We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Richard Johnson | Music Producer

When I started my new music venture called “Sound Cannon” I did it to help families that needed extracurricular activities for their kids at a time when just about everything was shut down due to COVID-19. Providing these music sessions also gave me an opportunity to introduce new skills to my young students by talking about business management, computer literacy, financial literacy, as well as challenging them to find creative ways to use their talents to help others in need. Read more>>

John Kernohan | Chairman

Social impact: how does your business help the community or the world? My amazing and beautiful wife, Fin, and I established the United Tiny House Association (UTHA) back August 2015. Since then, UTHA has grown to be what is arguably the largest tiny lifestyle support organization in the World with over 37K+ members. There is no cost whatsoever to be a member and we provide FREE support to individuals, communities, and governments interested in affordable housing solutions and the tiny lifestyle movement. Additionally, since March 2016, UTHA has organized 17 For-Charity Tiny House Festivals, with 5 being considered the largest in the World based on attendance and the number of tiny structures registered to participate at each event. Read more>>

Tom Willner | Musician, Educator & Technology Director

I feel very fortunate to help people on multiple fronts. My business, Center Stage Education, provides keynotes and continuing education classes for healthcare professionals using storytelling and music. My partner, Anne McSweeney, and I teach about the patient experience and clinical empathy using my musical about my experience as a cancer patient. Research has shown that clinical empathy improves patient outcomes, so our hope is that our education is ultimately helping improve patients’ lives. Also, the healthcare professionals we serve tell us that our unique approach not only helps them understand their patients on a deeper level but that they feel reinvigorated about what they do after they work with us. In addition, I work in technology for Georgia State University, where we are known for our innovative use of technology to help students. Read more>>

AJ Young | Creator & Co-host

Borderline Idealist is a podcast hosted by a Black man with borderline personality disorder and his Latino husband. That in itself excites me because of the representation of voices rarely heard and viewpoints from different perspectives not always heard from in the media. The social impact is having a conversation others may not have heard if not for it being recorded. We hope each episode will provoke a conversation and help with mental health awareness in under served communities. Read more>>

Justin Kalin | Theatre Artist & Administrator

Out Front Theatre Company is committed to telling LGBTQIA+ stories. We offers a unique opportunity to educate and entertain local audiences while also providing a safe space for queer artists. Atlanta is home to the largest self identifying queer community in the southeast, and one of the largest in the country overall. Our community, both Atlanta at large and the LGBTQIA+ population, are beautifully diverse and complex. As such, our story telling is a chance to educate and defy stereotypes for our audiences. Whether it be the staging of a work that explores the intersection of sexuality and ethnicity or educating audiences to the history of the queer community, we work to make sure audiences deepen their understanding of queer people and our experiences. Read more>>

Donahue Johnson | Graphic Designer & Illustrator

My business helps the community in so many ways. honestly, I didn’t fully understand until 5-10 years in the business of designing what it means to be a designer. Designing is basically a service whether, it’s about drawing or creating a logo that will start someone’s dream, it all matters. Each aspect you put into designing something for someone is that persons image and brand. You are essentially creating what that person will be known for or remembered by. I’ve done logos for small restaurants and for large rideshare companies and each individually feel special because they could potentially be a powerhouse in the future. Another plus to the job, is that a lot of people who look like me, I am helping to create their future and helping black entrepreneurs get their start and I feel honored by that. Read more>>

Deirdra Cox | President & Founder

CSE’s vision is more imperative than ever, due to the pandemic fallout and exposure of the lack of financial self-efficacy and social and emotional restoration needed in low income/high potential communities. CSE’s vision is to build thriving, sustainable people and inclusive communities, through our 4 pillar program model, which includes: Mental & Physical Wellness, Educational Attainment, Workforce/Career Development, and Financial Literacy/Capability. Put 4 pillar process produces self-efficacy and transformation in families who have been mired in systemic poverty for multiple generations because we educate and coach simultaneously. Read more>>

Aalia Sange | Furniture & Canvas Artist

There’s beauty in our world in the most unexpected places. It’s astounding how many tons of neglected, unwanted furniture ends up in landfills all over the world. There are so many pieces I have made over into beautiful new usable art pieces that would otherwise be tossed and discarded. I love that I am able to salvage these items and to add color and beauty to give them a new life. Read more>>>