There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Nicole Mason | Owner

I think that most important factor behind the success is Ivory & Beau is due to the personality of the brand, the openness, realness of the brand. I am not afraid to show up on social media as who I am and who the women on our team are. We do not try to be something we are not, but rather instead love being able to show the real people behind the brand. Unlike some bridal boutiques, Ivory & Beau is not stuffy in any sense. It is a fun laid-back environment that prides itself on it’s friendly and warm atmosphere that makes customers feel like they are at home. When it comes to floral design and weddings, Ivory & Beau is not afraid to try something trendy, unique or different when creating to show off fun new styles. I think allowing our personalities to show through have made the brand relatable and allowed people to relate easier to us as a brand in a sense where they feel like they know us! Read more>>

Dalyss Hamilton | Fashion & Creative Model

I think the most important factor behind my success has to be to never give up. Never forget the vision and what you’re doing it for. There has been so many times where I doubted myself and just wanted to give up. Being able to stay on a certain path and always remind myself what is coming for me when i reach the end are the things that help me be successful. Read more>>

Estelle Harford | Movement Therapist

I absolutely love what I do, and am extremely passionate about my work and helping others. It is my goal to have my clients live pain free, active lives and it’s so rewarding to be a part of that. I truly treat each person as the individual they are and customize every single session based upon the person in front of me. I genuinely care about their success and learned during this pandemic that I’m the best version of myself when I am able to help others. I am always learning and evolving and I think that is evident with those I work with. Read more>>

Abby Andree | Hair Colorist & Educator

I contribute the success of my business and brand to always striving to work with the most talented people i can, and never being too proud to learn from them. I’ve always searched out the best salons in the cities I’ve lived in because I’ve learned most of what i know from immersing myself in the day to day life of the hair industry. The people around me have helped contribute to my success in immeasurable ways. Read more>>

Omar Howard | Life Coach , Mentor , Author, Youth Motivator, Returning Citizen & Credible Messenger

I was determined to be successful and to not only change my life but to assist in helping other trouble and at-risk youth to make better choices in life. I was determined to give them something I wasn’t given and that was hope. I didn’t realize the choices I was making were going to take me down a dark path because I didn’t know anyone that I trusted to teach me or show me how. Read more>>

Karin Rutishauser | Herbalist

The most important factor behind the success of The Herb Crib has been my dedication to the business. You must love what you are doing, believe in your business and never give up. Dedication is the key. The most important factor behind the success of my brand, without a doubt, is quality. You must provide your customers with a quality product that you can stand behind. Many of my products have been carefully researched and produced at the request of my customers to meet a specific need they may have. Always being open to develop a new product and providing excellent, personalized, customer service is also very important.. I feel the need to provide my customers with a top notch herbal experience making them happy, repeat customers. How my customers feel when they leave is also important. For a customer to leave the Herb Crib with a feeling of connection with nature and lightness of spirit is is the best compliment. Read more>>

Jonathan Drake | Co-Owner & Executive Producer

I think we have forgotten about relationships and how big of a role customer service really is to our clients. I believe in hard work, I believe in going the extra mile, but I believe treating people the right way trumps everything. We have built our entire company on doing the right thing, every time. It’s not always easy, because you do have individuals who want to take advantage of your good nature, but at the end of the day, we want everyone who comes in contact with us to get the same treatment. I hope our reputation will always be one of quality work, never missing deadlines, but most importantly going above and beyond to make sure our clients are treated better than they have ever been treated before. Many times we have worked with companies that have been burned by a company in the past who does similar work to what we do. Read more>>

Tera Chantelle | Author, Producer & Podcast Host

The most important factor is having pure intentions, keeping God 1st while having a peace of mind. if you don’t feel it, don’t force it. God will reward you for never comprising your morals, values and integrity. Stay patience on the journey and enjoy the process. Read more>>

Byron Ford | Music Artist

God is the most important. Everything we do is Faith based. Things are only done when they are Holy Spirit led. With everything we do we want it to glorify God and he is constantly doing work through us through music and apparel. Read more>>

Wayne Hauenstein | Principal & Learning Curve Consultants

Our slogan is “Unleash Your Talent.” It’s our goal — with each collaboration — to ensure that the solution we’ve created helps maximize employee potential (and effectiveness). We do this by getting to know the client — how they communicate, learn, interact and define success across the organization. Our objective is to truly understand their vision, values, purpose and culture so they feel like we’re a part of the solution. The biggest compliment we could receive is repeat business or a referral from that client. This is a sign that we’ve done something right and they value the relationship we’ve established with them. Read more>>

Sherrikka Myers | Speaker, Children Book Author & Founder

The most important factor behind my success is many things, but i will just name a few. Authenticity is one, because when you are able to just be yourself and still be admired by people, is such a blessing. Empathy is another one. When you are able to empathize with people, you have a clear advantage because the sense of expectations and emotions of others is very helpful and allows you to reach consensus more easily with others. Confidence is another one. You believe in your success and can communicate that? Appearing confident will impress those around you and helps you be perceived as successful, thus making the path to success easier to pursue. Last but not least patience. Good things come to those who wait. With a little patience, you can be much more successful in the long run. Be prepared to wait a little longer for success. That will make it possible for you to approach decisions with a much greater foresight. Read more>>

Lauren Bolden | Owner

A few years ago we sat down with the leaders of our team and began asking them what words come to mind when they think of Pie Bar. We wanted to come up with a set of Core Values for our team and our business that felt true to us a group. One of the Core Values we landed on was “Community.” We recognized the impact we could have if we focused on the community relationships that are so important to us — both inside Pie Bar as well as outside of the shops. Being active members of our local communities is vital for our business, because people around us see that we are here to contribute to our neighborhoods, not just sell a product. Our team’s relationship with one another and the guests who come to our shops has empowered our team to take ownership over their roles at Pie Bar, because they are interacting with the people who are ending up with their completed product..the pie! Read more>>

Mandisa Johnson | Entertainment Journalist & Consultant

An important factor behind the success of the Atlanta Film and TV brand is that we strive to be a beacon of light by giving those who are serious about a career in the film and television industry direction. Secondly, there is no other outlet in the Film and Television Industry here in Atlanta, that shares the same knowledge, industry tips, and insights that we do. Read more>>