We asked folks we admire to shoutout books and tell us about the impact those books had on them.

Page Burch | Master Craftsman Program Director & Lecturer of Sculpture

The Anarchist’s Tool Chest is a book written by Christopher Schwarz that totally changed my outlook on making. Despite its title, it has nothing to do with societal collapse or overthrowing the government. Rather, it is a book that is meant to change the way people view the objects they purchase or make and the impacts that objects and consumerism are having on society. In it Schwarz describes how over the course of the past century objects have gone from hand-made, largely heirloom-quality things, to cheaply made, mass-produced goods that are not meant to last. These things further perpetuate a cycle of poorly-crafted, throw-away culture. The book describes putting together a tool chest, and the tools used to do so, that can be the start of an individuals personal journey towards breaking that cycle and creating lasting objects with their own hands. Read more>>

Mia Richardson | Visual Artist

The book that changed my life was Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deeprok Chapra ! This book broke down how and why to have patience , to learn to love , listen, and move with a purpose ! I highly recommend this book to everyone, not just artist and entrepreneurs, but everyone. This book showed me how the karmic cycle works and I applied the teachings to my everyday life and I began to blossom as a person and artist! The second book I’d recommend is ART/WORK.. super informative and breaks down the art world! How you are viewed and even how you view yourself as an artist ! Definitely give that a read ! 10/10. Read more>>