Never give up.  It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right?  We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying.

Wendy Garfinkel | Artistic Portrait Photography

This is an excellent question. I want to answer right away by saying I have always been too curious to give up. Sure there were periods of time where I was unable to work on my craft for months or years – but I always got back on the bus as they say — I stay on track. I am totally fascinated by image-making. I have been in the arts my whole life—it is who I am. So now after decades, I am finally a full-time photographer. I was always inspired by visually creative work since childhood. However when it came time to decide on a career I chose graphic design over photography. My design training was very valuable and it gave me an excellent foundation for both commercial and artistic work. I have taken photos since I was 15. I contemplated a career as a photographer after college but the equipment was expensive and I could not afford to work part-time. So I stuck with photography in various ways over the years. Read more>>

Sam Lukowski | Screen Actor

The truth is, I think about giving up everyday. I would love to quit. Honestly, giving up sounds amazingly seductive right now – it sounds easy – especially during this stupid Quarantine. But I will never give up. Never. I will die trying. I’ve wanted to be a performer since I was 6 years-old – long before social media and this new misguided notion of the online Influencer. I will never stop – Hell, I don’t even know if I can. The truth is, you have to be your own inspiration. You have to be the reason that you don’t give up. I hate when I hear that stupid actor jargon: “What’s my motivation?” The answer is and has always been: “You!” You are your own motivation. You are the reason you are inspired. You are the reason you never give up. And if you aren’t inspired – get the fuck out of the way – ’cause the rest of us got bills to pay! Anything else is useless. And that’s not vanity or narcissisms talking, That’s the pure desire to tell stories so an audience can use empathy as escapism. Read more>>

Brianna Wise-Riley | Artist & Nail Technician

Life is the perception that you create in your mind first. When an individual formulates an idea/goal in their head, it’s the thoughts around that goal that should ignite action towards achieving the steps to success. To know whether to keep going or give up is based on faith and results. As long as you keep faith that you will be successful, and you stay consistent with putting forth the effort, the rewards of your faith will produce the results you desire. Giving up is easy, but giving up means you doubted the idea from the beginning. Occasionally, we experience the ups and downs of life but that is called living. It’s in the struggle where we breed the momentum to keep going because we know the results can be mind blowing. Instead of giving up, take the time to re-evaluate your idea, maybe your approach was wrong, or the time you set for goal wasn’t lengthy. Anything is possible, so long as you believe. Read more>>

JMAYZ | Musician

I am a musician. Everyday I wake up, I wonder whether I’m doing this right or what to do next. I strive to do at least promotion or some type of work including my music. The hardest part is getting a loyal Fanbase and it will make you want to give up. The thing that keeps me going is the feedback I receive, meeting new people that can help you succeed, and just being able to sell something that is totally yourself. Read more>>