Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places.  Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Reshod Bryant | Hip Hop Artist Hylyda

Dothan, Alabama, Hylyda born and raised, we always said if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. We were faced with limited opportunities so you had to make the best of your hustle. Alabama, being known for country living is exactly right, but what people don’t see is how smart and intellectually comprehensive you have to be. Hustling for us meant by ANY means. For instance, growing crops in your own backyard and selling them, 11 year olds cutting neighbors grass for money, selling cows from a farm. and a host of other hustles. So when I finally relocated to Atlanta, GA I had an instant connection with hustling it was alot smoother bc of the opportunities here. I don’t mine putting in work, sweating for a greater outcome. Alabama taught me nothing is giving. Go get your destiny. Read more>>

Tam The Viibe | Hip Hop Artist

I’m from a small town in South Carolina called Pawley’s Island. It’s a small coastal town and not a lot happens there. I was brought up in a close knit community with geechi/gullah roots. I draw strongly from the influences of my roots. In some songs you can hear me stressing my accent for emphasis and a nod to my people at home. Growing up there made me feel confident and connected and hopefully that comes through when I’m performing. Read more>>

Jai Parham | Creative Director and Dancer

I am originally from Heerlen, Netherlands however I was raised most of my life in Anchorage , Alaska. I come from a multicultural household my mother whom is a phenomenal intelligent Puerto Rican woman. She has taught me many things such as being genuine, kind hearted and out going. My father is an African American man who served 27 years in the United States Air Force. He taught me to be strong , motivated , consistent and resilient. I come from an overall great family they’ve shaped me into who I am today. All of the knowledge and skills they passed onto me I still use to this day especially when it comes to my brand and how I carry myself. Read more>>

Keinosha Keaton | Keinosha Keaton. CEO & Founder of Your Safe Havenn, Inc

I am originally from Dallas, Texas. I am the teen parent with three. By the time I was 19, I had three children. I call them the Illustrious Trio. I was a teen parent with no help trying to stay above water while slowly drowning. My background and upbringing played a big part of why God entrusted me with HIS vision and plan fr my life. Your Safe Havenn was birth April 20, 2019. Your Safe Havenn is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Georgia. Your Safe Havenn, Inc is dedicated to providing services to assist individuals affected by human trafficking, teen parenting, homelessness, and other social economic struggles with accessing information, resources, and services that will allow them to gain and maintain self sufficiency. Your Safe Havenn, Inc is a safe place for teens. Read more>>

Melissa Littleton | Artist

I am from Queens NY. But, for some reason I felt like I was in a box. I was never the one to explore things and take risks. I was pretty much a home body. I mean, I knew that I was talented and good at a lot of things, but that’s where it stopped for me. Maybe, because I never thought that my work was GOOD ENOUGH. However, after growing up, I decided to fight through the thoughts of comparison and not feeling good enough to just be who I am as an artist. I consider myself to be a God inspired artist which is one who creates by inspiration of Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit gives me ideas and I do my best to simply execute the internal vision. Thus the business motto “Creations Through Worship” 💪😏. Read more>>