To persevere or to pivot is a question that do-ers have been asking themselves since the beginning of time. It’s never a straight road when you are doing something new, blazing a trail, breaking a ceiling, or pushing boundaries, so it’s only natural to wonder whether to give up midway. How do you know whether to keep going or to give up?

Passion Buchanan | Entrepreneur & Content Creator

When it comes to you knowing when to give up or keep going with your business I feel as though you have to weigh a lot of things. First, is this business YOUR dream? Or are you doing it to make Dad happy? Sometimes us as humans we tend to do things to make others happy which in return makes us miserable.If you know for a fact that the business is making you unhappy, angry and taking away your peace I would say definitely put YOU first and find whats out there for you. Now if this business is YOUR dream and you’ve worked long nights and cried one thousand tears then the word giving up is NOT an option. Read more>>

Nicole Mason | CEO of Elegant Boutique Beauty Supply

As an entrepreneur you are always going to have a battle with yourself on whether you should keep going or if you should just give up especially if you are just starting out. One day you might make $1000 and the next 4 days you might not have a sale at all. For me when this battle begins I just always tell myself and keep at the forefront of my mind is the “why?” Why did I start my business? Why did I choose to do this. Sometimes people’s “why” is because they want to make money. Yes making money in a business is the goal but it shouldn’t be the only goal or your only “why” reason. Read more>>

Jai | Artist/Singer

Honestly, within the past few months here I found myself struggling a lot with self doubt & I was doing a bunch of second guessing… all in all though, giving up isn’t an option. If you are equipped with passion and drive, nothing should ever be able to stop you. I was raised to be a go getter, and that’s exactly what I’ll be until the end of time. Nothing compares to the genuine love I have for my craft. Read more>>

Mel Chanel | Singer/Songwriter

The burning question, for me, I found the answer through feedback. In my 3 years of being an artist , I’m proud to say that I’ve never received any negative feedback about my music. Criticism yes , but never a negative reaction. The majority of my fans are nearly begging me for more music, and that gives me undoubted confidence. Read more>>