We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Gabe Moskoff | Trackstar the DJ

I’d say personally, the most important factor in my success was the fact that I was pursuing what I was passionate about every step of the way–I was willing to put in the extra hours and push past circumstances that would have made me think about changing my path if I wasn’t doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. Read more>>

Sadie Lebo | Plant Shop Owner

I think the most important factor behind my success is my outlook on success. I have really grown to believe that success is so much more than a profit or status quo. To me, my business was a success from the day I thought it up. I came up with a business model that not only lets me work with plants (which I love), but also allows me to work alongside my family (which I love even more!). When I decided to quit my job and go all in on this business, I told myself I would give it a year and that even if I didn’t make one sale – it would still be a giant success because of the time spent creatively with my family. Since starting my business, it has also grown financially successful as well. I think my mindset has a lot to do with that. I think it is really hard to start a new career path if you think of success as a number or level of recognition. Read more>>

Tameka Kee | Founder & CEO, The Power of Girls

When I started The Power of Girls, I knew there was a risk associated with entering the marketplace with yet another girls nonprofit organization. It was hard. I had to block out the negativity and remain focused on why I was doing this. People would always ask, are you sure you want to take middle school girls over to another country? Why don’t you just be an amazing volunteer? That constant questioning caused me to form a separate drive to prove naysayers wrongs. But, I had to remember, I wasn’t doing it for that reason, and that what was for us would be for us. This has proven to so true! Since our inception, people have been inquiring on how their daughters, nieces, and young girls in their lives get be involved with The Power of Girls. We combine girls mentoring with exposure to travel, and we do so in a unique way. I call it our secret sauce. That, and the authentic passion I described in the previous question, is what sets The Power of Girls apart. Read more>>

Anna D | Media and Radio Personality | Model|Influencer|Podcast Host

Honestly, the most important factor behind my success is solely God… Him and Him alone. Of course, we have things like self-discipline, taking risks, working hard, and more, however, my faith in God is what has grounded and spear-headed my success. I am 1 of 9 children, and yes, we all have the same mother and father, lol… but, since we were all young, my parents planted the seed in all of us to let God be the head and light of our life. As I got older, I realized how important it is to truly read the word of God, and build my own relationship with God. Yes, God has always had His hand on me and my family, however, the wonders you can receive when you truly spend time with Him and put Him FIRST in ALL things, my my my.. it becomes inexplainable. Me praying day-in and day-out and growing my relationship with God has put me through doors and in rooms that I could never imagine I could do by myself. He has given me a new mind and perspective of many different things, including my mental, emotional, physical, creativity, business, all of it. And so, for that, I cannot take any credit or give this credit of my success to anyone or anything else, but God. Read more>>

paris retana | culinary partner

It is Family no questions asked- Running a restaurant with my twin sisters allows us to bring 3 unique perspectives & skill sets to the business; Mildred keeps us focused on eco stewardship & caring for our community. Alicia makes sure every guest receives our GoodVibes & feels part of the LB family. And I (Paris) strive to serve the best Fresh Mex / Good Food possible. Lake Burrito’s success is a result of our “sibling’s power” to support each other in offering top notch food and an awesome atmosphere to all our amig@s. Read more>>

Kimbi Tiez | Singer Songwriter & Spoken word Artist

I can honestly say the most important factor behind my success is surrounding myself with people who believed in me. At times where we may easily doubt ourselves or worry about non existent matters, having stable & true people that uplift you is key. They are Gods way of reminding you of who you are if you forget. Read more>>

Tony Reames | Dad, Husband, Filmmaker

If I have had any success, I would say it is because I have been blessed to be surrounded with so many talented creative individuals. I think another important skill I have is the ability to fail fast. I make a lot of mistakes but the value in that is getting back up dusting yourself off and learning something positive for next time. Read more>>

Shanquilla Stephens | Entrepreneur & Business Consultant

The most important factor behind my success is I keep going. If I fail, I go back to the drawing board and brainstorm. I don’t quit. I think of many ways to do things. I have started four types of businesses. Only 2 have been successful. I didn’t close any of them down I kept going and kept making it better until I seen and felt my desire results. Read more>>

Kwandel Grimes | Educator & Business Owner

The road for starting BMT LLC has not been the smoothest. I have had to lean on many of the life lessons from growing up in the inner city and having to make the impossible, possible. Getting started was one of the biggest struggles. For our branded clothing, it has always been important to me to produce products that stay on trend while maintaining high quality standards. I needed to learn all the little things like finding wholesale vendors and connecting with the right people in the right places. Once I got the ball rolling, time management became another struggle. I had set realistic goals for what I would accomplish as an entrepreneur, while maintaining a full time career that I am just as passionate about. Even today, it still feels like a challenge trying to get it all done in a day. Read more>>

Quinton Stephens | Founder

Our community is the engine behind our success. The whole reason why Treasure Quest Effect exists is to expose and empower our community to new perspectives. Every time someone interacts with our boxes they have the chance to be empowered and impact someone else. It’s great when our community shares quotes they love and place our little boxes in their neighborhoods for others to find the treasures inside of them. Read more>>

Lakeba Wallace, MBA | Magazine Editor, Media Correspondent, Content Creator & Film Line Producer

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is understanding the importance of pushing, promoting and elevating others. The Living Day By Day Magazine/Radio Show pushes, promotes and elevates by offering an avenue of information, an avenue of education and an avenue of inspiration through our radio interviews and our magazine features. People need to be informed, educated and inspired. I enjoy promoting & inspiring brands to go HIGHER!!!. Inspiring & promoting other brands don’t mean that I forget about my brand. It’s a win win kind of relationship. As I inspire & promote others, my brand is growing. As a business owner, I never forget the common goal — helping others to elevate & grow. Our brand, our business and our hustle must be elevated to grow. The best way to grow is together. A brand is nothing without people. You can build a brand and no one support it, Since 2008, I’ve been promoting, inspiring, elevating and helping other brand via the Living Day By Day Magazine & Radio Show. Read more>>

Amy Cathryn | Psychic & Fine Artist

For a business to become successful, its abundance must come from the heart. Loving what you do is what brings its success, because the quality, passion and energy of your work shines through. Enjoying what you do is what allows success to run through you, because success is something that can only happen through presence and awareness of the present moment. The mistake we often make is imagining success as some great thing that’s off in the future and hasn’t happened yet. If you believe success is “off in the future” or “when X happens”, then you will always be chasing that mirage. You may perhaps briefly attain a great goal, but often times the ego transforms into yet another distant goal, thus continuing the cycle. Instead, emanate success through the joy of your craft. Success is you, your tools and the present moment. Being concerned for and producing quality work in the present moment and through your love of the work is what creates success because it allows you to truly shine and bring success into being. Read more>>

Harvey Logan | Super Entrepreneur

I feel the most important factor behind my success is my heart when it comes to wanted to see my clients succeed in the future. I feel like when you’re passionate about what you do and truly enjoy helping others what most perceive as success will always follow as it has for my brand. Read more>>

Soma Okoye | Multidisciplinary Artist

When I was young I spent a lot of time making mini-films on my phone with friends, taking photos for my online blog, and coercing my younger siblings to help me put on full-fledged productions for our neighborhood—to be real with you—these are still things I still do today. I’m a true multidisciplinary artist that enjoys the freedom of taking on different projects. Nothing fulfills me more than being able to create something with people I love for communities I love. Permitting myself to honor the multi-passionate child inside of me is what has made me successful. Whether I’m playing the role of performance artist, director, model, or curator my creative work has always been about bold, passion, self-expression, and it’s this energy that has caught the attention of filmmakers, photographers, brands, and other amazing creatives I’ve had the opportunity to work with this early on in my career. Read more>>

Mykia Ruffin | Head Chef & Owner

Consistency, Drive and. Determination. It is vital to consistently execute the vision and goals of your business. In everything that I I do, I keep God first. Even as a Private Chef, I want to be utilized by Him, therefore how I serve looks different from anyone else. Read more>>

Kanitra Davis | Gourmet Popcorn Dealer

My brand is successful because the products provide an experience. We offer excitement, things to share, and I provide a personal touches to events, movie nights, snack time, whatever! This isn’t just your regular popcorn. You’re likely to find a cookie, pretzel, wafer, or some type of surprise in the bag. I am most successful because my customers believed in me. They gave me ideas, shared the popcorn. Even the smallest things like a repost or shout out has contributed so much to my success. I couldn’t have done it without people believing in me. Read more>>

Drew Taffe | CEO

NoSpace Productions is built around information accessibility and the value of community. Our goal has always been to provide resources and connect creative people. Read more>>

Maureen Wallis | Balloon artist

I want my legacy to tell a story through my work. 1 Moe Balloon is “Moe” and she is fun, colorful, spontaneous and more important blessed. The success of my brand means I have accomplished what was meant for me to share with the world. I want the brand to be known for our attention to detail and memories created for our clients. Read more>>

LA Rose

The most important factor behind my success is dedication . I’ve literally been knocked down 9times and got up 10. I never forget I’m down here to pray for success never to miss an opportune chance to become thee success . As long as I remain humble and keep my goal in mind and limit myself to how far I’m willing to go for success. Making sure I never go to far to lose any self confidence and I never hold myself back to make sure I don’t miss any opportunities. I know without a doubt success is in my future for my business as well as new things . I have to make sure we don’t become so stagnant that we forgot the purpose behind all things with me . Is success. Not wealth, not greed . But the ability to accomplish a goal and continue to make sure I’m following my dream . Never lose the vision never lose the opportunity. Read more>>