Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Tarik Shalha | Automotive Photographer

It’s all about who you know. I’ve seen plenty of great photographers with lots of content go unappreciated while others get lots of recognition for their affiliations. Just like other industries it will always benefit you to talk to people and make lots of friends. Good contacts can really set you on a hood course! Read more>>

Jenna Libman | Social Media Manager & Organic Engagement Specialist for Small Businesses

As a social media manager, I can say there are a lot of misconceptions about my industry that I work to educate on. The biggest one I face is probably that social media is just “posting pictures” and doesn’t take much effort. As old views of marketing start to fade and modern social media practices become more crucial for businesses, we social media managers work hard to show the value in hiring an expert in this field. Read more>>

Moe & Ambre Adams | Photography & Videography Visual Creators

That what we do is an art form before it is a business. When a client pays us for our service they are paying us for our art. Art takes time to develop and create. Most outsiders may not be aware of the time and creative processes that go into producing the art that they seek. Read more>>

Fertessa Allyse | Game Producer

Boardgames have been around for a long time, and right now, they’re thriving. Hundreds of new board games are created each year, birthed from independent designers who have manifested their ideas into products. Personally, I never thought about where boardgames came from. They were just on the shelf of whatever store I went to, and I could purchase them. Then one day a friend of mine said she wanted to create a boardgame, and I realized that was something a person had to sit and create. It was the catalyst to the start of my boardgame career. Read more>>

Miranda Batista | Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Though being a visual artist entails creative freedom, risk taking and self-discovery through our craft, it’s troubling that one of the most saturated industries lacks heavily in inclusivity. So much of the art industry is network based and often, the right people make the wrong connections. Along with this, accessibility to equipment is difficult, mainly due to extremely high costs and rising costs for already very expensive programs. Read more>>

Jade Weatherington | Teacher Jade | Six-Figure Teacher

One thing people are unaware about in my industry, when it comes to teaching online, is that a teaching license or certificate is not required. Any skill, hobby, or passion can be taught online. While I teach academic courses, I have taken several enrichment courses by professionals in their field. This is an opportunity anyone can grasp if they want to become an entrepreneur or make income on the side. Read more>>

Leticia Franklin | Leticia ( Kreations by Tish Event Stylist )

One thing about this Industry is that it is a very Rewarding & Sacrificing Industry. Meaning Event Stylist & Planners go Above & beyond to add that extra touch or last minute wow factor to create the most Memorable Celebrations for their Clients Read more>>

Gbubemi Uwaifo | Licensed Professional Counselor

When starting our business Affirm Wellness, we had a vision of educating the community about overall wellness using the 8 dimensions of wellness as a model. As therapists, we understand the importance of sharing information related to mental health. We strive to destigmatize views related to mental health, so that individuals can gain awareness that we all are impacted by mental health. Read more>>