We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Sheraton Gatlin | Celebrity Makeup Artist & 4x Best Selling Author

VoirBelle LLC. was started in 2017, two years after Sheraton Gatlin graduated from Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy as a professional certified makeup artist. Stepping out on faith into the beauty industry opened many doors that Sheraton Gatlin had never imagined and presented many opportunities. Being a professional certified makeup artist has allowed her to give back to the community and to the world in numerous ways. Read more>>

Kioka Render | Owner , Registered Nurse

In a world full of judgement and the wanting of acceptance, I believe our business offers a much needed foundation of self empowerment. Our mission is to empower women and men with improved confidence, better health, and the choice to make positive body transformations. We offer an experience that can be life changing. Your mental and physical health and happiness start from within and we are here to support your full journey. Read more>>

Taylor Meredith | Founder TMPAV, Sanctuary Studios ATL

Our business helps the community and the world because our core value you is building relationships. Our relationship building provides career opportunity’s for people in the community and thrust us to the forefront of any conversation as our business is one of the cornerstones of the Digital era, production. Read more>>

Cyd Ahlberg | Graphic Designer, Photographer, Visual Artist & Poet

Cydvolution Art is a brand and revolutionary art movement. The mission is to collaborate with artists of all walks of life and all mediums to help build brands, promote brands and incite creative, visual revolutions. In a world where many marginalized people are not being heard, I aim to be the one to help amplify their voices through creative mediums. So, far I’ve worked with some amazing individuals, helping them create brands and visual content for their music, political campaigns, products and more. It starts with me, but it ends with a beautiful community of creatives shining bright for the world to hear and see. Read more>>

Kyy Mosely | Lifestyle Blogger & Life Coach

Apprehensive helps the people of color community by giving them an outlet to be able to express themselves without judgment. There is no wrong or right answer nor question to ask. We are here to help educate them on certain things that aren’t “norms” for us. Read more>>

Dominick Racano | Producer/Festival Director

I feel that one of the most impactful things a human can do for another is to help them feel seen and heard. By giving artists a platform to tell their stories, share their hard work and connect to other like-minded individuals, they are encouraged to continue bringing their creative thoughts to life. This encouragement snowballs when people watch or hear these stories and discover a piece of themselves within characters. It’s a reminder that you are not alone.
With All The Laughs (ATL) Comedy Awards, our goal is to bring people together, in a space where they can let their guard down through laughter, push each other to be their best selves, collaborate with fellow comics and support one another to continue storytelling. One of the hardest things about being an artist is getting your work in front of the masses. That’s what ATL is determined to do. The world needs a pick-me-up. Let’s start a new pandemic, the most contagious yet– laughter. Read more>>

K. Domiana Ndour | 2x Bestselling Author, Coach & Healer

As a former professional athlete turned two-time bestselling author, international speaker, intuitive healer, and coach I am not only able to make an impact in my community, but also make a global impact around the world. First and foremost as a professional athlete who played overseas I was able to give back to each community I was a part of (Poland, Romania, Mexico, Spain) through camps, community service and mentorship. Read more>>

Leo Cuadrado | Executive Director; New Directions for Veterans

New Directions for Veterans (NDVets) was established in 1992 and inspired by a defunded U.S. Veterans Administration drug-rehabilitation program, New Directions. NDVets was created to assist the large number of homeless veterans in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles has the highest number of homeless veterans in any metropolitan area (7,947 as of February 2020), nearly 2.5x more than the city with the second highest number of homeless veterans (San Diego, 3,277). Read more>>

Edward Drake II | Founder & CEO; Inspirational Speaker

My name is Edward Drake II and I’m the founder & CEO of the YNOTT? Foundation “Youth Needing Organ & Tissue Transplants”. Our organization impacts lives across the country by providing a support system that educates and mentors pediatric transplant patients on the importance of staying compliant both pre- and post-transplant and improves their transition to adult care. We provide college scholarships and host transplant anniversary parties for participants in our organization. Read more>>