Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Aaron Hayes | CEO/Brand Director

I would equate success to happiness. Finding your “thing” is success. A lot of people don’t have something they love or are passionate about. I feel like having something that makes you happy and you get to do it everyday is a valuable thing to have. Whether you make a bunch of money doing it or not, the fact that you genuinely love doing it makes it successful. A lot of people do something everyday that they hate and some even make a bunch of money but they aren’t happy at all. I feel like everyone should be happy, nobody should have to spend their entire life doing something they hate. How is that life? If you are doing something you love everyday that’s such a beautiful blessing. It also means you’ll never quit on it and continue to work hard to perfect that craft. Whether it’s a job, hobby, or a passion in my eyes if you are happy doing it you are successful. Read more>>

Donovan Beatty | Artist For Steady | hyperactive

I define success as being able to be happy with whatever goal you were trying g to achieve. Even if you may not have gotten all the way with what you set out with, if you are comfortable with the way things went and content with the outcome I consider that a win in my book. Read more>>

Felecia Cuthpert | Awesome Accessories Consultant

AlwayzADIVA Accessories defines success as the bright happy smile shared with every customer. and acquaintance. Sharing smiles always creates happy endings. A Positive attitude and approach to accomplish goals creates an awesome opportunity to relax and achieve lasting relationships and friendships. Customer loyalty and retention are very important for the longevity of businesses. Read more>>

Brett Loftis | Play-By-Play Broadcaster and The Voice of The Piedmont Lions

I define success as striving to be the absolute best that I can be on a daily basis. I strive to be the greatest broadcaster of all-time, as I told you guys in my last interview. Even though I still strive for that, I am trying to become the best I can be on a daily basis. More times than not as human beings, we fail others and ourselves everyday. Yet, having that motivation and want to can define your daily success. At the end of the day, if you are happy with your day, then that is all that matters. Every time I put a headset on, I try to broadcast with the same energy, tenacity and knowledge that I do every broadcast. However, the most important thing that I do after every broadcast is that I watch them back to see what I did good and most importantly, what I can improve on. When you lay your head on your pillow every night, make sure you that you are happy with your day and that you have improved from yesterday. Read more>>

Walt Anderson | President/COO of Refuge Coffee Co.

As the President/COO of Refuge Coffee Co. a father to two daughters and the husband to my amazing wife Caroline; I have learned that success is the sum of all of life’s light bulb moments. Nobody can truly say that success is one thing, but I do believe that success is about the human impact that your life leaves behind. I am far from a perfect leader but I try to be a leader who learns and adapts to those lessons. These moments can be referred to as “little light bulb moments on purpose.” Whether I am experiencing one of these for myself, helping someone else experience them or leading an organization through one, these light bulb moments keep us on the path of success. Success cannot be measured by a bank account or a large house, instead it must be measured in the steps we take along the path of purpose and the light that leads the way. Read more>>

Tynia Johnson-Anderson | Hemptress & Business Energy Healer

My definition of success is personal soul level happiness. I’ve had the 6 figure income, a lot of degrees/certifications, and every other marker of social success and I was dying inside. My days were just void. Ultimately, my soul said it refused to live an unfulfilled life anymore. The following years I spent finding out who I was outside of the labels I adorned myself with. It’s there that I found who I truly was. I slowed down to what made my soul happy. So, if you reach that level where your soul smiles, and can be rested and at peace, you’ve found true success. Read more>>

Justin McDonald | Owner of Queens Crown Edge Control

Success can mean many things to different people, but for me success means never giving up and always going after what you want out of life. Read more>>

Sonya Tyese | Certified Holistic Health Coach

Success is more about the internal journey of self-discovery.  It is mental clarity; inner peace and calm in the midst of a storm; serenity and balance; a deeper connection with ones self which ultimately leads to freedom which is the true key to happiness. Read more>>