We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Sarah Marske | Visionary Leader, Change-Agent & Award-Winning Hispanic Marketer. Founder & CEO at Saramar Group.

At Saramar Group, we believe in the power of brands to change the world for good. And doing good for the world is good for business. Saramar Group is a consulting firm specializing in creating meaningful connection between brands and U.S. Hispanic audiences through purpose-driven brand engagement strategies. Our solutions enable our clients to authentically reach and engage U.S. Hispanic audiences through strategies that drive business growth while creating larger social impact. Doing business with a higher purpose with an authentic mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of consumers creates long-lasting loyalty, love and connection around a brand’s purpose. We help our clients unleash this power of purpose, putting social impact at the center of brand engagement with Hispanic audiences. We collaborate with brands in delivering socially impactful initiatives that foster prosperity and positive impact in Hispanic communities. Read more>>

Sathya Callender | CEO, Founder, Domestic Violence Advocate, Author, Mentor, Motivational Speaker

My business helps the community in several ways. Scars of Survival Inc is a non profit organization founded by myself in 2016 which helps individuals to survive, heal, and thrive after domestic violence. Providing different resources to help families become self sufficient. Scars of Survival Magazine LLC is the first globally impacting publication in the world that caters to domestic violence allowing space for individuals to share their story in providing healing for themselves and others. Read more>>

Juliana Renaud | Recipe curator & forager

Meraki Wellness takes a gentle approach to better eating habits. We specialize in plant based creations. With this approach we are impacting the environment in a positive manner as well as preventing illness in the body. Long term vision is to create a sustainable community where we grow our own food, have a farm to table cafe, build homes that are eco friendly and and the waste created will go back into the earth. Read more>>

Terrell Dinkins | Wealth Empowerment Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur

I am on a personal mission to help close the wealth gap. My personal brand and business brand are all about personal finance and solutions to the wealth gap problem. Both of my books, which I label as “The Wealth Bundle,” are designed to help individuals get off of the sidelines and start getting their financial house in order by way of saving, investing, and working on their personal credit. I figured the best way for someone like me (who isn’t famous yet) to reach the masses is through my writing (I am now a two-time best-selling author). When I created the name for my company, One Bucket Nation, I thought about how I could solve the wealth gap problem. I envisioned a nation full of wealth-builders all finding ways to fill their money buckets. I take every opportunity, using social media and the stage to talk to groups about building wealth. Read more>>

RaKya Burkes | Private Tutor

HUMBLE is dedicated to helping unstoppable minorities become leaders in education. HUMBLE is here to support you and your scholar(s) through the frustrations you have with education. We want your scholar(s) to fall in love with learning, again. HUMBLE is committed to building relationships that inspire and guide young minorities to reach their full potential, build confidence, and create habits that will promote success! Our mission is to build intentional relationships that will provide minorities with learning techniques, skills, and opportunities to expand their knowledge and increase their academic success and career readiness. Your scholar will receive 1-on-1 tutoring that will enhance academic performance and increase confidence! We are diligently working to eliminate the impact that the school-to-prison pipeline has on our minority youth. Read more>>

Mer’Rae Hardy | Heath & Fitness Advocate

Body by Hardy main goal for being a fitness advocate is being able to build a genuine connection with others, having a positive impact in their lives by helping people feel beautiful, healthier, more empowered, and even confident. So in the end my clients will no longer say (“I wish I could do that, I use to feel and look better, I want to start but I do not have the time”) and I am aiming to become a positive role model for the younger generation. It starts by getting all my clients started and committed to themselves and their goals. For me, my fitness journey is all about freedom, living a full life, feeling like I have a passion and really taking control of my life instead of accepting societal norms. Read more>>

da i.ZZ & Mariposa | Hosts of the “30 Minute Podcast”

-As da i.ZZ, I wholeheartedly believe that 30 Minute Podcast (30MP) helps the global community. As an approximate half hour podcast covering an array of topics in the realm of culture/society, 30MP brings engaging topics to our global listening audience. We spotlight individuals, businesses, and entities that spark curiousity and conversation. Our episodes feature guests willing to speak on a myriad of topics and connect our global listeners as a podcast community, known as Da 30s. – As Mariposa, I believe we help the community by expounding society and culture topics into broader perspectives, different thought parameters and atypical solutions to theory. Da 30s have expressed to us how the show provokes their thoughts, confirms emotions and even sparks action for change in some cases. As hosts we are global thinkers; 30MP reached global status and is currently heard in 20+ countries. We help the global community by engaging the audience and bringing back the somewhat lost art of stimulating conversation. Read more>>

Yolanda ‘OG’ Minniefield | Grantor, Founder, Chief Writer at The M.Grant Project

The most amazing thing about my business, The M.Grant Project, is that it has made a social impact across 39 of our 50 States, and 2 Countries! Having a business that literally assists in the creation, operation, and funding of other businesses and organizations became the driving force when the Covid-19 Pandemic first hit. I’ve been able to help people who only had a simple dream, start and build thriving businesses and nonprofits in a time where we were all expecting to fail! The M.Grant Project is more than grant writing, we invest in our clients and serve Minority owners and founders by finding those accessible resources & funds that make real impacts. Read more>>

Tammaka Staley | Sex Educator & Spoken Word Artivist

My business provides education around sex and sexuality which is typically excluded in public schools. By giving teenagers comprehensive, decolonized sex education content and workshops, I am giving our future generation and future leaders the knowledge they need to not only make these best decisions for themselves, but to also be able to create a consent culture where every body in this society feels respected and autonomous. That improves sexual health which contributes to a human being’s overall health and wellness. When people feel safe and able to choose for themselves, i think it makes the world a place where EVERY person can thrive, not just a few of us. Read more>>

Markecia Dudley | Traveling Nail Tech

My business helps the community because I focus on the convenience factor for my clients. Now and especially during covid, no one wants to go out so I make it convenient for them to get the services that they’re needing and I’ll bring it right to their door. They don’t have to leave their home and that’s what they love the most. Read more>>

Walter Hayes | Ballroom Dance Instructor

We live in a Technology driven again. Things are becoming more and automated. We are losing a lot of human interaction. Covid-19 caused an even greater divide in people. Social Distancing is the “New Normal”. Social dancing has always been a pivotal part cultures around the world. Prehistoric peoples have gathered around campfires to tell the stories of natures, the stories of triumphs, the stories of tragedy. Dance goes hand and hand with music. Dance evolved into theater and acting. The arts are part of the human experience. As we become more automated and distanced society, we cannot afford to lose this means of expression and interaction. It is my mission to keep the arts alive. Every partnership dance has a unique origin and cultural significance. By educating all ages about dance, we keep those cultural histories alive. Read more>>

Denzel Greene | ZELLYG The Pro-Black Artist

Is a pro-black cartoon & modern abstract artwork business and all pieces of work are created by ZELLYG (Me) . I operate out of Raleigh Nc, my hometown. My goal for my city is to enlighten all creative individuals especially my “Black creatives” to pursue their passion as a black artist & to do the things necessary to progress & achieve greatness . Most artist lack the confidence to create their pieces of work whether it be painting, singing, dancing etc. they’re scared that it won’t be good enough in the public eye or because they are black … that maybe other races of people won’t take them seriously as a creative in their artistic endeavor. Read more>>

Jada Wingo-Metcalf | Certified Breastfeeding Specialist + Postpartum Doula

The Milk + Honey Co. is a mobile lactation and postpartum service that provides education and support to increase community awareness around breastfeeding and offer beneficial resources to postpartum families to decrease high maternal and infant mortality rates here in Georgia. With these resources we introduce mothers/caregivers, especially Black mothers which have the lowest breastfeeding rates, to the benefits of human milk for their babies through breast and/or chest feeding and donor milk. Breastfeeding is a familial legacy that should be passed down from mothers to increase the generational health of families as well. By doing the work in our community to increase breastfeeding initiation and duration rates we also hope it encourages communities which include these same breastfeeding mothers and healthcare providers of color to consider a career in lactation to complete the continuum of care through updated evidence based lactation information through our Facebook community group Future IBCLCs of Color. Read more>>

Dr. Ebony Butler | Psychologist, Food Relationship Strategist, & Creator of My Therapy Cards

In my business, The Center for Creating Change, I work as a psychologist, Food Relationship Strategist, consultant, speaker, and creator of My Therapy Cards. In each of my roles, I am dedicated to helping clients, organizations, and other mental health providers gain the tools they need to create the change they want to see in their lives, workplaces, and world. I am committed to dismantling systemic issues that continue to create challenges for Black people and other marginalized groups. I am intentional about bringing this work into the field of mental health as well. My therapy practices include helping clients navigate the impact of racial trauma and empowering them to find their voice and power again. Additionally, I created My Therapy Cards to address issues within the field of mental health such as stigma, cost, and accessibility. Read more>>

Katrina Aborisade | Candle Store and Spa owner

One of the great things about Aggi Spa & Candle Co. we make all our products in house. Our goal is to help spread the information of the more natural and less harmful ways to care for themselves as well as loved ones. And to also let those suffering from illnesses that they’re not alone. We offer a range of skin care products as well as a home collection line. Read more>>

Matt Cox | CEO

We create technologies that help communities, cities, states, and corporations make energy choices that will lead to a fairer, more sustainable future. We do that by using cutting edge technological approaches and leading insights from our role as consultants on these problems across the US. Ultimately, we help develop policy decisions that address the bedrock issues of climate change and inequitable development in this country. Read more>>

LeAsia Leach-Thompson | MA, Behavior Analyst & Parent Consultant AKA ‘The Truth Coach’

My business’s entire foundation is based on helping the world! By helping others become the best version of themselves they are able to show up exactly how they were designed to and that will in turn help impact everyone around them including the world! Imagine if we do not fill our cup and how that may affect the entire family dynamic. By continuing to be in a state of fear, exhaustion, hurt, anger, or bitterness we are not able to thrive in the way that we were destined to thrive and in turn many people will not reap the benefits of you showing up the way you need to. Essentially the basis is to learn how to show up for yourself so that you can show up for others which will ultimately impact the world by your unique gifts and talents coming into fruition through this process that we offer here at Life Changing Missions!. Read more>>

Alycia Levels- Moore | Small business champion/community builder / Economic Development

We identified in our community there is opportunity for physical spaces to exist that make room for black entrepreneurs to launch, scale, and ideate. However, we wanted to make not only our city a hub for entrepreneurship but our actual communities that we live. We are developing a community based co working space that will serve as an assistance to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and work as an economic development launch pad. Where we not only provide space but we engage with members in a authentic way with a holistic approach to serving the black entrepreneur through education, genuine connections to resource providers -facilitating the opportunity for true social capital, and collaboration. We will truly take inventory of where the entrepreneur is and where they want to be. Read more>>

Rae Ama-Camylle Chesny | Author & Founder of Zoraphile

At the center of all of my work with women and children of color is storytelling. I tell stories of my own and those that represent people who look like me. Though storytelling on the surface is a skill used for entertainment purposes, it is also a source of education opportunities at the same time. I am lucky to do both and to use my roles to teach predomaninantly BIPOC children and women to unlock their natural gifts of storytelling to share their experiences and views with the world. Seeing the lifechanging impact of an individual holding a book that they wrote is indescribable. It is almost like watching a miracle before your eye as they transition into this new space of knowing they can take an idea and make it into something tangible. It affects every area of their lives and those they interact with. For example, I spent the pandemic mentoring and coaching a 6 year old girl who created a hand story using a few words and pictures. Her parents were surprised but reached out to me on Facebook asking if I would work with her. Read more>>

Soul Scribe | Poet, Feminist, Activist and Event Host

My poetry socially impacts the world because I write and deliver in a way that pushes the listener to think beyond what they may have been able to prior to hearing my words. My writing is raw, honest and transparent, allowing me to connect with my audience on a deeper level. As an artists, I understand that I have a responsibility to address social issues dealing with subject matters such as police brutality, racism, poverty, economic oppression, and social inequality. Nina Simone once said in an interview, “It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times.” I find it difficult to not reflect social issues within my poetry. While I write on so many things, I understand my duty as an artist with a captured audience. Writers typically feel deeper than most people in society. It’s pretty obvious if you take a look around and you see how art is shared and how it reaches people differently. With that knowledge, you have the power to make a difference beyond yourself and change the world. Read more>>


Ashley Loveless Cunningham | CEO of New Credit Inc, A&A Transportation LLC, LuVless Perfume

New Credit Inc. is not just a credit repair business, we also educate our clients so that they manage their money better, maintain their new financial standing, and ultimately reach their financial goals. In America, the median Black family has $24,100 in wealth. This is just 12.7 percent of the $189,100 in wealth owned by the typical White family (per https://inequality.org/facts/racial-inequality/#racial-wealth-divide). I strongly believe that this wealth gap exists because of a lack of financial knowledge and one of my missions with New Credit Inc., is to empower as many people in my community as possible so that we can start building generational wealth. Read more>>


Daniel Thomoson | Digital Artist

At Black King Creations we help the development of our community by assisting small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. A company’s logo is the face of that company’s brand to the world. And company owners of all sizes will tell you their company brand is one of the most precious company assets they posses. At BKC we work intimately with company owners to develop a customized logo that perfectly encompasses the brand, mission and culture of our clients company. We understand that our clients are passionate about their companies and we ensure that passion is manifested in their logos. We help entrepreneurs looking to start a business get off the ground by provide a milestone element. A company logo that is the exact image of their vision for their company. Read more>>

Sheree Williams | Certified Life Coach & Single Mom Millionaire Ambassador

I am a Certified Life Coach. My business provides solutions to working moms, moms that have lost their passion for their purpose, moms who are in business of their own and even lead ministries. I Coach women through some of their most difficult transitions in life. We all go through seasons. The worst place to be is in a position where you’re trying to make significant decisions and no one is there to help guide, advise or hold your hand through the journey. The preparation my business brings to the women we are called to help to create millionaire mindsets and the capacity to exceed further than the dreams they have while knocking down the doors of rejection. Read more>>

Cotton Asia | Entrepreneur

Create To Be Great, it’s in the name. My brand was created to inspire individuals to believe in themselves and the power every one of us has inside. The power to create and manifest the life we deserve. Our communities are often broken down in spirit to positively create or build and my brand provides tools on just that. It is never to late to harness your vibrational energy to bring positivity into your life. Read more>>

Aretha Asberry | Executive Director

Brand-Nu Dae Outreach is a nonprofit organization that spread awareness throughout the community by improving the quality of lives of members of the community we serve and prepare them with adequate life survival and sufficiency skills they need to lead a good life. BDO has achieve this by providing guidance, support , education, and mentorship to our audience through basic life skills workshops, social events and community volunteering experiences. Read more>>