Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making.  And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck.  We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Arkeedah McCormick | Digital Creator

The most important factor behind my success is consistency + staying true to what’s important to me. In December my brand celebrates 11 years and I always focus on topics that are important to me and things that are valuable. One thing I have learned is that consistency looks different for everyone — once I found my rhythm, I stayed focused on what was working for me and continue to build on those things. Read more>>

Katamara Summerville | Founder of Dimples & Diamonds/The Diamond LIFE

Second to be being consistent, the most important factor behind the success of my brand is the fact that it is relatable. People resonate with experience(how a brand makes them feel). Our brand’s focus is centered around sisterhood. As a black owned brand, our target market is women of color. The tone and feel of the brand caters to “black luxury” but we also incorporate the “homegirl” experience because the backbone of a successful woman is her inner circle/tribe. Keeping that at the forefront, I believe is what has allowed the brand of “Dimples & Diamonds” to be successful and maintain it’s success these past four years. Read more>>

TaJuanna M. Taylor | Principal Business Consultant

There are many who roar for the triumph of the champion. There are those who rally, sentimentally for the underdog to win. Yet, there’s a common theme between the two. The fight is not over for either of them until their moments of glory. Well, that’s the altruistic nature of who I am, my brand, my company – Bootstrap Dreams, LLC. Life’s disappointments are not a death sentence…unless that’s the interpretation that you choose. And, that’s a personal and a professional philosophy. As a woman and a mother who has overcome devastation and public humiliation at a time when I was soaring professionally, I genuinely leaned into the belief that our decisions are not isolated; nor should that be for the hope we conceive for our futures and the goals we are pursuing. Read more>>

Jon John | Certified Manifestation Coach & Podcast Host

One of the most important factors behind my success is investing in my own self-development. I started Beyond Your Horizon, LLC with the mission of partnering with entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creatives to go beyond the place their eyes can see. The Horizon is the place where the sky seems to meet the earth and appears to be the place that marks the end of the world, but we know there is much more beyond that point. I believe that there are “horizons” in our life created by our environment, education/knowledge level, and circumstances, that can place limitations on our goals and visions. An investment in your own self development is required when you desire to be and do more than what it is in your current view. I am not one for luck, but I believe in the magic that happens when preparedness meets opportunity. Read more>>

Michelle Braxton | Creator, Writer, Recipe Developer, and Photographer behind the blog, Supper with Michelle

Over the years I’ve worked hard to grow in so many different ways. Honing in on different areas that I need to grow and develop personally. Networking, developing and maintaining long-term relationships with various brands and companies. Meeting some amazing people and building some great friendships along the way. Lastly, having a great support system on the home front, from family and friends. These are all important factors. Read more>>

James Worthy | Billboard Charting Recording Artist, Grammy Nominated Musician, & Entreprenuer

Drive, Determination, Creativity, Passion. Read more>>

Patrick Ladonis | Writer, Producer, Creator SCALES on RevryTV

I believe that being authentic is an original success factor to thrive in any endeavor. When I created the digital series, SCALES in 2017, I was a novice to the filmmaking industry, but not in creating sustainable relationships. I believe in being authentic in how I present myself and how I treat others. I believe it’s with my authentic attitude that attributes to the success I’ve had with the series. Three years later, SCALES is licensed to two major streaming platforms, and at the peak of almost 100,000 views on Youtube. My brand is what some would call, “authentically transparent”. Whether I am working with my production team, or creating new partnerships with others, I approach every conversation with sincere openness and authenticity. My energy attracts openness. Read more>>

Hilary Eiseman | The Purse Lady

Being that I sell luxury vintage and antique handbags, I want a customer to feel comfortable with their purchase. That means that they are treated kindly and with respect. And the other component is that I sell a product that I really believe in and know will stand the test of time. Those two keys unlock the door for success. Read more>>

Coley Gilchrist | Singer, Producer, & Entertainer

As a woman in the music/entertainment industry, my biggest moral standard is to remain wholesome and respectable without being labeled as lame. It’s no secret that sex sells in this world. I want to be remembered for the talents God has blessed me with, not how much skin is showing or how scandalous I am on stage or in my music videos. There’s a fine line I battle with constantly as a Christian who chose not to pursue strictly Christian/Gospel music, whether it be my wardrobe or the topics I chose to sing about in my songs. I don’t want to make explicit music in order to gain slots on the charts. It’s a duty of mine to present myself as a fierce and confident female for those younger than me to admire, while also preaching that it’s okay not to go the route that society and pop culture exemplifies as best. Read more>>