Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Katie Warechowsk | Owner of a Private Personal Training Studio

From a young age I always knew what I was meant to do when I grew up. Help people. It’s a very broad “thing,” but something that gives me joy, purpose, inspiration, success and one day, significance. If you can align your business systems with your vision and your values, your passion and your purpose; if you can achieve clarity in your “why,” then you will achieve not only accomplish success, but a life of significance. Read more>>

Farrah Estrella | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

Consistency. If you really want something you have to keep working at it and not give up because it’s hard.. I would also say being able to adapt and move with the times is very important. Read more>>

Emily the Mystic | Intuitive Mentor, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, & Psychic Development Coach

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is AUTHENTICITY. I choose to show up on my social media accounts as my 100% true authentic self. I am very passionate about sharing my story, my spiritual journey, and my process of starting a spiritual business including all of the ups and downs, the wins and the tough moments. I believe it is SO important that I share my journey of being a real person and a real “human” with my community, Read more>>

Shamika Battle-Packer | Founder and Therapist of Just Heal Counseling

I’ve learned that being successful requires humbleness. My approach to business is being genuine, open and down to earth. Just Heal focuses on making everyone feel heard and feel comfortable. Being humble requires that you listen, continue learning and being open to feedback. This is what keeps us going. Read more>>

The Brother Guys Podcast | J Manly: Host. t rose: Audio Engineer. Malcolm is Important: Visual Director

I believe the most important factor for our brands success is teamwork! The podcast would not have grown to where we are now without each one of us pulling our weight and pushing each other to be better. Read more>>

Rhonda Hunt | Master Baker/ Confections Originator

The most important factor behind the success of my brand was ensuring that I produce high quality, impeccably tasting products. I do this by using all natural, premium ingredients to create my confections. Read more>>

Tosha Wilson-Davis | Founder & President | Certified Professional Resume Writer | Certified Employment Interview Professional

The success of my business, as well as the brand, has come from the fact that I have always put the client first. I have a “client-obsession” mentality. It simply means that I want the best for them in terms of their career growth and success. I work hard to deliver meaningful results that exceed their expectations. They see that and have kept coming back for additional services as well as referring family, friends, and coworkers. Read more>>

Brandon Titus | Chef & Restaurateur

The most important factor behind my success I would have to say is my perseverance and knowledge of the hospitality industry. With over 12yrs of experience, senior level positions, and a formal training underneath my belt I positioned myself well ahead of most to catapult myself to success. Read more>>

Kimberly D. Electric Elevation ENT | Entertainment Company CEO

The most important factor behind my success is to constantly display positivity. Also to show others to follow your dreams and not worry about those who doubt you. My brand is based on elevating to the next level . To be ambitious and have a great work ethic. Read more>>

Whitney Thompson | Skincare Guru

The most important factor behind my success with The Honey Kiss Collection by Whitney is customer service and how I treat my customers. When I first started this business I had a lot of customer service experience under my belt, and also just being a good human being also helped. I know how I wanted to be treated as a customer, with honesty, to feel wanted, and appreciated and that’s what ALL of my customers get. Read more>>

Lena Berry | Master Cosmetologist & Business Coach

The most important factor behind my success is that I never gave up even when I felt like I was failing and things didn’t line up as planned, something inside of me wouldn’t let me give in and as a result my brand has flourished. Another huge factor is that I’ve always presented my brand as a professional business which (along with my talent) helped me to attract high scale clientele . Read more>>

LaMara Davidson | Founder + Chef of Cornbread and Kimchi

The most important factor behind my success overall is that I’ve always followed my spirit. Its organic. Cornbread and Kimchi is authentic to who I am and where I come from. It’s truly the lens that I see the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to tap into my natural gifts and apply it to my purpose. This has been a long winding road that I’ve been blessed to pick up a tribe to roll with. I understand its bigger than me. Success is measured in many ways and in different ways depending on who you ask. For me doing what I love, with those I love is immeasurable. Read more>>

Jennifer DesRoches | CEO of JAD Financial Wealth

I believe the most important factor behind my success of JAD Financial Wealth is Authenticity. I believe in being real and honest to my clients. I like my clients to feel comfortable and free when they are in my company. Providing a safe place for my clients is always the goal. Speaking to someone about their credit and financial situation can sometimes be uncomfortable. So I tell my clients my story to provide comfortable and safe place for them. Read more>>

Yvette Hunter | Customize Craft Skill Gift Basket Maker

I am not afraid to show up on social media as who I am . I do not try to be something I am not, but rather instead love being able to show the real people I’m grinding hard for V.Hunterlooks . I think the most important factor behind my success has to be to never give up. Never forget the vision and what you’re doing it for. There has been so many times where I doubted myself and just wanted to give up. Being able to stay on a certain path and always remind myself what is coming for me when i reach the end are the things that help me be successful. Read more>>

La’Kai & Tassie Whatley | Business Owners & Creatives

Jesus Christ is the most important and only factor behind Grace2Glory Apparel, without Him there is no success, there is no brand, there isn’t anything. Would we love for the brand to take off and be extremely successful, of course what business owner wouldn’t, but if people are just supporting the business monetarily and not for what it stands for then we’re straying from the why behind starting the business in the first place. So yeah God himself is behind our success of our brand. Read more>>