Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us.  Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Judson Welsh | Photographer

I feel like in photography people don”t see the hundreds of hours it takes behind the scenes learning the skills required for producing an amazing image. Social media has watered down what photographers have been doing for years and spent countless hours perfecting to a snap and a preset, not that there’s anything wrong with that I actually love how simple its become to take and share images but i do think there’s a misconception when it comes to a professional image vs an iphone shot with a preset. Read more>>

Shameka Clark-Ragland | Yoga Instructor and Wellness & Life Coach

Most people are unaware of exactly how beneficial and powerful wellness is! So many people deal with some form of stress and/or pain, and most do not stop and ask themselves, “How is this affecting me on a holistic level?” Our bodies are interconnected. The things that affects us mentally, can manifest in our physical, emotional, and/or spiritual systems. Statistics show that by simply doing yoga your body begins to benefit in so many ways. Depression can decrease by 50%, anxiety by 40%, and this is only after just 3 months of practicing yoga. Also, with life coaching, 80% of people reported an increase of self-confidence, improved relationships, performance, and communication skills. Herbs, whole foods, and essential oils have been used by our ancestors for centuries to help heal everyday conditions that we are all faced with. You can heal yourself naturally. Read more>>

Laura Frazier | Travel Consultant

In our industry, we are paid by the hotels after the trip has been completed. So all of the work we’re doing now, with changing dates and rebooking trips for people that are impacted by COVID, is all work that we’re doing without compensation. Read more>>

Myriam Morisset | Founder of Raw Head Bread

The one thing about our Industry that outsiders are probably unaware of, is that you can create sustainable food with a dehydrator. With changing times one must future think and reinvent how we used to do things in the past and bring that way of thinking back forward. With a Dehydrator you can practically prepare anything from dried fruits, jerky, cookies basically a multitude of things. The Dehydration process allows for foods that after it has been prepared in it , then the food becomes something that is alive with enzymes and nutrients that are great for the digestive system. We at Raw Head Bread have taken the time to create Dehydrated Bagels, Flax Crackers, Buckwheat Bars, Flatbreads, Carrot Cake waffles and more. Using this method of food preparation has allowed us to share with the community that there is an alternative to food preparation. Read more>>