The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

John Wetmore | Managing Partner, Integrity Marketing Group

I get asked about balance when building a business literally every week. My answer is always, there will be none if you want to build something major, and fast. One of the mistakes I see often is people want balance while they’re at the early stages of building their business. Meaning if they’re busy Monday morning they want balance Monday evening. I get balance today, from the times I was working 20 hour days for several years starting in 2013. I had no balance then, but today my wife and I get to drop our kids off to school together and pick them up together every day because we sacrificed for a few years early in the business. Read more>>

Chatara Jackson-Stephenson | Founder

Balance is very important when your an entrepreneur. Balancing my online boutique, begin a mother of two boys and a wife wasn’t easy when I started my business. I was all over the place with my business and family and I was coming up short on everything. I found that when I give myself a set schedule to stick to and just focus on my business without interruption, balance for my business and entire family was much better. I had to sit down with my guys and let them know that if I can work on getting emails out, create content for a week for social media and reading articles on how I can make my brand more presents without being asked questions we all know they know the answer to, I can give the rest of my day to them without thinking about work. They understand what needed to be done and we all did our part. Read more>>

Kim Y. Smith | K.Y. Smith Certified Empowerment Coach and Breast Cancer Warrior

My work life balanced has changed dramatically due to the Pandemic because I am now working from home and it is sometimes hard to concentrate on my work when I have other things in the home distracting me. The balance is very challenging at times. Read more>>

Kat Cannella | Realtor. Facilitator. Group fitness instructor. Community volunteer. Mommy. Wife. Hot mess. Overachiever. Know-it-all. Beacon of light.

It’s all mish-mash and tangled now; there’s no such thing as simply work time or life time. I had a hard time coming to terms with this, especially after making the leap to real estate. While I’d like to be able neatly delineate my calendar, the truth is that neither my business needs nor my family needs work that way in real life. And largely that’s okay – I kind of like being able to flit from a showing appointment, to the gym to teach a class, to the PTA book fair at my kid’s school, to the office to work on a contract. And it’s all that intertwangling of personal and professional that adds value to both ends of the spectrum. It’s not so much a balancing act as it is a juggling act. Read more>>