We had the good fortune of connecting with Nina Norstrom and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Nina, every day, we about how much execution matters, but we think ideas matter as well. How did you come up with the idea for your business?
To answer that question, becomes a storybook response. And amazingly, that was exactly how it got started . . . by writing and sharing pieces of my life journey with others. Now, I won’t give you that extra long version because this is something one can read inside the storybook. As a small business owner, I started therapeutic journaling some eons ago. In reality, those eon years would have been some four decades (or so). During that period, I was not in the best of health at all (emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually). So, I turned to writing as a vessel to escape that dark world. My life journey of living among those toxic relationships were deep seeded, extremely raw, and buried inside me. Spanning from my role as a mistress ─ yessss, I was someone’s mistress; to letting go of my Christian beliefs ─ and yes, I did that too. I even vowed never to forgive the Creator. Can you believe that? The toxicity of engaging in those unhealthy relationships crippled my ability to function. I found writing became its tool which eased that emotional pain, nurtured those wounds, and helped to find a safe haven . . . for the dark space I lived in. I lost a great deal of self through the journey. I was broken and messed up; tore up – to the floor up; whacked; and zoned out. I was crazed out of my mind.

Through it all, I felt suffocated by those toxins, its poison had taken control. There I was with those emotions running wild . . . anger, rage, shame, guilt, hatred, and depression. And all that other stuff that gets in your way. Life is so full of stuff (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Wow! That ugliness . . . how could I’ve forgotten it? To make matters worse, I was known as the crazy lady on my job. They labeled me, pretty sad, huh? “Oh, you’re friends with the crazy lady?” That’s what they’d say to one another. If you were to ask me, what is meant by toxic relationships? And I only could answer in one sentence . . . I would clearly define it as: A connected interaction that is detrimental to one’s life and existence. And you’d want me to clarify it more than a simple one-liner, then I’d say . . . “It doesn’t necessarily have to be people-related to be in the realm of a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship may occur when: 1) elements of any sort bring the effect of unhealthy actions into one’s circle; 2) a relationship that’s seemingly draining and harmful; or one that is damaging within interactions; 3) a connection that becomes a dangerous interaction; OR 4) to bring about a poisonous effect on one’s well-being.” These days, anyone of us should understand the purity of its meaning. Seemingly, we are encountering the effects of how deadly toxicity can be –just by living in the midst of COVID-19. Most importantly, I’m woman enough to take the blame for not walking away from “The Fruit of the Evil,” that drove me into that lusted relationship. I see it clearly (now) that I’m with a new mindset inside this new space. That was downright selfish, ungodly, and karma is bound to come back full force. The only thing one gains from its engagement is guilt and heartaches. Truly, I’ve grown from my mistakes and refuse to walk cross that bridge. I’ve learned so many precious lessons through this walk of life. One thing I’ve gained (for sure) is the value of my self-worth.

With social media on the horizon (in the blink of an eye), you’ll find a picture being taken. Well, here’s something special you should know about me . . . I have a habit of saying, “No photos, please!” That’s one of my favorite phrases. I’m not one who loves to embrace a camera. Of course, that’s why one rarely finds my facial image anywhere on social media. When having an opened interview on the screen, I’ll wear my special hat, the one with a dark veil. It symbolizes and presents the statement for hundreds and millions of Americans who still lives in that dark place. This dark space is where I too once resided for decades. It represents the voiceless, those who are captured in toxic relationships, but don’t speak out. It represents relationships that need to be unmasked to determine whether it’s healthy or unhealthy. Because we won’t know what or who is behind the mask till it unfolds: people, diseases, stress, work environments, abusers, sex-traffickers, and the list is endless. To see my name on various book award platforms, this is evidence of my writing skills. A full display of these awards are showcased on my website. It, too, has given a remarkable voice to my work in the industry. I feel confident this in turn has transformed my life journey into a most valuable asset . . . one which affords an opportunity to give back. I’m in this fresh space where I can assist others in making that transformation to wellness.

What should our readers know about your business?
How did I get to where I’m at today? With all the exerted energy and devotion to my hard work on self, I’m on a variety of platforms (now). I routinely speak at conferences and perform wellness workshops at the transitional center (i.e., prison) at Clayton County (in GA). Recently, an opportunity has prevailed itself, seeking my presence in the school system; whereas, I’ll introduce my wellness workshop there. Was the journey easy? Are you kidding? No, way! It was extremely bumpy with plenty of rocks along the path. Just imagine having to walk through miles and miles of dirt road, completely barefooted. The struggle endured would bring any human to their knees, and forbid working with the power of forgiveness. Now, the forgiveness portion was the most difficult of it all. Forgiveness, I felt that one was the biggie and hardest challenge . . . anyone will ever have to overcome. How did I overcome the challenges? Well, there were many obstacles along the way. A major task was the rebuilding of “self.” Mentally, it took years of recovery work, for me. Undergoing rounds of therapeutic sessions (one-on-one), groups, and writing therapies. Ultimately, therapy writing was a means to expressively break through those barriers and release the toxins. There it became a “physical wound healing relationship.” That was one of the easiest challenges. It was as if I was the patient, and the writing was the therapist. Inside that writing space, I could do all the speaking without any interruptions. Most importantly, when I walked that journey, I didn’t walk it alone. Many times, our Creator, carried me . . . I have no doubt! My life was given back to me. So, I in turn give to others. I dare not forget those hard-core (life) lessons attached. Through this experience, I’ve encountered a complete metamorphosis ─ releasing one identity for another. In this transition lifestyle, I see myself as that long blooming, rich flower waiting to attract those butterflies. It is there, I’ve come full circle!

What were the lessons learned along the way? Oh my, there were quite a few eye-openers. Which I’ve mentioned throughout my creations. Below are some valuable ones I find myself cherishing since my new beginning . . . • Creator never gives us more than we can bear. • Don’t beat up on yourself. Sometimes, we just need to let things go. • Don’t allow the past to control you. • Getting stuck is okay. Staying there becomes a problem. • Everyone has “emotional” baggage. How we carry it makes a difference. • Forgiveness is our path to wellness. • Love yourself before loving others. • Never say what you won’t ever do. • No one walks their journey alone. • The only person you have the power to change is you. • Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. Live each day as if the last day on earth. • We are the caregiver of our wellness. • We can become our worst abuser. • We can all learn from our mistakes, and look at them as life lessons. • With the Creator, all things are possible. • Your past will shape you. It doesn’t define you.

What do I want the world to know about my story or branding? Through the journey, I’ve learned so much about those ugly faces toxicities’ wears. Taking on a new leaf, I’m passionate about life. As a result, I’ve been on one heck-of-a-mission! The mission to transform lives . . . one wave at a time. By no means is life prefect, Unfortunately, neither are we. This is evidence from the world we live on. Or have we forgotten? With the outbreak of today’s pandemic, and its deadly effects of COVID-19, this is just another form of toxicity in the “raw.” I need everyone to understand, the word toxic has no gender, or preference of race. It doesn’t care who it attacks. We all can become affected by toxicity in one form or another (in this lifetime). When attacked, it doesn’t define who we are as an individual. It simply means we have experienced that “unhealthy side of life.” This transformation of life is a threefold process, wrapped as a blanket for personal growth, raising awareness, and nurturing wellness lifestyles. Its purpose is to concentrate on making one’s transformation into a health and wellness lifestyle . . . changing lives through one wave at a time. While focusing on the brokenness representing a human life as that Humpty Dumpty model, it is our anticipation to capture a wider audience by being a support vessel for individuals coping with grief and trauma (of any sort). We offer coaching and mentoring techniques that bring awareness to the forefront while acknowledging its ill-effects of engagement with unhealthy lifestyle (elements). This business statue is looking for long-termed recognition.

We all know Mascots aren’t for every business, But while branding mine, my Mascot is the Fox. I’ve adopted this mascot since it symbolizes: • Has an Ability to Detect Deception • Holds a Sharpening of Alertness and Responsiveness • It’s Wild and Deadly as Toxicity •

Here’s A Piece of History . . . From the beginning of time, we were cursed by those demons inherited from our ancestors. Across the nation, traps are set to wipe out millions of lives every second, minute, hour, day, and year. We can’t predict where the stuff will happen in this broken, crazed, crippled, corrupted, cruel, evil, and nutty society. Just realize our world is full of a gamut of unhealthy relationships and it’s everywhere. Seemingly, the world (we live in) has turned upside down with all the unhealthy interactions; and toxicity running wild, rampant, and crazy as a fox.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Wow! That’s an awesome question. Sending precious love and a huge shoutout to my daughter! And I do owe a special gratitude to someone else I consider amazingly wonderful. Allow me to dedicate this particular shoutout to my Creator. With the message below, I’m speaking on a personal note to HIM . . .

Yes, you are our Creator. You are the one that gives us life from the day we are born, and find us a family that we can call our own. Creator, you allow the person to name us, raise us, nurture us, and teach us right from wrong (i.e., those life lessons). So, from the day of birth, we are known by our given name. The path we take through life’s journey (some may not know) we are on life’s borrowed time. Creator, I’ve come to the realization that you are the one that brought us here with gifts and a set mission. But once you feel we’ve spread our gifts and accomplished our mission it is then the time to come home (i.e., to those Pearly gates). And only you will know the day, the hour, the minute, and the second, for our return. Creator, you deserve credit and recognition for this new life. With the wisdom that you’ve given me, I promise to love one another, give thanks for your wonders every day, to not complain about the little things, and appreciate everything. I’m so excited and grateful for the platform you’ve given me. Seemingly, I’m touching lives, changing lives, and even transforming many. Truly, the list of things you’ve done (for me) is endless. Creator, yes, you work in mysterious ways. I see the handwriting on the wall that you are not far away from calling on us (All). You’ve given me a second chance at life – I’m gonna do it right this time. So, I can definitely say, “I feel great about who I am, now.” And when you come to call me Home, I am ready – with no regrets. It will then be my celebration of a new and exciting LIFE!

Everyone, do continue to stay safe and practice social distancing.  Remember, it’s a tainted world out there!  Engaging in toxic relationships can be dangerous and deadly – as COVID-19.  

Imagine receiving a virtual hug (wherever you are) – and knowing it’s sent from me! 

Nina Norstrom

The Award-Winning Author/ Speaker / Wellness Coach

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