Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Inklyne | Musicians & Upcoming Starts

Success isn’t easy but if you keep pushing it will come to you. Keep pushing on what ever you’re doing you can be anything you wanna be it will feel like nothing is happening it’s like nobody paying you attention but it means something is happening just keep doing what you love and never give up on your dreams. Read more>>

Crystal Foney | Designer, Branding & Marketing Consultant

Sometimes the entrepreneurship load gets heavy. Working long hours, wearing all the hats and doing all the things, can eventually wear anyone out. And why do we keep going? This is a lifestyle we chose. We knew building a business wouldn’t be easy. No one forced us to start this business. There’s no one making sure we stay up late or coming in behind us to check our work. Entrepreneurship is an everyday, voluntary choice. And because of that, I think we’ll often find ourselves asking that question – “why keep going?” I know for me, it comes up every day at around 12am when my eyes are burning from looking at computer screens all day (haha). But usually after some rest and a little complaining (we all do it!), I soon come to realize that the answer is always the same. The same as the day I took the big leap and started a business – Because I know that it is God’s will for me to bring value to others through the talents he has given me. My business is just the vessel he has blessed me with in order to continue doing that. Read more>>

Sam Ross | Owner and Executive Director Windmill Arts Center

Always a tough question for an artist. Although many artists will declare: “I will follow my passion forever at whatever cost”, the realities of the arts business suggest otherwise. Especially coming off a year of COVID, performance space owners like myself (I own Windmill Arts Center) had to make some very hard concessions to keep the doors open in the last fourteen months. The amount of financial support from the government was limited (and the still pending shuttered venue grant is not guaranteed) so surviving the pandemic has required additional personal investment. For a space like the Windmill that was designed to provide low cost space to under-represented voices and new works, that commitment had not only a financial impact to the Windmill’s income statement but also to my personal finances. Read more>

Kalisha Williams | Personal Chef & Caterer

When you first think of “giving up” you think that you are ultimately failing. I have learned with becoming an entrepreneur there are obstacles that come your way pushing you to give up. Within this obstacle, there is always the choice to give up or keep going. For myself, I have learned when I approach these obstacle walls, I push harder and figure out how to move forward. For example, I am a chef from New York and moved to Georgia beginning of the pandemic and was nervous to the change ahead of me. I had days wanting to give up and move back to New York and continue to be a quiet chef who just sold plates on weekends out her house. I came out more resilient to change by wanting to keep going and pursue my full time career as a chef. It is always great to encourage yourself no matter what it is in life to keep going. You never know the person you become when you get over the obstacle. Read more>>

Hype | Independent Hip Hop Artist

I think this is one of those things that comes down to pure intuition and what you desire out of life or a certain situation. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you understand that you aren’t getting anything out of it and giving up will help you save time, effort and your happiness. Other times, you have to have a little foresight in a situation to understand that there’s a big reward on the other end of that fight, and that the fight is part of a learning process. Sometimes, it’s bigger than you, and you have to keep going for the sake of yourself and others. You have to weigh the sacrifice against what you believe will come from it. To give a personal example, I am currently fighting to be released from a recording contract and regain ownership of my masters. I signed with a record label (P.U.R.E. Records) in June of 2020, and at the time it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime. Read more>>

Mike James | Life Coach & Speaker

Never give up. I’ve come up with my 4Ks Keep Going Keep Grinding Keep Showing Keep Shining! The first two are for you. You have to go and grind to make your dreams happen, even when you feel like giving up. The second two are for the haters and naysayers. Show them you can, and shine so brightly that they can’t stand to be in your presence!. Read more>>

Crissy Mac | Entrepreneur

The decision to continue keep going, or to give up, is part of our growth in life, and that’s what makes every choice interesting. I can’t know for sure if i’m doing the right thing, or not but I have to look at the impact it can have on my kids and their future. In certain situations, I have given up but the difference is i never gave up on myself. You have to know when your wasting time, money and energy on something that wont help you get to your end goal. I always ask myself questions when I start on a business or join a venture to make sure it aligns with my overall goals in life. If my answer is no, then it’s time to stop, and cut my losses. If my answer is yes, it’s time to buckle up and get moving. Yes i have quit too early on somethings but i had the mindset to know it was my best decision at the time and i have to be ok with that outcome. Read more>>

Jaszy Shavers | Recording Artist, Producer & Engineer

Listen very closely to your heart. What is your purpose, your vision, your why? Where can you NOT stand to be in 10 years? Only you can determine your breaking point. However, there is always a way to reach our ultimate potential. It’s never easy and often requires much risk but if it’s the first and last thing on your mind you owe it to yourself to push through. You have one life to live and leave your imprint. Why not take up space?. Read more>>

Janae Bailey | Party rental/Event Planner

When it comes to knowing whether to keep going or give up honestly it’s hard. It’s hard because some days are better then others. But coming from a single mother’s perspective I know I have no choice but to keep going. In my life I have to balance work life, being a full time parent as well as trying to run as business with almost little to no help. I mean don’t get me wrong I have a few people if needed I can call them for some help whenever needed, but everyone has their own life and own problems. I try not to need people because I’m always trying to figure things out on my own the best that I can. I juggle a lot daily and some days I want to completely throw the towel and give up. Some days you may have 20 bookings and some days you may have 0 bookings. It’s all a matter of staying consistent no matter what. Some days you may make $1000 and some days you may only make $60. But we have to know that slow motions is always better then no motion. Read more>>

ABIGAIL SAMUDA | Entrepreneur

I believe that it is time to give up when something no longer makes me happy or it has served as it’s purpose. It’s hard for me to give up on anything because I choose to see the potential in everything. Read more>>

Tai’Leone Cooper | Serial Entrepreneur

Sometimes, I find myself looking back and wondering should I just give it all up and move on to doing something else. Then, I think about how far I’ve come and realize that I’m no where near where I’ve started. I’ve made endless mistakes, learned from them, and decided to better myself. Life is a bunch of a tests, sometimes they repeat themselves, that’s why I always have my notebooks ready. I won’t fail and this is how I know I have to keep going. I have to!. Read more>>