We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Alyssa Maloof Whatley | Tax Attorney

The most important factor behind my success is my ability to connect with people whether it is my clients or representatives from the other side. I find that being authentic, transparent, and approachable is what makes all the difference in how people solve a problem. As a lawyer, my clients tell me that it puts them at ease and makes them feel like I am someone they can talk to. Read more>>

Tina McCain | Professional Dog Trainer/Inventor/Human & Canine Wellness Advocate

Knowing your product, good business skills and “old fashion” customer service. I was in the corporate world and worked in doctors offices for over 20 years. I learned in both of those environments what it takes to run businesses on a variety of levels. I was fortunate to fall into a situation where I was able to learn my skills first hand. Where I worked, I also was schooled in the learning my trade. On a personal level, I grew up in a time where customer service was the rule, not the exception. Read more>>

Laura Austin | Owner of Salon 9 ¾ & Stand Up Comedian

I would say there are two factors behind my success. Education and knowing who I am. I was always told, that when it comes to running a bushiness, just be you and do you 100%. Because, no one can copy you. I like to think I am very straightforward and honest when it comes to my amazing hair clients. And the only way I can be that way is through constant education. Read more>>

Jim Lewis | Company President and Water Treatment Specialist

Trust. I have been able to develop trusting relationships with clients, mentors, business partners, and teammates. I also believe our company has been able to develop trust with our clients that we will do what we promised to do when we say we are going to do it and will look out for their best interest. Read more>>

Vicki Sanders | Graphic Designer | Owner & Chief Hug Officer at the Hug Box

As a graphic designer for over 25 years, I knew that defining a brand for my gift business, the Hug Box, from the beginning.was absolutely important for any kind of success. It is not something to rush through. There are four main attributes to discovering and building my brand: Passion. Knowledge. Consistency. Authenticity. 1. Passion. I knew since 2004, that creating meaningful gifts was a passion of mine, but it wasn’t the right time. Read more>>

Shondai & Latoria Harris | International Logistics Providers

The answer is right in the name HEIZWERTHY. It is derived from the term HE IS WORTHY. Meaning, GOD is worthy! God, Jesus Christ, who we put our faith in, is THE most important factor behind our success and is our brand. We continue to be guided by His truth daily. Read more>>

Patrick Lamont Jr. | Actor & Owner of Bookings on Bookings Taping Service

Most Important Factor? … This is a difficult question, because there are so many important factors that continue to Manifest my success. If i had to give one, I would ultimately chalk it up to the Belief in My Vision. My Ultimate Vision is to inspire people to love themselves unconditionally and follow their dreams while I discover the same journey as well. The Belief in my vision adds a passion and love into my life, that allows me to be Positive, Patient, Hard Working and Persistent. Read more>>