Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Kuzzin Heavy | Promotion/ Marketing Specialist

I truly believe the people are the most important factor behind my brand. Beside from me steadily promoting myself every day it the people that come out to my events having fun creating memories. The. Those people tell their friends and then those friends tell their friends. Next thing you j is you have people flying in own for big holidays or even big yearly events such as Hennuary. Read more>>

Alexander Smith | Musician

I would say the most important part of my success is always aspiring to stay inspired, keeps me going in a sense honestly. I get used to things so easy, so staying inspired to grow in different aspects of music of the music always give me a new challenge or goal. Which in the ultimate end is only going to make me batter. Read more>>

GTO & JUICEMAN | “Bruhtawk” Podcast

GTO: I think relatability is what is behind our success, people gravitate to what they like, anyone that’s in the public eye has people that like them for some reason, and that is what is behind our success. JUICEMAN: The most important factor behind our brand is our hard work and our ability to be innovative; our ability to think outside the box. Every day we have our conference call and attempt to answer the question, “What can we do today that no one has ever seen?” and then we build our platform around that idea. Relationships are also very important too. We have had the pleasure of networking with a lot of major influencers, artists, etc. to say the least. Read more>>

Fatima Barnes | Business Coach & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind the my success is the daily practice of gratitude. Keeping myself in a state of gratitude allows me to enjoy the journey. It can be quite difficult to keep going when things get hard, but by maintaining a consistent state of gratitude, it gives the boost I need to keep going. Oftentimes we can get so caught up on where we want to be that we forget to stop and take a moment to enjoy who we are and what we do in the present. I have found that gratitude actually welcomes in more opportunities, creativity, and abundance and it has helped me tremendously as an entrepreneur and in life. Read more>>

Arielle Holloway | Photographer & Social Worker

I think I’m successful for several different reasons. I have always had a passion for photography, but the passion alone wasn’t always enough. I’m a die hard Kobe Bryant fan, so throughout the years, I’ve modeled my work ethic after his. I tell myself, “Kobe didn’t do anything halfway or lukewarm so why should I?”, and I incorporate his Mamba Mentality into my everyday life. I even have it tattooed as a daily reminder. That mindset and work ethic is what got me to where I am today. Read more>>

Armond Willis | Willis Performance Training Founder – Human Performance Specialist/Willis Performance Labs Founder/Owner of FLM Exotic Auto

The number one thing for me is being consistent. It means sticking to the original plan when things are bad and when things are going well. There were definitely times where I didn’t believe the company would survive, but really being convicted by the vision and written down plan, and having faith in it is what propelled us. Consistency has several corollaries with it. Doing the small things that move you forward on a daily basis. Being consistent in learning and educating yourself within the industry. And being transparent. Read more>>

Shanna-Marie Burris | Real Estate Broker & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is my authenticity. I always tell my team that people buy you before they buy anything that you’re selling and people can feel if you’re authentic and genuine or not. Besides, it takes far more energy to be something you aren’t or to mislead people than to be honest. The greatest commissions are on the other side of genuine connections. Read more>>

Jason Street | Up and coming Artist

I think the most important factor is really generic but it’s to never give up! A lot of people are gonna doubt you. Even when you establish your self because of jealousy or hating or some other unknown factor people just don’t wanna see you succeed unless they are too! But as long as you believe in your self and pursue what you love then success will follow! Read more>>

Seantal panton | Brand Marketer

Keeping my vision at the forefront and being willing to adapt and learn along the way. My future legacy depends on it. On days when I feel like quitting, I often remind myself of my why. Having a visual vision board helps me to remember why I got started and why I need to keep going. Read more>>

Issia Smith | Travel Advisor, Model & Influencer

Here at Issia’s Traveling Co., we pride ourselves on providing customers with a first class, luxury travel experience at an affordable rate.  Everyone loves to travel, but sometimes the planning process can be stressful. With our expansive relationships, we identify the best rates, and handle all of the planning for our customers based on their needs and wants. The best thing about it is working with us is extremely convenient. You can book with us from the comfort of your home via your smartphone, and we offer payment plans with deposits as low as $25.  We aim to ensure that your travel experience exceeds your expectations. Whether you are traveling to Thailand or to Vegas, our prices beat 70-80 percent of the market. Read more>>

Daphne Juliet Ellis | Model, Actress, Writer, Sales Professional & Real Estate Investor

When I was 13, I failed to complete a homework assignment in light of my uncomfortable thirteen-ness. My History teacher gave me what was (and continues to be) a crucial and defining piece of advice: “this is just a game, and you just have to play it.” The game I’m playing has taken laser focus, clear priorities and a big mushy heart. I have always known that I needed to be a professional artist. I have also always understood my unique obligation to a family that will ultimately need my financial support. Though a controversial pressure, I have been inspired to evolve in multiple directions from the start. I knew that if I wanted to work to live, I would have to work extra hard. Read more>>

Tiffany Fuller | Entrepreneur & Small Business banking specialist

The most important factor behind the success of my brand would be that I provide quality and affordable hair extensions. The products I sell contribute to the success of the brand, However, the experience I try to provide to each one of my customers would be the biggest attribute to the success of the brand. I use social media as a platform to promote my business so my customers can get to know me on a personal level. I take pride in making and maintaining customer relationships . Read more>>

Si’mone DJ Monie Lewis | Brand Manager & DJ

The most important factor behind my success and/or the success of my brand is simple… BRANDING!!! Branding is everything!! As the founder of Si’mone Hughes International, a brand management and design firm, I have had the pleasure of working with small to large Corporations as well as numerous celebrities and personal brands. The base of what I teach my clients is the importance of branding and how you should use your brand to separate yourself from the competition. It’s no wonder that when I decided to start DJing and crafting my DJ brand, ‘DJ Monie “The Risqué DJ”‘. I leaned on everything that I preach to my clients. Read more>>

Mann Robinson | Film Director

The most important factor behind my success and my brand is remembering its For The Culture. I continue to open doors for them and give them opportunities. My success comes by opening the door for our culture. My success also comes from my drive and dedication to winning. Read more>>

Brandy RIchardson | Bee Rich – Plus size Model

The most important factor behind my success would be authenticity. Nothing happens overnight but when you are truly yourself and believe in you no one is your way but YOU. It might sound cliché but your network is your net worth, My personality has gotten me way further in life than my degrees. Read more>>

Ashley Dallas | Artist and Visual Creator

The biggest factor is authenticity. Staying true to your vision and being genuine goes a long way. It sales itself! Despite what is shown on social media with everyone giving a sales pitch, you don’t need it! Just be you! Read more>>

Isis Barrett | Self Taught Braider

The most important factor for me, is my passion. I love being creative. Doing hair allows me to create and bring my vision to life! I love seeing everyone’s reaction too. When people get their hair done, they COMPLETELY TRANSFORM! It’s like their “awakening”. You can literally see the life in their eyes, the confidence, the love and laughter. Something truly reignites in everyone once they get their hair done. So hands down, for me? Passion. Without that, I wouldn’t have that drive, and you need that drive, because your clients need that energy. That’s where the spark first ignites, with the stylist. Read more>>

Keisha Gray | Entreprenuer

The success I’ve had in my life has totally been the result of the grace of God, hard work and determination. My parents instilled in me as a child to do my very best at all times and never give up. The most important factor behind the success of Modati is the passion I have for the brand. I am a mother of a beautiful daughter and I live Modati every single day of my life. Spending quality and intentional time with her is one of my top priorities as well as ensuring our relationship and other mother & daughter relationships are as healthy as they can be. The opportunity to help curate meaningful time for mothers, daughters and/or maternal figures allows me to exercise my passion and truly fulfills me. Read more>>

Lashawnda Benefield | Entrepreneur & Model

For me, the most important factor is my faith and my support system. I’m so grateful that I was blessed with the type of people I have around me. Read more>>