We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Alix Oliver | Showrunner, Producer, Writer, & Director

I want my legacy to be one of the biggest producers in the tv and film industry. I’d love to keep writing and directing original, new, and stories that can be talked about for years to come. I want to be an inspiration for most and encourage others to keep growing. I want people to remember me as the big ball of happiness and creativity that spreads to others. Read more>>

Karo Duro | Artist & UX Consultant

I don’t think that you can control the legacy you leave. I believe others, through their experience of you, craft that narrative for you. So for me, that takes the pressure off of being anything more than I need to be, myself. So hopefully I leave a trail of heart felt moments with those I encounter through my journey. Read more>>

Tinisch Hollins | Activist, Social Justice Leader, Culture Keeper

I want to be known and one day remembered as someone who someone who loved, uplifted and removed barriers for my people. I want to inspire others to believe there is nothing we can’t do and to fully understand our power. That we can get what we want and need righteously. I want build more healers, leaders, and generational curse breakers. I want my legacy to create pathways for social and economic justice. Read more>>

Precious Kutie | Comedian, Model & Actress

I want my legacy to be about authenticity. I want to be remembered as a someone who wasn’t afraid to be herself. Someone who gave others the courage to be confident in their true selves. Read more>>

Chris Carthern | Movie Producer and Cosplayer

I want to be remembered for being someone that stood for something and didn’t compromise on my values. To be known for fighting against social injustices, racism, bigotry, genderism and pushing for proportional representation. Read more>>