There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Lisa Schroeder | Executive Chef and Owner of Mother’s Bistro & Bar

I had the idea for a restaurant called “Mother’s Bistro & Bar” back when I was a marketing manager for Weight Watchers International. I was working 13 hours a day so I frequently picked up take out food for my family. While there was pizza, Chinese, Mexican or Thai food, there was no place that served “Mother food;” the kind of food I’d make for my family if I only had the time. That’s when I realized the world needed a place that served motherly cooking — slow-cooked dishes made with love from scratch. Everything I did for next 8 years was focused on learning and getting the experiences I felt I needed to be successful. I wanted to learn THE way of doing things so I could apply them to Mother Food. Read more>>

Christopher Kyles | Just Vibin The Series CEO

The most important factors in a successful business is basically having a a good team to back you up and a vision that can inspire, encourage and impact others to push forward towards their dream goals. Read More>>

Dominique Treadwell | Co-Founder, Reviews in Black & Cinemationship

The most important factor behind the success of our brand is its authenticity. We birthed this business out or our personal story of how movies brought us together from friends to dating to marriage, and what the love for movies has done for us and our families through generations. We want to share that same spirit with our movie club members, which is why we affectionately call them our “cousins”. It’s more than just movies, is creating community around the stories we love and those we love to hate. Read more>>

Lucas Guillaume | Atlanta Hawks fan page fr

For me the key’s of the success is the faculty of imagination of new post day after day. the pleasure of posting my montages and publications and following the Atlanta hawks through the years. what makes my success above all and being regular and assiduous. Read more>>

Mikey Everything | Performing Artist/Extras Casting Director

I would have to say the most important factor behind the success of my brand is hard work and staying true to myself. In an industry where everyone is attaching themselves to the next “big thing’ it’s easy follow trends and lose yourself. Read more>>

VeronicaMarie | Professional Makeupartist

The most important factor behind my success is my faith. My faith in God keeps me going. When i want to quit my faith reminds me why I’m doing this. Being a makeupartist i get to talk to so many women and men. I get pour into them. I enhance their beauty inside and out. Read more>>

Ariel Kaplan | Comedian and Film Industry Professional

I think behind every successful brand exists a cohesiveness in both appearance and message. I feel like Karen and I have been pretty successful in creating that sort of cohesive momentum within our brand, Fire City Comedy.
Luckily for us, the message is pretty straight forward. It’s a comedy show and if you like comedy, you should probably check us out.
It certainly doesn’t hurt that I have a decent background in graphic design, so rather than outsourcing and attempted to explain our vision to a third party, I have the ability to control and create our visual output. Read more>>

Sarah Chambers | Attorney, Wife, Mother, and Mrs. Georgia American 2021

Perseverance is hands-down the most important factor behind my success. If you follow me on social media, I promise that you only see the highlight reel. Like so many of us, I only post when I (FINALLY!) reach my goal or get a win. What you do not see is the hours, weeks, months, years, even DECADES of hard work it took to get another check-mark in that win column. I have encountered so many obstacles along the way. Financial issues, physical health issues, mental health issues, family crises, unexpected career setbacks, work-life-family-spouse balance struggles, you name it. I have had more reasons to quit and give up than I have had to keep going, but I remained dedicated and steadfast no matter how hard the road became. I was stronger than all of my excuses and I continue to relentlessly remain dedicated to fulfilling my dreams. Read more>>

Anthony Hunter | Chef

The most important factor is how different that I bring a great dinning experience right to your home or event. The many different culture cuisine from South Africa cuisine to America cuisine. My 6 years of culinary arts school has help me gain and the knowledge of food. I have Certificate of completion with Earl C. Clements and a Associates degree from Le cordon bleu. The years I spent gaining knowledge working for big chain restaurants and higher in restaurants, from working at Waffle House at 15 to opening and run a 5 star Cru Wine Bar restaurant at 22. The best factor is that I cook out of love and the things I came across on my journey. Life is hard so I put everything to a plate Read more>>

Diego Escobar | Diego Escobar | Manager

For me the most important factor behind this success is dedication. A willingness to give a lot of time and energy to something because there are no shortcuts to getting where you want to be. With the dedication, I know I have the purpose and goal to fulfill. The purpose is to help every customers by providing a quality products yet reasonable price and a goal to meet their needs. As an Entrepreneur I work out on the solutions, something that I could give an answer to their problem. Read more>>

Liz Fitch | Liz Fitch| Owner of Liqour Catering Service

The most important factor behind my success, is having a great team. The success of a business, is in the team a owner builds and cultivates.I believe in taking care of the total package, not just the paying client. I invest in each individual through training, and taking a personal interest in their passion for their craft. I gain great satisfaction by successful events, as well as employing someone. I look for the positive elements, talents, and strengths, and nuture those things in each of my staff. I include my staff in the process, so they then take ownership and experience the fulfillment of their craft. This is reflected in our service to the client, from the first point of contact, to the completion of service. Read more>>

Swanda Warren | Earring Designer

Being consistent and staying true to why I started this business is the key to my success. Read more>>

Latesha Lynch | High-Ticket Branding & Organic Marketing Coach

The most important factor behind the success of my offers and myself as a coach has been how I show up on video. I knew early on in entrepreneurship that I was undercharging. I worked on my brand, as you do once you want to be taken more seriously. I got the new photoshoot, I updated my copy, rebranded my website, I increased my prices, and I started showing up as a high-ticket brand. It’s funny, because prior to the rebrand, I don’t feel like my brand reflected high-ticket. But just making your brand look high-ticket isn’t enough to really call in high-ticket clients. Read more>>

Rosemary Ajoseh | Singer| Songwriter |Musician

The most Important Factor behind the Success of my Music and Brand is my Foundation of “why”… People have always asked me why I am so passionate about outreach and music and it’s because I don’t release music just because…I release it to Inspire, uplift and encourage people. My Faith in Jesus Christ and compels me to share my testimony of Grace, strength, and Life! All of my songs tells a story and that story is a message of Hope for All. I have a growing International fan base and one message I always receive from others is ..” I was listening to your song and it Inspired me to___________”. Its my prayer that my music will bring healing, and comfort, empowerment and sow a seed to motivate you and to uplift your spirit. My success is I’ve reached one…then I’ve reached a generation,” Read more>>

Angel Johnson | Makeup Artist and Business Coach

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is that I built it with the client in mind. What are their needs? Wants? What’s missing in the market? Read more>>

Kyla Sanders | Content Creator/Influencer/Entrepreneur

Everyone knows that true success is achieved by hard work and dedication. Those who truly work tirelessly towards achieving every goal they set out for themselves are, in my opinion, in a class by themselves. Success is not something easily attained. It’s not handed to those who have been chosen with the gift of diligence, strength, and dedication to acquire success. Because those individuals are chosen to bear more. On the contrary, success is given to those who prove they have paved their own way to the top. Making a name for yourself is always hard, especially at such a young age. Work ethic is everything when it comes to a business and branding. You work hard to prove that your brand is something worth noticing. Read more>>