We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Michael Callaway | Honeysuckle Production Manager

Working hard helped me Succeed. I used to work in the buckhead life
Group and I heard many chefs tell me they would rather have someone they can mold than anyone who comes out of a chef school. Read more>>

Lito Grizzley | Big & Tall Model & Content Creator

Honestly, the only habit that helped me succeed was getting out of my head & actually doing the work. I’ve always been an over-thinker in every aspect of my life but eventually I had to have a sit down talk with myself. I’m my worst biggest enemy & if I let my thoughts & self doubt take over, I would never be able to chase my dreams & help influence others. Read more>>

Diana Richardson | Founder and Owner of Bronzed GLO Beauty Organic Cosmetics

I speak about this topic often and I have two words that sums it up. “Positive Mindset”. In order to succeed in anything it is imperative that you have a mindset set to achieve it. It requires discipline over all facets of your life.
I often tell people that keeping your Vision at the forefront of your thoughts helps to keep you centered. Read more>>

Scott Oglesbay | Integrated Manual Therapist

The number one habit that has served me well is being a life long learner. To me, this means putting away my ego, staying curious, and taking time to regularly and actively participate in some level of learning. The truth is, no one knows everything or else we wouldn’t have a need for scientists or even a variety of various therapies. So, I told myself, if I really wanted to grow and succeed, I would have to stay open to new ideas and be willing to let go of older conventional beliefs. Read more>>

Ari Licht | Artist | Model | Entrepreneur

My love in makeup is a habit that helped me succeed. I use all my products and obtaining skills in makeup I have today helped me use my line in the way best for me. Read more>>

Eva Melton | Author & Life Strategist

Focusing on my inner authority rather than external stimuli has allowed me to flourish. My focus spiritually through meditation and self reiki to overcome internal hindrances. This allows me to embody the principles I share in my Purpose Pathways coaching system. Winning in business requires focus and focus is amplified by my personal spiritual practices. Read more>>

Emily and Luis Robertson | Entrepreneurs

The habit of being disciplined. All success boils down to that one word, discipline. We had the motivation but that only took us so far as to what kept us going. It was the discipline to do what we knew needed to get done even when we weren’t motivated to do so that we owe our success to. Read more>>