Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Krysta McGowan | Image Consultant and Professional Development Coach

When I entered Corporate America after obtaining my MBA, I noticed a gap in professionalism and overall workforce readiness amongst my colleagues. I was in an accelerated Executive Leadership Program, which included 3, 8-month rotations in different areas of operations and at the end of each rotation we had to give a presentation to Senior and C-Level Executives. During those 8 months, there were two main goals: deliver results and network. I noticed how some associates struggled through the networking piece and presenting their best self at work. Whether it was their attire, elevator pitch during networking events, or presenting to our leaders – there was a gap and in the end it impacted the perception of whether or not they could add value to the company. Read more>>

Rhonda & Latonya Hurst | Hairstylist/ Finance & Marketing

Being a hairstylist for many years the idea for the product line was a long term goal, I wanted to do and when the pandemic happened we felt it was the perfect time and opportunity to do so to complete this goal. Read more>>

Monte Henderson | Recording Artist & Songwriter

If it’s a dream that won’t go away, because you’re so passionate and a gifted in whatever it is that you dream, or if it’s your purpose in life, you must keep going. Persistence is absolutely key! Some people think think if you’re not experiencing success, don’t continue exerting energy and resources and move on, but we must shift our mindsets on what we consider to be success. Many of us measure our success with someone else’s, instead of simply celebrating our own accomplishments. Of course we all desire to be more successful which means we may have to change our approach, or acquire more skill, or in my case, recruit a team to help carry out the vision. Never give up on your dreams, never give up on your passion, never give up on your purpose. Read more>>

Ursula Foster | Licensed Massage Therapist at Relaxing Vibrations Spa

My personality overall is to be resilient and resourceful, I learned that from my parents. I grew up pretty middle class where money was not discussed in detail but I could see that my parents always found a way to make ends meet and keep me and my sister fed, sheltered and clothed as well as family vacations, fun birthday parties and private school. They showed me early on not to give up. I was too young during those years to realize how significant that would be through out my life. Read more>>

Devon Kendrick | Multidisciplinary Artist

You never really know wether to keep going or to give up. You have to look deep within yourself and ask yourself are you okay with what you’ve done up until this point or could you do more and live without regret. I’ve thought about giving up on alot of things in life but my determination and drive prevents me from giving up. I will literally keep trying until I can’t anymore. The big question is are you satisfied with the results? Am I content or happy with what I’ve done. If I’m not satisfied then I keep going. There’s another factor that determines that for me as well and that’s the fact that I inspire alot of people. People are watching me, I am literally motivation for alot of people and I don’t want to let them down. They are looking at me as a role model or a blueprint. That’s something that drives me to get better at my craft, or jux life experiences that allows others to overcome fear and live life to the fullest and create the life we all want for ourselves. Read more>>

Natalian Johnson | Nonprofit Founder

For me, I’ve had moments where I have wanted to give up, but every time I think about giving up, I remember how many people I’ve helped along the way. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. Giving back, sharing my testimony of how I’ve overcame so many obstacles in life let’s me know just how I blessed I am simply because I never gave up. I knew that I could be different, it just took time for me to see myself the way God sees me. And I want others to do the same. Read more>>

Ciara Pinkney | Bartender, Mobile Bar Owner, Masterclass Instructor and Creative

Giving up is never an option if you desire to be successful. You’ll always know when to keep going though— your mind will crave the end result, it’ll crave the “what if” … when you wake up and when you head to sleep. Your mind will be consumed by that desire 24/7. Read more>>

Tone | Artist, Music Producer, and Songwriter

Give up if your heart’s not in it, Keep going if it is. Read more>>

Van Williams | Singer & Musician

In life there many reasons to give up on things such as your dreams, your marriage/relationship, your kids, etc. But I want to focus on dreams. A dream isn’t just something you’re good at but it’s something that was already placed in your destiny before you were born. So, when those tough moments come and you want to quit, there is always something on the inside of you that keeps reminding you to keep going. It’s almost like you feel something pushing or pulling you. Even if it seems impossible or it seems as if it’s taking you longer than others around you. That gut feeling that you feel in your spirit and soul is a reminder to not give up. It’s placed there for a reason. Pray to God and follow him. Read more>>