I was when I had them my life would have been much different and difficult at that time I was off the chain. Read more>>

Ryan Doss | CPA to the Food & Beverage Industry

The decision to specialize and operate in a niche industry has been one of the most valuable decisions I’ve made. Limiting your client base is not common in public accounting, but that decision has produced competitive advantages. I am able to focus my time, research, and expertise on the food and beverage industry and my clients appreciate that. Read more>>

Jermaine Clark | Artist/muralist/entrepreneur

Other than deciding to work for myself, moving to Atlanta was the single most important decision I’ve made. It was necessary for me to get out of my comfort zone and explore new opportunities. I’m from a small town in St. Louis where I didn’t see any African American men pursuing a career in the arts. Read more>>

Sterling Rung | Embodiment photographer, Breathwork Instructor & Retreat Leader

Healthy boundaries and detachment from specific ideas, content or offers have been critical to my business success. I allow flow, inspiration and intuition to guide my decision making in order to better serve the needs of my clients and allow space for growth. Becoming too attached to one thought or service can lead to a state of stagnancy and misalignment. Read more>>

Nafeesah Leverett | Brand/ Web Designer & Serial entrepreneur

Releasing the hurt and trauma that I carried for so many years and starting my healing to finding peace and learning to love myself again. Read more>>

Rae Lee | Author and Creator

The single most important decision I made was to invest in myself. I am unsure what others mean when they say this but I mean invest in me. In the past, I had invested in companies or organizations that I worked tirelessly. The time, energy, creativity, tears, long hours, to represent their businesses in the best light. I realized that I can do that for myself and the return will be great not matter what because I am valuable to me. Read more>>