We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

James and Laura Chancey | James: Waffle Artisan & Airline Pilot | Laura: Waffle Artisan & Investment Analyst

Patience and clear communication have been our two major factors to increased success. (1) Patience has taught us that it will lead you to a positive mindset and make you more open minded. In the beginning, we were a total unknown to pop-up locations and pop-up costumers, it took some time to spread the word and let the waffles speak for itself. Patience and persistence has led the business build to the point it is today. “Success doesn’t happen overnight” a well known cliché that is the case for so many of us small businesses owners. Read more>>

Rashad Patterson | Children’s Book Author, Youth Development Professional & S.T.E.A.M Instructor

Determination and disciplined helped me to succeed. Being determined allowed me to become hundred percent committed to being a self published author and discipline allow me to develop a passion for writing relatable children books for urban youth. Read more>>

Earl Taylor | Certified Juice Therapist & Co-Owner

Never being satisfied with what we are supposed to have. Understanding the work we put in as a business, the things wins that we know we deserve/earn while they are good it’s a “ok cool what’s next” mentality with us. Read more>>

Chukwebuka Nwafor | Student Basketball player & Entrepreneur

A habit that has helped me greatly is consistency. Consistency leads to greatness. I had to stay consistent with growing the business daily. This has lead to my business growth. Read more>>

Mel Holliday | Author and managing director

Learning and practicing the breathing techniques daily. I now practice before I get out if bed and again before i go to sleep for 15 minutes. It prepares my mind for the day to come and calms it before sleep. It changes our chemical state especially when overwhelmed, have to have a difficult conversation or before a presentation. Read more>>

James Elwood Muller | Award Winning- Actor/Model/Producer

The habits that I feel that help me to succeed the most are: 1. Discipline.- Being in former Military Veteran (I served 4 years honorably in the U.S. Marine). Prepared me for the discipline that it takes to make it as an Actor. Presently; I am working a full time corporate job as an Underwriter in addition to pursuing my Acting Career. Read more>>

Neti Hamilton | Neti Hamilton || Kemetic Houseplant Specialist & Environmental Health Advocate

Being an eldest daughter, I’m a bit of a fixer. I’m extremely intuitive and have a high sense of determination once I begin working on something. I can’t usually stop until its complete. This can sometimes be a bit frustrating but in terms of running a business, it’s definitely the habit that makes me so successful. This habit is inherent to me and it makes me extremely dedicated and goal-oriented. Read more>>