We asked the community to tell us how they are keeping sane busy during the quarantine.

Michele Reed | Photographer, Product Developer

I love this question because its not one I’ve ever had to answer before! Quarantine has been a blessing in disguise for me in some ways. Its given me forced downtime and more time to think.   Its encouraged me to get more creative, and forced me into smarter habits. In the early phases. I was fixated on cleaning and purging, home improvements, etc….completing small projects  that have built up over the years, cleaning up computer files, and giving my online business presence more attention. Read more>>

Heather Kocevar | Floral and Event Designer

Haha. I think everyone would like to say that they have mastered some amazing skill during this time or redecorated their home or even built beautiful projects to call their own. The truth is, quarantine has been a time of self-reflection for me. It has helped me to step back and really realize who I am as a designer and what I want to do with the talents G-d has given me. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t mourned for things lost and wedding cancelled or rescheduled. I have felt the blow to the wedding industry and picked up my wounded heart off of the floor more times than I care to admit. Read more>>

Bibi Williams | Master Organizer of Khaos

During this quarantine, I have gotten to be more engaged with an independent planner alliance group that I have joined. It has been really great getting to know my fellow planners. At times, you feel like you are experiencing ups and downs alone, but this group has reminded me that we all have mountains and valleys and how important it is to have a community of like minds to gather with. I have connected to some great planners. I have also been able to get on webinars and virtual conferences to learn network with others in the event industry. It has been really refreshing. My favorite thing has been resting…LOL. Read more>>

Lenee Patterson | Fine Artist & Graphic Designer

My most favorite thing I’ve been doing during quarantine is getting in touch with MORE of my creative and homemaker side. I’ve been building dollhouses and miniatures, painting, gardening, exploring new recipes, and surprisingly being more handy by fixing more things around my home.. YOUTUBE has been my bestfriend. Read more>>