Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Jamila Smith | Yoga Therapist | Transformational Healing Coach

When I think about risk, I think about how risk is second nature for an Aries, and, you guessed it, I’m an Aries! I have never been one to shy away from going after what I wanted, or trying something new. However, when it comes to business I view risks as something different. On one hand you risk putting yourself out there, hoping that others will see your vision, and understand what you are trying to bring to the world. It is risky, because when you are starting a business, it is like an extension of yourself, so if people were to reject your idea, you may feel as they are rejecting you personally. On the other hand the risk is financial. Sometimes you may believe in a business idea, pour everything into getting it up and going, and it fail, and you lose everything. If you believe in yourself and your idea enough, you will risk it all with little hesitation. Read more>>

Jordan Gonzalez | Music video producer and director

“The greatest risk a person can take is to do nothing.” -Robert Kiyosaki I have taken many risks throughout my life and career, both personally and professionally. Finding my passion for film and photography, finding love and a life partner, and ultimately finding my inner happiness all have involved taking risks. I was in a serious motorcycle accident at 22 that I really shouldn’t have been fortunate enough to survive. But since I did, I made a promise to myself to treat every single day after that as a bonus. I was playing things safe at that time in my life and enjoying the fruits of my labor as a young and successful barber. Read more>>

Taylor Taylor | Business Owner & Youtuber

When it comes to taking risks , i’ve always been hesitant. And once it my business started to play a huge role in my life i began to reassure myself that just because we spend money for our business doesn’t mean we can’t make that money back. Risk taking , on a business level, has actually opened my eyes because at a point in time i used to be scared to take any type of risk within my life or career but now since i’ve done the steps to make me feel reassured & not hesitant about the decisions im making, things have become a bit easier for me in my life. Read more>>

Jess N’neka | Owner of Makeup Scientist

You never know know the outcome of things until you take a chance and see for yourself. I am a firm believer in taking a chance if it means getting one step closer to your goals and dreams. Taking risk has played a major part in my career/business because for one I took a chance and invested in Makeup Scientist myself, I was nervous that my idea and brand wouldn’t flourish but seeing where I am now and how far I’ve come it’s truly amazing and I’m glad I pushed myself to work on executing the vision, I still find myself taking risk with new products I create and design now for my consumers. Take a chance and go for it Read more>>

Crystal Pugh | Entrepreneur – Life Coach – Mentor

When I think about risk I think about faith. You have to trust the process of what you cannot see with an expectation of great manifestation. Taking risks has cause me to make moves in life and in career that landed me in untapped and unfamiliar places of great experience and success. Read more>>

Josh Fitz | Barber / Barbershop owner / Entrepreneur / Author

Risk taking is something I love to do actually an it has made me successful in life! I dropped out of High school as my first risk in life and I took a huge risk leaving behind a good barbering career of 10 years in my hometown of San Antonio Tx to gain a great barbering career in Atlanta Ga and I’ve doubled my yearly income in 2 years time after starting over with zero clients……. So that was my biggest risk yet biggest reward Read more>>

Raymond Turner | Entertainer

Risk taking is legitimately the main part of my life/career. Moving to Atlanta chasing and my dreams was one of the biggest risk I took. Believing that I was put on this earth for a reason, and knowing that risk taking may be uncomfortable but you can never grow in your comfort zone. If I want the life I dreamed of I must take risk. Therefore, also have the faith that those risk will bring success. Read more>>

Renee Neil | Founder/CEO of GlamWigs Inc.

Being as ambitious as I am, taking risks has continuously played a significant role in my life. Risk taking to me means “taking that leap” “making that move” ultimately going for it. Personally, in my opinion, me taking the risks I have throughout my life and career has molded me into the entrepreneur I am today. Without risks, one becomes dormant, complacent and comfortable. Some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt throughout my lifetime have been due to taking risks. Note: taking risks shouldn’t always coincide with a negative outcome. Read more>>

Shell Boog | Music Artist / Videographer

See the thing is I don’t look at opportunities to make moves as risk I look at it as faith based behavior. When you believe in your vision you walk fully in it. You don’t look at situations as a gamble because you set yourself up to loose that way. I pray ask God to lead me and I move. Read more>>

Unique Period | Graphic Designer, Brand Development, Course and Template Creator

The major risk I took was to JUMP! I was actually on bed rest when God told me to quit my job. I’m like and do what graphics?? No way!!! I took the leap and listened. On bed rest my business was built and has been running amazingly every since. I’ve been blessed to work with so many amazing businesses and people. From your every day startups to celebrities. It has truly been an amazing journey! Read more>>

Nicole Merizalde | Muralist & Illustrator

I try to remind myself of the potential outcomes when taking risks. For me, it was giving up a steady income at an office job in pursuit of doing what I love. I have only been on this new career path for a few months, but it has already drastically changed my life. I feel excited to create new work, meet other artists and develop as a creator. Any risk I’ve taken as a freelance artist that doesn’t pay off has allowed me to grow and motivate myself to work harder. Read more>>

Melissa Barker | Opportunity-Creator for Women Entrepreneurs & Founder of Women Entrepreneurs Inc.

Risk is a muscle. With every win, I’m more empowered to think and act bigger. Every time I fail, I recover faster and it hurts my pride a little less. I believe that risk is an inherent part of being an entrepreneur. Taking risks (and empowering your people to as well) is in your job description as CEO. I left my job at a Fortune 5 company to move to the city of my dreams (Charleston, SC) with a one-year-old and no job. Risky? You bet. Did it pay off? 100%! Read more>>

Sonja Green | Consulting/Public Speaker

I embrace risk. I believe in taking risks for what you desire to do what brings you joy. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and when I did that I saw that I was able to do things that I never would’ve known I could do or achieve. I took a risk opening up my conventional business which is a beauty salon and I took a risk when I got involved with network marketing and multilevel marketing in which I created a huge organization of thousands of women that I helped create income to have a better lifestyle. It was very rewarding. In conclusion, where there is no risk there is no reward! Read more>>

Andrea Green | Stylist/ Licensed Braider

Risk: a situation involving exposure to danger Risk in lamest terms to me, is taking a chance at something that you might not thought could’ve been possible. Every day we face challenges that we don’t feel is apart of every- day life. Although, our life is already outlined and planned, most people feel that there is so much more to offer when you actually take risk. Read more>>

Xzavia Dobbs | Influencer

I believe risk plays a major part an any career. Taking risk is what got me to where I am today. I believe without risk you are settling. You can’t expect to become successful at what you want to do without taking chances and being different. I remember a lot of times I was afraid to be different and take risk because I thought about what others would think of me, but once I got pass that they’re isn’t anything that I want to do that I won’t. Read more>>

Hillary Marie | Professional Dancer & Choreographer

I believe taking risks is one of the most beautiful parts about life. Majority of people look at taking risks as a negative thing because they overpower their thoughts with fear but I believe it’s beautiful because no matter the outcome, a lesson is taught in some type of way and learning lessons is apart of life. Learning lessons shapes us and molds up into the people we are today. I started dancing at the age of 18 years old. I thought because I wasn’t technically trained and because I started at an older age than most, that I wouldn’t be able to flourish how others were; Read more>>

Gary Coleman | Business owner

Risks are everything risks are the difference between being stuck in the situation your in and moving forward the greatest thinkers and inventors in the world took risks when people told them it couldn’t be done Read more>>

AJ Kellie | Art Curator & Event Producer

I don’t think about risk. Risk taking is the sole reason I am in the position I am in. The reason I became an art major in college, the reason I moved to New York and decided to start my own business. You can say it’s risk taking but I call it operating on faith. Read more>>

Brandy Norman | Entrepreneur

I personally feel like risk is apart of business. You have to be willing to take risk in order to get to different levels! Taking risks has helped me evolve. I have never been scared to take risk and love the thrill of doing so. Read more>>

Vontrice Brown | Real Estate Investor & CEO of On The Road Dispatching LLC

When it comes to taking a risk my motto I live by is ” bigger the risk, bigger the reward”. Taking a risk has played a huge role in my life/career. After corporate America let me go I was in a panic for the first week. Even though I was already far into my real estate business; I was afraid of not having my 9 to 5. Despite the panic and what if, I took a risk and put my all into both of my businesses. Taking that one risk has made me more confident in taking more. I have a real estate business, dispatching business and even tried the Airbnb game out. Its been two years of being an entrepreneur and I love every moment of it. So to whomever is reading this…..have faith, believe in yourself, and take that risk!!!!!!! Read more>>

Sarah Rhino | Owner, Coach & Yoga Instructor @ The Peach Pit

On the Enneagram Personality Test, I am a Challenger. I was always the gymnast my teammates would require to try a skill first, so that if I survived, they might try too. I think that can easily sum up a part of my personality but also my perspective on risk. In 2015, Loved my job. I had been there for over 11 years. I loved the people I worked with, my work and my athletes, however I wanted more for my staff, my athletes and me so I took a leap of faith and started my own company. Was I scared? Yes, absolutely but fear only controls us if we let it. My athletes would never be as successful as they are in gymnastics if I taught them to fear taking a chance, so maybe taking risks pays off in the end. My 8 year old daughter, a competitive gymnast at The Peach Pit often tells her teammates, “You can do any skill you want but you have to give it a try.” Read more>>

Dreax Thomas | Editor, Photographer, Videographer

I think taking risks is vital and inevitable, especially when it comes to following your dreams and wanting to be successful. I took a risk and moved across the country from Arizona to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a career in film. I left everything I have ever known with no job and a semi solid plan to go chase my dreams in a completely different state and ended up accomplishing more than I could have ever imagined. Life is all about taking risks and putting yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to better yourself and grow. Read more>>

Jay Nic | Keto Coach

I honestly love taking risks because most of the time, it is what leads to success. I decided to take a risk and move to Atlanta earlier this year and switch career paths JUST so that I could go 110% and put my all into my business and it has been the BEST decision that I’ve made in my life thus far. Read more>>

Olivia Eppinette | Lash tech

Taking risks can always be a hit if you listen to your heart and put your all into whatever vision you have. In my case a couple years ago I decided to believe in myself and quit my job to pursue my dreams. Life is too short to be in situations that don’t make you happy to wake up in the morning. I’d recommend everyone to pick themselves and to take the risks you’re most scared of, as for they will set you free and enhance your quality of life. It doesn’t hurt to to also feel the confidence of overcoming an obstacle you thought was out of your reach previously. Never give up on yourself and always believe in yourself! Read more>>

PRDJECTX | music artist / business Entrepeneur

Risk taking is a grey area for most. The thought of having those last few hundred/ thousand dollars to spend on improvement of the brand or having to making a major move to make something happen with one’s branding/business is very stressful but there is a quote that people need to understand. NO RISK NO REWARD! From the ups to the downs risk always has an outcome. why do I say that? You have to make sure you take the right risk in smart situations. Like buying in on that stock to make doubled profit or starting your brand from scratch so there is no errors in the business plan. Risk has taken a major roll in my life/career. Read more>>