Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Deandra Holland | HR Student & Entrepreneur

When I first thought about my business it was during the pandemic a year ago. We had just gone into lockdown and I started watching a ton of makeup videos because that’s one of my favourite pass times. I was thinking to myself, everyone always knows one thing about me is I love me so eyelashes and some lip gloss. And so I just decided I was gonna learn to start my own business. Shortly after I started selling lashes and a few months later started making my own lip glosses, lip balms etc. Read more>>

Emma Morgan | Boutique and Gift Store

I was a sophomore in college, woke up one morning and decided that this was something I could do! I started out just online, then started going to events, barn sales, etc, and then when I graduated college I opened up a store front! Read more>>

Mich`-Love Pierre | Cosmestic Formulator

I have been natural for almost 8 years now, and I was a product junkie looking for the right hair product for my dry 4c hair. I felt in love with the holistic living and found myself reading every single product label that I was using and noticed that some of them was mostly difficult to read and full with toxic ingredients. Lover of DIYs I decided to make my own hair products in my kitchen. Through many trials, errors and building knowledge along the way and sharing my recipes with friend and family they encourage me to come out with my line. What began in the kitchen with a desperation for a safe and effective product soon became the beginning of something exceptional for the natural hair community.
Negès Banda launched in 2019 and has since provided clients with the best to instill the confidence and positivity they deserve. Read more>>

Charnia Travis | Accessories Lover!

Honestly, it was was on a whim! I LOVE accessories, my bedroom dresser will definitely tell you that 🙂 I have a favorite pair of earrings. They are a wood pair that say “Naturally Dope.” So many people would compliment me on them, and I would buy them a pair of their own. My friends and I were having girls’ night, and someone mentioned my earrings again. I said, “You know, I get so many compliments on these earrings and have bought so many pair, I should just sell them myself.” That’s it. The idea was born, and that night I went home, and couldn’t sleep. I grabbed my iPad and started mapping out the idea for the business. That must have been why I couldn’t sleep because after I had a few things down, I was able to sleep. I got right to work the next day and 5 months later, The Bijou Boxx launched. Read more>>

Kamia Allen | Loose leaf tea blend maker

I came up with the idea to create loose-leaf tea blends out of my sheer obsession with tea. About ten years ago I stopped drinking coffee and switched over to tea and became quickly enamored with all of the options. However, as my palette developed I noticed that it became harder and harder for me to find bagged tea that I liked. I walked into a popular store in a mall that sold loose-leaf tea and I was hooked! I started making blends for myself, friends and family first. Read more>>

Ana Jaffar | Painter & Photographer

As a young girl, I was always a creative! As I grew up, I was around my dad who is a professional photographer and around others who had so many artistic talents. I loved to paint, draw and capture photographs so much in high school. Singing, dancing, poetry and acting were also apart of my list of creations that I loved! As I got older and more in the last few years, I took up photography more. Painting started more a few years ago. Last year, we all know Covid hit in March and I had to leave a internship in Cali to head home. Read more>>

Brooke Nation | Entertainer,Influencer,Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of BrookeNation Hair Growth Oil

I came up with the idea from watching YouTube and researching how to grow longer hair. And made a all natural ingredient hair oil that can help benefit perm hair, colored hair and all hair types it can be used as a daily hair routine for everyone! to stimulating hair Growth, preventing hair loss, nourishing dry and brittle hair, prevents split ends, and more. I started using it on my hair and my family. Read more>>