We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Jeremy “J Flo” Lawrence | Sneaker and clothing creator

I feel as though both my loyal fan base that carried over from me doing music; along with my not allowing fear to stop me from doing anything I want is the driving points behind my success. People don’t buy products anymore. They buy the BRAND and what it represents to them. My brand is for those who create and aren’t afraid of the unknown or failure. Read more>>

Tierra Lee | Esthetician and Makeup Artist

I decided to start my own beauty business because I was surrounded by people lacking in self confidence. I decided to use my gift to create a change by showing people the better versions of themselves. My goal is to get my business in a position where I can build a program within my business that offers services to women and young ladies for free to help build their personal and professional confidence. As women we often judge ourselves so harshly, and feel so sure that the rest of the world views us the same, and I’m just trying to do my part to change that narrative. We are all deserving of love but we must all learn to love ourselves first. This is why I have to succeed, because I am my community. Read more>>

Susan Stow | Owner, Chapman Hill Weddings + Events

My husband Don and I own Chapman Hill Weddings + Events in Jefferson, Georgia. We purchased the existing event venue at the height of Covid truly on a wing and a prayer. We set out to build a venue in 2019 and went looking for land. Don’s background is varied and includes, accounting, IT management, construction and a passion for event planning and entertaining. My background is in HR, event planning and design. Read more>>

jay’lia davis | Event GURU & chorographer / coach

The most important factor to my success is god if I really have to pick one thing and I say GOD because , ever time I have a issue god is always there. He was there during the good and bad and I know through out my entire career from being a chorographer to a event planner he has always been with me. Read more>>

Sara Finney | Founder, Your Sunday

As a new brand we see our customers as the most vital part of our success and growth. We are inspired by real people, memorable moments and cozy feelings. Our wooden wicks, and natural waxes help us bring quality and wellness with a modern yet inclusive attitude. Building a community is a highlight in our small business. Getting to know our buyers and elevating their intimate spaces is a priority that has helped maintain an accessible relationship with them. Each stage of the buying process unlocks a new element of our branding, we have a variety of thank you cards that accompany customers from first time buys to their fifth orders. Handwritten thank you notes to show our gratitude have truly gone a long way. We love that they feel a sense of familiarity to our company and see it as an important part of their lifestyle. Read more>>

Sharah’ Nicole | Influencer, CEO and Podcaster

The most important factor behind the Go4It Communications and GreatHER Purpose brand is to recognize that you can always start over. Challenges are going to come however, it is all about how you bounce back. Resiliency is the key to being successful and I have learned the importance of keeping yourself focus and not giving up. I never thought I would have a podcast or a business and with faith, focus and understanding I now get it. Success is being able to look back on your journey and remember what it took to get there. It further reminds me that you never know who you are inspiring with your story. Keep pressing forward and take the no’s and learn from them. Read more>>

Javarie Lacey | G.I.M.P

The most important factor behind my success is 3 key factors which are faith, obedience, and perseverance. With those 3 factors, I’m able to gain success. God gave me this idea, so I trust and believe in the vision. That’s where the “faith” comes in. Plus I feel as if I’m being obedient to my purpose here on earth. I’m doing something I love, spreading positive messages, also providing for my family. So, with that being said, I see it as being obedient in a way. Perseverance played a big part in my success, the urge to never giving up even without any results. I felt like God was testing me before he blessed me, but I remained consistent and results came later. But overall those are the 3 main important factors in my success. I’m just following God’s plan and reaping the blessings & success along the way. Read more>>

Cajita Clarida | Mobile Paint Party Planner~Event Planner~Wedding Officiant~Business Owner

Prayer!!!!!! It all started from prayer and has been a blessing as well as a success because of continuous prayers. Something so simple is in reality extremely powerful. Read more>>

Yasmine Daniel | Handmade Candles. & more

It is hard to name the “most important factor” because I believe there are many different factors behind the success of Crafted Creations! Our success comes from a number of factors such as; staying focused, consistency, providing great quality products, setting goals & accomplishing those goals, accepting failure as apart of the process, never giving up, building a good reputation & having outstanding customer service! But if I had to choose one, it would be keeping God first! The major part of the success behind this brand has to be my faith in God & a lot of praying & manifesting!! Read more>>

Kenny Mitchell | Master Barber ??

The most important factor behind my success is that i went to barber school/Cutting Edge Institute. I went to school 7 days a week just like I do in the barbershop 💈 now. I worked, listened , studied, and made sure I had what it takes to go further in my barbering career. Barbering isn’t easy but it’s not hard either. Once I got into it I understand it’s more than just cutting hair. I stayed ten toes down everyday in school and in the barbershops I worked in to be where I’m at now. I work early and late nights . Read more>>