We had the good fortune of connecting with Terri Britt and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Terri, what’s one piece of conventional advice that you disagree with?
I absolutely disagree with our societal belief that you have to work yourself to death and live on a hamster wheel of trying to “get it right,” “do it right,” or “be the best” to WIN success, love and happiness. This drive to WIN life’s rewards continually keeps us in emotional chaos and lack. Think of it as Poverty Consciousness. Instead of feeling fulfilled and joyful, most of us live in survival mode. This lack mindset creates an environment of “you against me,” and is the reason we continually question ourselves and drive ourselves into the ground. You can be a multi-millionaire and still live in Poverty Consciousness. My late husband Steve had a garment company in the 80’s and 90’s, and was listed in the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the Top 100 fastest growing companies in the city. We had a 7,000 square foot home on a hill with ocean views in the beautiful Southern California community of Manhattan Beach. We had classic cars, a 50-foot sport fisher, traveled all over, and never wanted for anything. And, yet, he was miserable. Steve lived in Poverty Consciousness driving himself hard, believing this is what he had to do to hold onto everything. Thankfully, during the 90’s, I started studying energetic healing. Both Steve and I had lived on a hamster wheel for too long, he as a business owner and me as a mom. I knew there had to be a kinder, gentler way of “doing” life. What I learned during my training and over the last 20+ years as a spiritual coach and intuitive healer is that science now tells us that we are 96% energy, and energy vibrates. Our thoughts create feelings, and those feelings emit a vibration. Whatever thoughts you have, whether conscious or unconscious, send out an energetic message. And, because the Law of Vibration says energy attracts similar energy, you’ll draw to you things that have a matching vibration to your thoughts and feelings. Think of it this way… Your outer world is a mirror to your inner world. So, if you have beliefs that you must compete and “do it right,” “get it right,” or “be the best” to WIN at life, you will continually draw situations and people to you that mirror this vibration. In other words, you will live on a perpetual hamster wheel of trying to PROVE YOUR WORTH. Life will feel like punishment. Your subconscious mind runs 95% of your life. If you feel stressed out with work, your relationships, your health or with money, you have hidden subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging your worthiness and keeping you in Poverty Consciousness. To shift from Poverty Consciousness to Prosperity Consciousness, you must decide to get off of the hamster wheel and dive into your subconscious mind to heal the hidden beliefs that keep you at a low vibration. Instead of trying to WIN success, love and happiness, take back your power and become the authority of your life. Love yourself unconditionally. Committing to unconditional love for yourself is the remedy to lack, and ends the need to drive yourself into the ground. As you choose to clean up the mental crap that holds you hostage and on a hamster wheel, and commit to loving and honoring the way you were created, you will begin to feel seen, heard and valued. You will feel worthy. And because energy attracts similar energy, you’ll OPEN UP TO RECEIVE all kinds of abundance. Not only will the relationship you have with yourself change, but also the relationships you have with others will begin to thrive. And, so will your career, financial abundance and often your health. Loving yourself leads to prosperity in every area of your life. A few years ago, I invited Charlie, my hubby now of almost 13 years, to listen to a guided meditation on Poverty Consciousness versus Prosperity Consciousness. We, at that time, owned one store, JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters in Helen in the north Georgia mountains. Charlie was driving himself really hard, in spite of the fact that he had been trying to love himself more. This self-love had opened his heart to receive more love from me and vice versa. However, he still struggled with his work. After listening to the meditation, Charlie said, “I’m living in Poverty Consciousness.” Of course, I was intrigued and asked him why. Charlie said, “I don’t want to go after wholesale business anymore. I want it, but I’m tired of being on the road. I want to be home with you and the dogs.” Charlie stopped cold turkey from driving himself to get that wholesale business. He took a stand for loving himself. And you know what happened? Wholesale business flooded in! Within months, a seven-and-a-half-acre piece of property at the base of Mt. Yonah and with the most magnificent views came up for sale. It’s just five miles down the road from our Helen store, and it’s only a few miles from our home. Charlie had dreamed of creating a destination place for people to have a wonderful experience. And that’s exactly what he did. JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters & Tasting Room was born and has been thriving beyond our wildest imaginations since it opened two years ago, and even during the pandemic. Charlie said yes to loving himself and created inner abundance by no longer going after wholesale business. He raised his Worthiness Quotient and abundance flooded in! Your Worthiness Quotient is how open you are to receiving love, nurturing and support from God and the Universe, as well as the people around you…simply for who you were created to be. That means no more trying to “get it right,” “do it right,” or “be the best” to WIN life’s rewards. I often cringe when I hear someone mention the American work ethic of driving oneself hard to get ahead. Raising your Worthiness Quotient is the kinder, gentler way. It opens you up to receiving the abundance you deserve. It is the key to getting off of the hamster wheel of stress and struggle, and leading a life you love!

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
Just prior to winning Miss USA 1982, I tried to beat up my boyfriend and put my fist in his window. I carried this emotional angst into the television industry and then as a wife and mom. I knew I was perpetuating a cycle of pain for my family, so I committed to healing and discovered where my emotional chaos stemmed from: I had been living on a hamster wheel for most of my life, TRYING TO PROVE MY WORTH to WIN love, success and happiness. That’s when I said, “No more!” to performing and “Yes!” to loving myself unconditionally, and then miracle after miracle showed up. My relationships healed, my health got better, and I opened up to receive more financial abundance than I ever imagined. Where there had been emotional chaos and angst, now there was peace, balance and joy. I became a Woman Leader of Love for my family and friends because they began loving themselves by watching my example. Woohoo! That’s when I knew I had discovered my deepest passion. For over 20 years, as a spiritual coach, intuitive healer, author, and speaker, I’ve been helping people get off the hamster wheel of stress and struggle, CLAIM THEIR CROWNS and RAISE THEIR WORTHINESS QUOTIENTS to inner and outer abundance so they become leaders of love and pioneers of change for their families and loved ones. I am the founder of the Women Leaders of Love global community, but my work is not limited to women. I’ve coached people from all walks of life, including television executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, coaches, healers, preachers, parents, teens and kids. I am the author of several books including “The Enlightened Mom: A Mother’s Guide for Bringing Peace, Love & Light to Your Family’s Life,” WINNER of the Best Spiritual Book of the Year at both New York and San Francisco Book Festivals, as well as my journal of awakening called, “Message Sent,” and my latest e-book, “Women Leaders of Love: How to End the #1 Massive Mistake Women Make & Unleash Your Greatest Act of Service.” I have been seen and heard on hundreds of radio and television shows, as well as in print and digital media over the years, including Today, Fox, NBC NY, Good Day Atlanta, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, People.com, K-Earth 101, and The Huffington Post. I am also the former news anchor for Movietime, now known as the E! Channel. But my greatest gift is that I am a wife, mom, stepmom, and nana. What I know for sure is that others don’t determine your worth. You do. As you commit to loving yourself unconditionally and claim your crown, you raise your Worthiness Quotient and open up to receive all kinds of abundance. Your life shifts into peace, trust, balance and joy. You become a leader of love. The world needs this now more than ever. So… Be love. Be you. The world needs to experience the real you! To discover what your Worthiness Quotient is, please take the quiz at www.terribritt.com/quiz. And to learn more about my work, please visit www.terribritt.com.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I live in the northeast Georgia mountains, but love coming to Atlanta! If I had a friend arriving in town, we would first head to Avalon in the Alpharetta area for a fabulous lunch or dinner at Rumi’s Kitchen, hopefully with good weather so we could sit on the patio. I’d probably have to make a quick stop at Whole Foods while there to grab some goodies for the week, and possibly do a little shopping at the shops in Avalon. Once in the Cleveland and Helen area, we would have to spend lots of time at JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters & Tasting Room in Cleveland, which is the company my hubby Charlie and I own. It’s a must-visit destination with a full espresso bar, wine and mead tastings or by the glass or bottle, as well as craft beer, live music on Saturdays, and the best views of the majestic Mt. Yonah anywhere in town. Plus, if my friend brought a fur baby, we would have to visit JumpinGoat’s dog park. It’s the only one in town. Hiking and taking in the views would be a must since we are in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. I love Hemlock Falls out by Lake Burton. I love the sound of the running water as you make your way to the falls. It’s not too hard of a hike and only has a mild incline. A drive over Richard B. Russell Scenic Hwy is the perfect picture-taking outing. The view of the mountains seems to go on and on forever. Hiking Mt. Yonah is another must. Instead of looking up at the mountain, you get to stand on top of it. This area is known for its breathtaking views and hiking. Whether you want a moderate climb like I enjoy or an extreme one, there is something for everyone. Two of my favorite restaurants in the Helen area are Spice 55, which has wonderful Thai food and sushi, as well as Cowboys & Angels, which is more American fare. I love going there on either Thursday or Sunday evenings to listen to music on the patio. Clyde’s Table and Tavern on the square in Cleveland has great food, as well. The historical Nacoochee Village, located right before you enter into the city of Helen, is quite fun to explore. Here you’ll find our original JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters boutique that sits on the Chattahoochee River. You can enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee or tea on our patio and take in the sounds of the river. Next door is Nora Mill Granary, which was established in 1876. It has all kinds of goodies to purchase and you feel as if you’re walking back in time. Across the street is an antique mall and the wonderful Habersham Winery. Northeast Georgia is packed with beautiful wineries. They are all fabulous, but the ones I love are Serenity Cellars, The Cottage Vineyard & Winery and CeNita Vineyards. All three are quaint and very unique. Most have music all weekend, too. Almost all restaurants or wineries you visit in this area do. And the music is really good! One of my favorite things to do is to take a walk around Helen in the evening with my dogs. The lights are so festive and fun. Before sunset, I’d take my visiting friend down to the river to let my pups romp, and then head over to one of the local restaurants like Two Tire Tavern to sit on the patio and enjoy the night air. There is so much to do here! If you’re visiting in the Atlanta area, you must come for at least a day to visit us here in the northeast Georgia mountains. Y’all come!

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I dedicate this shoutout to those who have helped me grow and find my life mission. I am so thankful for my family. Charlie Britt, my crazy, sweet, loving hubby who keeps me laughing. And my kids. They are the greatest gifts because they continually teach me to love deeper and expand myself. I’m also very thankful for all the people who’ve trusted me to guide them as their coach and mentor over the years. I’m always amazed at what I learn from them and feel so inspired by their strength and courage to heal. And, finally, to the loving presence of God and the Universe. I am in awe at the love, nurturing, guidance and support I receive daily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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