Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Ciph Boogie | Rap artist

My ability to stay true to myself and be grounded, also I would say my ability to stay consistent in my craft throughout all my peaks and valleys. Even days when I really felt like I wanted to quit doing music, but I kept going still. Just digging deep for that inspiration. I recently posted a Meme on my Facebook page that said “My Mother worked too hard for me not to be great” That spoke to me loudly because in thinking of the type of woman my mother was, her work ethic and knowing how much of a successful life that she wanted me to have, it ties back into what I said in the beginning about being able to stay consistent and stayed grounded. Read more>>

Dominique Dykes | Entrepreneur & Technical Writer

The most important factor behind my success is being observant. Success comes with experience, struggles, and observations. One thing I learned is that people are constantly changing. We are constantly changing our ideas, likes, dislikes, style, taste and so much more. Being observant and learning how to flow with the waves in the ocean is how my brand succeeded. It comes with experience and being open minded to change. Read more>>

Honey Sheer Basmayor | CEO & Online Marketing Strategist

I think “consistency” is your middle name. This is the comment that I have been getting from everyone who comes into my world. I am all about consistency. I believe consistency beats talent every single time so even if I am not the best which I am trying to be, I am their go-to expert. This has been the most important factor behind the success of my brand and that’s what I am offering my clients too. To give them consistency; consistency in showing up, consistency in engaging, consistency in nurturing, consistency to build momentum. That’s how I get the name “Queen of Consistency”. Unfortunately being consistent is not easy. It needs determination, commitment and discipline. So here’s 𝟯 𝘁𝗶𝗽𝘀 to help you 𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗻 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗻𝗰𝘆 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗼 𝗮 𝗿𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗲 and eventually a habit: Read more>>

Mike and Kristin Scaglione | Creators and Owners of Firefly Forts

Firefly Forts was born out of the desire to create a place for our children to call their own. We wanted a place that would grow with our children…that would be equally as desirable to a 5 year old as it would be to a 15 year old…or even a 50 year old! Being parents ourselves, we know firsthand what kids are looking for along with the quality parents desire. After seeing the joy the very first Firefly Fort (our own!) brought to our children and our family, we made it our mission to spread that joy to as many families as possible! We believe that a fort has the ability to help families connect and we are passionate about working with our families to create a custom space based on the needs and wants of both the children and the parents. Our goal is to personally connect with each and every family for which we build. We believe these relationships, partnered with our desire for exceptional customer service and the magic of our forts are the keys to the success in building the Firefly brand. Read more>>

Andrew Clark | Sound Designer, Photographer & Cinematographer

They say behind every great man is an ever greater woman. Well, I feel I am a living, breathing example of that statement. I was driven by a woman that took my confidence and drive for success to whole other level. I am fortunate enough to now call her my life partner. She believed in my skill sets, and along with her own drove us to ultimately open up a company that I decided to put her in the position as CEO of. Throughout every day I am constantly reminded by her of how cherished and respected I am. She is my constant encouragement to persevere through anything that stands in the way of our success, and reminder to always remain grateful, no matter what. Without her, I am confident there would be no Dópamín Media. Read more>>

Michael Richards | Strong black same gender loving Serial-preneur

The most important factor behind me and the success of my brand is the love and faith I have for the lord, I truly believe without him none of what I have accomplished thus far would have been possible, I have gone through many highs and many lows and with me not being from here I most certainly have had to jump through some serious obstacles. Through my career I have always managed to keep my head high and known that regardless of my situation my faith has kept me going and God has pulled me through countless times and has guided all my foot steps in keeping me safe and successful. Michaels Mix was created during a crazy time being covid but has truly kept me alive in such difficult, scary yet transforming changing times . Read more>>

14 Mafia | Recording Label / Artist Group

Most factors may be important to lots of people but there are only a couple that stood out to us as 14 Mafia. The first factor we’d like to shine light upon is the importance of a structured schedule, which allows us to do all the material and ideas we’d dream to create while still be able to be a social life with others at the same time. For example, we as a team designated every Wednesday and Friday as “14 Mafia Day”, which is a group decision to be productively involved in 14 Mafia’s business, regardless any other situations that may be present at the time. The next factor that we as a team act heavily on is the importance of constantly investing in our craft. Such as clothing investments, music promotional & visual opportunities. Read more>>

G. Encarnacion | Photographer

I’d have to say the most important factor behind my success would have to be the passion I have for photography as a whole. Everyone has their hobbies, interests or things they have a knack for. What can separate you from the rest is that desire or the enthusiasm that you hold. As cliché as it may sound – hard work trumps talent. I have only taken pictures for a year now but for many people it seems that it’s been much longer than that. The amount of time spent exploring all the various things related to the craft contributed to being more knowledgable and well rounded as a photographer. It came easily to me because I genuinely cared about improving and creating quality work. Portrait photography was all I thought I would be doing when my journey started but I quickly realized I could do so much more if continued to learn and apply everything I already knew. I put myself in uncomfortable situations or even did things without pay because I wanted to grow and show my city what I could do. Read more>>

Anna Shalray | Certified Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

Surrounding myself with a supportive community while practicing intentional self care mind and body, has played an integral role in my success.
Halfway through an unplanned pregnancy that I’d just come to terms with, and truly grown excited about, complications began. I’d always been an A+ student, overachiever, planner, ya know a real go-getter. Whatever I set my mind to I accomplished. As much as I wanted to have a successful pregnancy, this wasn’t one of those things that I could simply push through, work harder, do more, and win. We tried “all the things,” But success was no where to be found. Read more>>

Blaze N | Mixologist

Client satisfaction. We value providing a level of service that is tailored to our clients needs. Customizing packages allows our clients to feel exclusive and experience the white glove treatment. It is essential that we deliver on our promise of an extravagant experience. You’ll never forget what it’s like to be BLAZED. Read more>>

Praise Jackson | Brand Strategist & Image Consultant

It’s my belief that my success and that of my company lies in the fact that I’m called to what I do as a brand strategist and image consultant; it’s my purpose. I get sheer excitement working with clients to support them in the realizing of their brands greatest potential. Additionally, I am a firm believer in building strong relationships and providing an impeccable client experience. As a result, my brand receives countless referrals. Receiving a referral is one of the greatest acknowledgements that can be given to a brand. Read more>>

Tasha Peck | HR Solutions Professional

The most important factor behind our success is our commitment to providing customer focused, relationship-driven, and results-oriented HR and talent solutions that are measurable and sustainable. Read more>>

Kendra Jason | Equity Consultant and Founder of Work 4 Change, LLC

There are three factors I would say are the most important to the success of Work 4 Change (W4c) my workplace equity company: consistency, clarity of my branding, and our unique approach and service offerings. Consistency began with preparation. Before the launch of W4C, I took several starting your own business workshops, I built a team of mentors, and I hired a communications and branding consultant to help me build my branding look and message. Once I had these things in place, I consistently go to them in the execution of my business. I built a business plan stuck to the main tenets, while allowing myself to grow and accommodate the unique needs of each client. Read more>>

Artormiss Bonner | Event specialist and curator

The important factor behind my success is the love of creating a safe,fun, comfortable space for people to enjoy. I’m addicted to smiles and good vibes. I put my all into everything I do. Also, I’ve been at the very bottom. So I think another big part of my success is motivating myself to always elevate. Lastly but most importantly Manifestation, prayer, strategy and a great team is what keeps me consistently successful. Read more>>

Leah Meeks Garrido | Floral Designer & Creative Consultant

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is my adaptability. When I started my business in 2015, I tried to focus on everything – planning, designing, consulting, DIY-ing… it didn’t work for me and I was doing a disservice to my clients stretching myself so thin. I re-evaluate every year and see what’s working and what’s not and pivot from there. In doing that I was able to stay booked, even in the midst of a pandemic! Being flexible and able to adapt to any situation and circumstance is definitely my mainstay. Read more>>