Deciding to work for yourself is often cited as the best decision folks in our community have made. Hearing the same response over and over led us to ask them about the next best decision folks have made and we’ve shared their responses with you below.

Sara Pace | REALTOR

I was an individual agent, which meant it was all me! Everything, from finding clients, to showing homes and all of the paperwork that we do up until closing. And fortunately, my business was thriving!! But I started feeling overwhelmed and not really enjoying life like I wanted to. So, I invited our good friend, Bryan Stradley, an agent with many years of experience to join me and create a team. We realized that we are total opposites, which is a good thing in a partnerships. We fill in each other’s gaps and weaknesses. Thankfully he agreed, and our next hire was a project-based admin/transaction coordinator. Don’t stay stuck…think of who can help you! Read more>>

Chelsea Cotton | Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur

I think that regardless of the amount of income it brings in only giving 100 percent to the path I’m most passionate about was the single most important thing. For example outside of a makeup artist I was a hairstylist as well. My clientele for hair was almost 5 times greater than my makeup clientele. Hair for sure was my main bread winner, however it was not my passion and it took up the majority of the time and energy I should’ve been using to focus on makeup. I had to make a clear plan for makeup and fully commit to it. Read more>>

Nadia Sharís | Holistic Marketer

Hands down would have to be me deciding to do a 10-day detox. I was scrolling on the gram and ran across a page called @iamsurvivingvegan. They were promoting the detox and addressing how the food we eat impacts every decision we make in life. Although I’ve heard this idea before, for some reason, that day, it hit different. Read more>>

Tamara Gammon | Artist, Designer and Trainer

I believe that being PREPARED is the best thing I have ever done for growing my business. Many people will tell you not to hold on to inventory and not to have too many items to sell. Well, I proved them wrong. Because of “inventory” I was able to place my art work and designs in 13 different locations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Investing in my brand meant literally investing every cent I had to launch my newest line in the middle of the pandemic. Read more>>