Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Na’imah Bryant | Blogger/Social Commentator

My platform, Passionate Prose, is a social commentary blog that opens the floor to discussion on social matters and happenings around the world. By sharing my commentary, the mission is to heighten self-help and awareness while highlighting life’s most teachable moments. I aim to encourage finding comfort in shaking the table for the sake of expansion and mindfulness. Passionate Prose encourages the audience to question what is comfortable and/or conventional and add something to the table whenever you can. Communities everywhere could benefit from Passionate Prose, as it also encourages people to weigh in on what matters to them and add to the discussion. The mission is to make sure that there is always something for everyone. Read more>>

Alante Baugh | Fashion Designer, Creative Directer

One of my brand goals is to open people minds with mens fashion. Growing up I’ve always heard what men can and can’t not wear. I’ve always felt it limited mens with fashion and self growth. (With learning who they are and what they like) my brand concept is “Beauty and the Beast” with this concept it can opt-out gender identified fashion by mixing feminine and masculine aesthetics to bring a new approach to the fashion industry. And Because of this I believe my brand can help with growth with people mindset of others and with ourselves. Read more>>

The Tone Atlanta | The Prince of R&B

MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND!!!!!! Everyone has a song that helps them get through their rough times, happy, times…. JUST TIMES PERIOD, whether it be heart break, death, marriage, divorce, sex, partying, you get my drift. From the simplest, “Before I let you go away, can I get a kiss goodnight?” to the grungiest, “There’s something in this liquor. The air is getting thicker.” From the most jolly, “Happy Birhtday, to ya!!!!!! Haaaa Peeee Birthday!” To the most passionate, “Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let go. It’s unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you,” music is and always will be the heartbeat that keeps the world spinning. Read more>>

Jorielle King | Business Owner, Life Coach, & Content Creator

I am Jorielle King, founder and CEO of Voices of Volume LLC. Our vision is that all people who entrust us will reach their fullest potential with a life of purpose and abundance. Our mission is to provide coaching and coach training that breaks barriers and transforms lives through purposeful, passionate and practical self-development. We concentrate on those who are ready to speak up, be bold, and change lives. I want to help people change their life because that is simply my purpose. My experiences leading to my testimony continue to encourage transparency and help me to be relatable and understanding of all walks of life. Though I am not a counselor, I respect and encourage emotional wellbeing. I will cheer with you as you conquer fears and encourage you when life gets challenging. I am driven by passion, not greed or money. The methods and mindsets that I encourage others to walk in are thought-provoking and life changing. Voices of Volume LLC builds confident leaders and trailblazers who will continue growing in wisdom and knowledge that can be passed through generations to come and help others who want a new beginning to push into purpose. Read more>>

Cassie Terpening | Communications and Volunteer Coordinator

Hart Gallery is a 501(c)3 nonprofit gallery that offers hope and opportunity through art. For many who need healing, hope, and family, the H*Art Gallery is a creative home. Our artists come from varied underserved backgrounds and circumstances: those experiencing homelessness, living with mental and physical disabilities, disabled veterans, women fleeing abusive situations, political refugees, and others. The art we sell benefits the artist directly where 60% goes directly to them, 10% goes to a charity of their choice, and 30% goes back into Hart’s programming. We also offer partner organizations, such as shelters, to establish therapeutic art expression classes. Read more>>

Cassandra Moore | Founder/CEO of LGBT Commerce & Sasha Cart Marketplace

The primary goal and focus of LGBT Commerce is to grow into an international hub that connects LGBT/Trans consumers with LGBT owned, allied, and friendly businesses in every city, state, and country around the world. LGBT Commerce helps businesses meet their goals of diversifying their audience to include LGBT/Trans consumers, while simultaneously offering a “safe-space” shopping experience for LGBT/Trans consumers. To achieve our goals, we’ve taken a “divide and conquer” approach. This enables us to provide discrimination-free shopping both in-person as well as online. On the one hand, LGBT Commerce covers the in-person retail market via pop-up shopping events we call the “LGBT Business Expo”. At our Expos, we invite vendors to set up a table to display their products/services and connect them with LGBT/Trans consumers via targeted event advertisements and invitations. The goal is to establish trust and lasting connections between the businesses and their local consumers. Read more>>