We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Brittany Polk | Creative Director & Fashion Designer

There are a lot of lessons that I have learned on this journey. However I think the most important one has been to keep going. It’s tough out here and oftentimes we can start to doubt or compare our skills and talents when we don’t see the results we want right away. I have started and stopped so many times, but when I look back on those moments, I realize I could be a lot farther ahead if I just stuck with it from jump. The irony is when you start again and realize the things that stopped you initially were not as bad as you made them to be originally. It’s really just getting out of your own way because if you can see the vision, it exists already and it’s not a journey without the trials and tribulations. Moral of the story, stick with it because the best is yet to come. Read more>>

Falli | Atlanta REALTOR® Ducree | Falli | Atlanta REALTOR®

Patience and Persistence are vital. Read more>>

Misty Boachie | Health & Wellness Advocate and Board Certified Clinical Pharmacist

I’ve realized the importance of ‘reading the room” and being flexible. My most successful pivot thus far was entirely unplanned. During the social justice protests of 2020, I recognized the need to add Periscope:Misty360 (P:M360) to my wellness offerings. Building a safe place for people to ask questions, express frustrations, and vent their anger and sadness has been incredibly rewarding for me and the many participants who have completed P:M360. Read more>>

Emily Reid | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer – Business name: Emily Reid Photography

Learning the technical, creative and business side of photography has all come with practice and hard work. I’ve always loved interacting with clients because I enjoy hearing their stories and learning what makes each individual person special. Even when clients can be challenging or difficult, the most important thing I have learned so far is to show love and kindness to everyone. I try to treat each client as if they are no more different or important than anyone else. You never know what journey or walk of life people are going through, so it’s important to always show people love. This not only applies to my business, but should apply to how we treat others in life. When doing business, I aim to put the customer’s needs above my own. Read more>>