Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Kiara Holt | Life + Style Blogger

Tap Into Some Good cards were created to help people feel and do good! Their affirmation plus the act of kindness cards, so the goal is for you to read “The Feel Good of the Day” next, flip the card over, and now your reading “The Doing Good of the Day.” it’s about intaking good energy and passing it along. Read more>>

Tiffany Moore | Health Coach

The impact of Covid-19 has shown us how mental, physical, and emotional health affects not only the world but the African American community. With my personality and licensed background, I wanted to combine a unique blend of humor, fun, and knowledge that would motivate women to live their best life, from the inside out. Moore2Health’s goal is to help the African American community build a better relationship with food by understanding the root causes of their food choices. Read more>>

Alex Graves | Listing service

Our business was created to identify the black owned businesses and allies across the nation Read more>>

Saphfire Marie | Personal Trainer

My business helps my community by bringing awareness to overall health. The number one killer in the black community is heart related diseases caused by high blood pressure and levels of cholesterol. All of which can be prevented. As a personal trainer, I train both men and women habits that’ll change their entire lifestyle. We all say we want to be there for our loved ones, but how can we do that if don’t take care of ourselves first? Being fitness isn’t only about aesthetics. It promotes longevity and overall health benefits. You’ll look better, feel better, perform better and the list goes on! Read more>>

Ryan Jones | Empowerment Expert, Life Improvement Coach & Transformational Trainer

As a Significant Servant Leader and Transformational Speaker, my brand and business helps the local community and global community by empowering people to be conscious of their elevation (growing/going higher) and expansion (growing/going wider). The focus is to help people realize that they have the ability and capability to become the best/blessed version of themselves. I also help people realize that if they are not willing to serve on the lowest level, they cannot be significant on the highest level. Read more>>

Saint Khamal | Event and Apparel Creative

Lifers Republic is an independent heritage street fashion brand founded in 2009. Springing out of the mix of far-flung niche musical and visual subcultures that fueled the original Jamaica / New York / London / Ghana streetwear scene of the late 2000’s. I didn’t start Lifers Republic to get rich, or to be in the spotlight, or to get into the fashion world. I started Lifers Republic because I wanted to participate in a microgenre of creative people who were making what would become streetwear in the early last 2000’s. We all have a part to play in this world, but the Republic is growing, its even taken on a life of its own in numbers. Read more>>

Autumn Kyles | Founder, Proxie

Proxie’s main goal is to bridge the gap between business resources and Black women entrepreneurs. Knowing that Black women are the largest demographic to start businesses, yet we’re the least funded, I wanted to create services and a space to make us grow and thrive. More specifically, keep all of my consultations affordable and donate all revenue to local Detroit non-profits. Read more>>

Elizabeth Morrison | Founder of The Fit Atlanta and Strategic Brand + Marketing Consultant

My business, The Fit Atlanta, is a fitness and wellness social club that is rooted in community. I started The Fit Atlanta originally in 2014 when I was a fitness competitor to connect other athletes, coaches, and gyms. In 2017, I expanded the brand to what The Fit Atlanta is known as today. Community is our CORE. Through The Fit Atlanta, people can connect with others who share the same interests in fitness and wellness, explore the incredible businesses that call Atlanta home, and spice up their fitness and wellness routines by trying new studios. Read more>>

Anne Alexis B. Alexander | Holistic Healthcare Practitioner / Stress and Wellness Coach / Chef / Orthomoleculare Nutritionist

The United States of America is in a struggle for its health. Georgia, according to pre-COVID statistics, represented the sickest state in the nation. With so many people unable to access proper healthcare we find many continuing to decline. Transitioning the way we think about health is key to becoming healthier. Read more>>

Elise Skipper Becky Foushee | Among Daisies Owners & Designers

Among Daisies is excited to bring our community simple but purposeful home decor through locally sourced and sustainable dried flower bouquets and wreaths. While building our families and careers, we want to use our designs to bring hope, happiness, creativity, and the warmth of color to all women who can relate to us. We create and arrange all of our designs, binding them with recyclable and compostable materials. We strongly believe this benefits our environment and the homes our designs find. Read more>>

Regina V. Baltimore Barbour | Author, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

As a person who has battled depression and for the longest time not even being aware of it, my prayer is that people seek help. Far too long especially in the black community, dealing with depression or mental issues overall was perceived as a character flaw. I am hoping that my book(s), my speaking engagements and my platform overall will bring positive attention to this very important subject matter. Proceeds from the sale of my book will go toward my 501C3 to assist people in paying for mental help services. Read more>>

Shanita Miller | Creator of Black GIrl’s Guide to Atlanta

Black Girls Guide to Atlanta has a deeper purpose than helping tourists and transplants experience Atlanta like a local. It also seeks to highlight black businesses that are not talked about often in the local media. I’m talking about existing black-owned businesses like wine shops, luxury handbag boutiques, bespoke fragrance shops, private clubs, and coffee houses. Black businesses go beyond soul-food restaurants and hair salons. They are vast, diverse, and high-quality. I hope to use the Black Girl’s Guide to Atlanta platform to reshape the the conversation and perspective people have about Black-owned businesses. This is how I want to help my community. Read more>>

Meryl Arnett | Mama, Meditation Teacher & Head of Meditation for Shoreline meditation app

Often, there is a mistaken notion that meditation is solely about ourselves. On the surface, it might seems that meditation is an individual practice, and its benefits and wisdoms are only relevant to the individual. In truth, the teachings of meditation show us the symbiotic relationship between the world-at-large {the outer world} and the inner world of the individual. This relationship between inner and outer shows up in our connection to nature, to our communities, and ultimately to all beings everywhere. Read more>>

Jenna Silvius | Founder & CEO

Social Media is ever-changing and growing. At JS Social Agency we help small to medium-sized companies create their brand presence and achieve their awareness goals. Our process is designed to empower our client’s brands and outfit their business with the tools needed to succeed. We can support their growth, elevate their brand sentiment, and put them on a solid track to success and profit. Read more>>

Kathryn Mehl | REALTOR, Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services

Ha. I wouldn’t go so far as saying it changes the world, but I really enjoy helping people on a macro level. How many times do people think, “My rent is more than a mortgage would be?! I should buy a house! The extra money would solve a lot of problems.” A lot. They think it A LOT. They even sometimes call me to talk about it and it tickles me pink to be able to help someone start that journey. Read more>>